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publicaciones scopus UG 2013


  Guanajuato   155
  Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño 1
  Ciencias Económico Administrativas 5
  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas 125
  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades 3
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  Ingenierías 16



  Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño  
1 Forms and concepts of global urbanization for a reading of the Latin American city.   Escobedo D.N. Pub article



  Ciencias Económico Administrativas  
1 A comment on 'Testing the validity of quasi-PPP hypothesis: Evidence from a recent panel unit-root test with structural breaks'.   Ventosa-Santaularia D., Gomez-Zaldivar M. Pub article
2 Long-run relationship with shifts between Mexican current account revenues and expenditures.   Ventosa-santaularia D., Gomez-zaldivar M., Perez L.A. Pub article
3 On the dynamics of inflation persistence around the world.   Noriega A.E., Capistran C., Ramos-Francia M. Pub article
4 Smartphones in the classroom: Experiences in incorporating new technologies in teaching practices [Smartphones en el aula: Experiencias en la incorporatión de nuevas tecnologías en la práctica docente]   Velazquez Sagahon F.J. Pub conference paper
5 The PPP hypothesis and structural breaks: The case of Mexico.   Gomez-Zaldivar M., Ventosa-Santaularia D., Wallace F.H. Pub article


  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas  
1 8-alkoxy- and 8-aryloxy-BODIPYs: Straightforward fluorescent tagging of alcohols and phenols.   Flores-Rizo J.O., Esnal I., Osorio-Martinez C.A., Gomez-Duran C.F.A., Banuelos J., Arbeloa I.L., Pannell K.H., Metta-Magana A.J., Pena-Cabrera E. Pub article
2 8-amino-BODIPYs: Structural variation, solvent-dependent emission, and VT NMR spectroscopic properties of 8-R2N-BODIPY.   Roacho R.I., Metta-Magana A., Portillo M.M., Pena-Cabrera E., Pannell K.H. Pub article
3 A companion star in the SED modeling of the HD 142527 stellar system   Nagel E. Pub conference paper
4 A generalization of a renorming theorem by Lin and a new nonreflexive space with the fixed point property which is nonisomorphic to l1.   Gamboa de Buen B., Nunez-Medina F. Pub article
5 A multi-objective approach for property-based synthesis of batch water networks.   Vazquez-Castillo J.A., Ponce-Ortega J.M., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., El-Halwagi M.M. Pub article
6 A note on the infinite divisibility of a class of   transformations of normal variables.   Murillo-Salas A., Rubio F.J. Pub article
7 A spectroscopic investigation of the O-type star population in four Cygnus OB associations : I. Determination of the binary fraction.   Mahy L., Rauw G., De Becker M., Eenens P., Flores C.A. Pub article
8 A therapeutic system of 177Lu-labeled gold Nanoparticles-RGD internalized in breast cancer cells.   Luna-Gutierrez M., Ferro-Flores G., Ocampo-Garcia B.E., Santos-Cuevas C.L., Jimenez-Mancilla N.,   De Leon-Rodriguez L.M., Azorin-Vega E., Isaac-Olive K. Pub article
9 Alternatives for the production of biodiesel by supercritical technologies: A comparative study.   Gomez-Castro F.I., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez-Castro S., Rico-Ramirez V., Gamino-Arroyo Z., Cano-Rodriguez I. Pub article
10 An improved ant colony optimization method and its application for the thermodynamic modeling of phase equilibrium.   Fernandez-Vargas J.A., Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
11 Analysis of dynamic performance for multiple dividing wall distillation columns.   Gomez-Castro F.I., Rodriguez-Angeles M.A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Gutierrez-Antonio C., Briones-Ramirez A., Uribe Ramirez A.R. Pub article
12 Analysis of the influence of operating conditions on fouling rates in fired heaters.   Morales-Fuentes A., Picon-Nunez M., Polley G.T., Mendez-Diaz S. Pub article
13 Application of reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorimetric detection for simultaneous assessment of global DNA and total RNA methylation in Lepidium sativum: Effect of plant exposure to Cd(II) and Se(IV).   Wrobel K., Yanez Barrientos E., Wrobel K., Lopez Torres A., Gutierrez Corona F. Pub article
14 Applying thermo-hydraulic simulation and heat exchanger analysis to the retrofit of heat recovery systems.   Polley G.T., Tamakloe E., Picon Nunez M., Ishiyama E.M., Wilson D.I. Pub article
