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PUBLICACIONES SCOPUS Campus Celaya-Salvatierra


publicaciones scopus UG 2013


  Celaya-Salvatierra   7
  Ciencias de la Salud e Ingeniería 6
  Ciencias Sociales y Administrativas 1



  Ciencias de la Salud e Ingeniería  
1 Effect of the process of dyeing a natural fiber fabric using watery Extract of Cochineal. Arroyo-Figueroa G., Ruiz-Aguilar G.M.L., Vigueras-Guzman A.L., Portillo L., Arroyo-Figueroa H., Gonzalez-Sanchez G. Pub article
2 Low birthweight in Mexico: A systematic review. Buekens P., Canfield C., Padilla N., Lona E.L., Lozano R. Pub article
3 Numerical modeling of the thermal discharge of the Laguna Verde power station. Ramirez-Leon H., Couder-Castaneda C., Herrera-Diaz I.E., Barrios-Pina H.A. Pub article
4 Perceived barriers and physical activity level in older adults from aguascalientes, ags.: A transversal study. Andrade Osorio E., Padilla Raygoza N., Ruiz Paloalto M.L. Pub article
5 Use of antenatal corticosteroids for preterm birth in Latin America: Providers knowledge, attitudes and practices. Aleman A., Cafferata M.L., Gibbons L., Althabe F., Ortiz J., Sandoval X., Padilla-Raygoza N., Belizan J.M. Pub article
6 Working memory in women with multiple sclerosis during the menstrual cycle. Marisol S.-V., Silvia S.-O., Elva P.-L. Pub article



  Ciencias Sociales y Administrativas  


Validation of a questionnaire to measure the happiness potential of the organization. Posada R., Rascon O.C.A., Soto R.C. Pub article


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