15 Bifunctional chelating agents used in the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals [Agentes quelantes bifuncionales utilizados en la síntesis de radiofármacos]   Leyva Ramos E., Leyva Ramos S., Cortes Garcia C.J. Pub review
16 Blue-to-orange color-tunable laser emission from tailored boron-dipyrromethene dyes.   Esnal I., Valois-Escamilla I., Gomez-Duran C.F.A., Urias-Benavides A., Betancourt-Mendiola M.L., Lopez-Arbeloa I., Banuelos J., Garcia-Moreno I., Costela A., Pena-Cabrera E. Pub article
17 C5Li7 + and O2Li 5 + as noble-gas-trapping agents.   Pan S., Contreras M., Romero J., Reyes A., Chattaraj P.K., Merino G. Pub article
18 Ca II H+K fluxes from S-indices of large samples: A reliable and consistent conversion based on PHOENIX model atmospheres.   Mittag M., Schmitt J.H.M.M., Schroder K.-P. Pub article
19 CFD study of the weeping and flooding effects in a nonsymmetrical sparger in a stirred tank.   Aguilera-Alvarado A.F., Perez-Alonso R., Cano-Rodriguez M.I., Uribe-Ramirez A.R., Aguilar-Perez G.E., Lugo-Martinez J.R. Pub article
20 Chemical interactions and spin structure in (O2)4: Implications for the ε-O2 phase.   Garcia-Revilla M.A., Francisco E., Martin Pendas A., Recio J.M., Bartolomei M., Hernandez M.I., Campos-Martinez J., Carmona-Novillo E., Hernandez-Lamoneda R. Pub article
21 Chemical properties of trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium chloride and bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)phosphinic acid mixtures: Interaction study by FT-IR and NMR spectroscopies.   Cholico-Gonzalez D., Avila-Rodriguez M., Cote G., Chagnes A. Pub article
22 Co in late-type galaxies within the central region of abell 1367.   Scott T.C., Usero A., Brinks E., Boselli A., Cortese L., Bravo-Alfaro H. Pub article
23 Constrained evolutionary optimization of a distillation train in chemical engineering.   Gutierrez-Guerra R., Murrieta-Duenas R., Cortez-Gonzalez J., Hernandez-Aguirre A.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub conference paper
24 Copper(II) complex with the tridentate ligand   N,N-bis(2-ethyl-4-methyl- imidazol-5-ylmethyl)phenylethylamine (biaq). X-ray crystal structure and biological activity on bacillus subtilis of [Cu(biaq)Cl2]..   Mendoza A., Mendoza-Diaz G., Pedraza-Reyes M., Bernes S. Pub article
25 Cross-cultural variation in women's preferences for cues to sex- and stress-hormones in the male face.   Moore F.R., Coetzee V., Contreras-Garduno J., Debruine L.M., Kleisner K., Krams I., Marcinkowska U., Nord A., Perrett D.I., Rantala M.J., Schaum N., Suzuki T.N. Pub article
26 Density functional study of ternary FexCoy Niz (x + y + z = 7) clusters.   Guzman-Ramirez G., Salvador P., Robles J., Vega A., Aguilera-Granja F. Pub article
27 Design & revamp of cooling water networks   Tamakloe E.K., Polley G.T., Picon Nunez M. Pub conference paper
28 Design & revamp of cooling water networks.   Tamakloe E.K., Polley G.T., Nunez M.P. Pub conference paper
29 Design and biological evaluation of 99mTc-N2S2-Tat(49-57)-c(RGDyK): A hybrid radiopharmaceutical for tumors expressing α(v)β(3) integrins.   Ocampo-Garcia B.E., Santos-Cuevas C.L., De Leon-Rodriguez L.M., Garcia-Becerra R., Ordaz-Rosado D., Luna-Guitierrez M.A., Jimenez-Mancilla N.P., Romero-Pina M.E.,   Ferro-Flores G. Pub article
30 Design and optimization of a process based on extractive distillation for the sweetening natural gas.   Torres Ortega C.E., Segovia Hernandez J.G., Gomez Castro F.I., Hernandez S., Rong B.G., Errico M. Pub article
31 Design and optimization of an ethanol dehydration process using stochastic methods.   Vazquez-Ojeda M., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Hernandez-Aguirre A., Kiss A.A. Pub article
32 Design, optimization and controllability of an alternative process based on extractive distillation for an ethane-carbon dioxide   mixture.   Torres-Ortega C.E., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Gomez-Castro F.I., Hernandez S., Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Rong B.-G., Errico M. Pub article
33 Development of a global optimization algorithm of ant colonies with feasible region selection for continuous search spaces.   Fernandez-Vargas J.A., Bonilla-Petriciolet A. Pub article in press
34 Differential Adaptation of Candida albicans In Vivo Modulates Immune Recognition by Dectin-1.   Marakalala M.J., Vautier S., Potrykus J., Walker L.A., Shepardson K.M., Hopke A., Mora-Montes H.M., Kerrigan A., Netea M.G., Murray G.I., MacCallum D.M., Wheeler R., Munro C.A., Gow N.A.R., Cramer R.A., Brown A.J.P., Brown G.D. Pub article
35 Differential virulence of candida glabrata glycosylation mutants.   West L., Lowman D.W., Mora-Montes H.M., Grubb S., Murdoch C., Thornhill M.H., Gow N.A.R., Williams D., Haynes K. Pub article
36 Disruption of MDCK cell tight junctions by the free-living amoeba Naegleria fowleri.   Shibayama M., Martinez-Castillo M., Silva-Olivares A., Galindo-Gomez S., Navarro-Garcia F., Escobar-Herrera J., Sabanero M., Tsutsumi V., Serrano-Luna J. Pub article
37 Dynamic behavior of alternative separation processes for ethanol dehydration by extractive distillation.   Ramirez-Marquez C., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Errico M., Rong B.-G. Pub article
38 Dynamics of the concentration of IAA and some of its conjugates during the induction of somatic embryogenesis in Coffea canephora.   Ayil-Gutierrez B., Galaz-Avalos R.M., Pena-Cabrera E., Loyola-Vargas V.M. Pub article
39 Effect of antimicrobial peptides derived from human cathelicidin LL-37 on Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites.   Rico-Mata R., De Leon-Rodriguez L.M., Avila E.E. Pub article
40 Effect of cadmium (Cd(II)), selenium (Se(IV)) and their mixtures on phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity in Lepidium sativum.   Elguera J.C.T., Barrientos E.Y., Wrobel K., Wrobel K. Pub article
41 Effect of Cd(ii) and Se(iv) exposure on cellular distribution of both elements and concentration levels of glyoxal and methylglyoxal in Lepidium sativum.   Wrobel K., Gomez Ojeda A., Corrales Escobosa A.R., Wrobel K., Yanez Barrientos E. Pub article
42 Effect of process conditions on film temperature in fired heaters   Morales-Fuentes A., Gallegos-Buendia C.E., Picon-Nunez M., Mendez-Diaz S., Sanchez-Cruz F. Pub conference paper
43 Effect of process conditions on film temperature in fired heaters.   Morales-Fuentes A., Gallegos-Buendia C.E., Picon-Nunez M., Mendez-Diaz S., Sanchez-Cruz F. Pub conference paper
44 Efficient synthesis of 1,5-disubstituted-1H-tetrazoles by an Ugi-azide process.   Cardenas-Galindo L.E., Islas-Jacome A., Cortes-Garcia C.J., Kaim L.E., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
45 Evaluation of the composting process in digested sewage sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant in the city of San Miguel de Allende, central Mexico.   Ramirez-Coutino V., Wrobel K., Wrobel K., Navarro R., Godinez L.A., Teutli-Leon M., Rodriguez F. Pub article
46 Fibroblast compatibility on scaffold hydrogels prepared from agave tequilana weber bagasse for tissue regeneration.   Tovar-Carrillo K.L., Sueyoshi S.S., Tagaya M., Kobayashi T. Pub article
47 Foliations on ℂℙ2 of degree 2 with degenerate singularities.   Alcantara C.R. Pub article
48 Formation and evolution of the water maser outflow event in AFGL 2591 VLA 3-N.   Trinidad M.A., Curie S., Estalella R., Canto J., Raga A., Torrelles J.M., Patel N.A., Gomez J.F., Anglada G., Carrasco-Gonzalez C., Rodriguez L.F. Pub article
49 Fungal cell-wall antigens for the diagnosis of invasive fungal infections.   Ruiz-Baca E., Cuellar-Cruz M., Lopez-Romero E., Reyes-Montes M.D.R., Toriello C. Pub book chapter
50 Genetic variation in oxidative stress and DNA repair genes in a Mexican population.   Vazquez-Alaniz F., Pedraza-Reyes M., Barraza-Salas M., Castellanos-Juarez F.X., Tellez-Valencia A., Sandoval-Carrillo A.A., Maravilla-Dominguez M.A., La Llave-Leon O., Salas-Pacheco J.M. Pub article
51 Graphical tool for the preliminary design of compact heat exchangers.   Picon-Nunez M., Polley G.T., Martinez-Rodriguez G. Pub article
52 Heavy periodane.   Azpiroz J.M., Moreno D., Ramirez-Manzanares A., Ugalde J.M., Mendez-Rojas M.A., Merino G. Pub article
53 Hot-pressed boards based on recycled high-density polyethylene tetrapack: Mechanical properties and fracture behavior.   Sanchez-Cadena L.E., Alvarado-Tenorio B., Romo-Uribe A., Campillo B., Flores O., Yao H. Pub article
54 How to get the best from your preheat train - An UK refinery based case study   Ishiyama E.M., Pugh S.J., Polley G.T., Kennedy J., Wilson D.I., Ogden-Quin A., Birch G. Pub conference paper
55 How to get the best from your preheat train - An UK refinery based case study.   Ishiyama E.M., Pugh S.J., Polley G.T., Kennedy J., Wilson D.I., Ogden-Quin A., Birch G. Pub conference paper
56 Hybrid Distillation/Melt Crystallization Process Using Thermally Coupled Arrangements: Optimization with evolutive algorithms.   Bravo-Bravo C., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Gomez-Castro F.I., Gutierrez-Antonio C., Briones-Ramirez A. Pub article
57 Hydrogen-Bond Cooperative Effects in Small Cyclic Water Clusters as Revealed by the Interacting Quantum Atoms Approach.   Guevara-Vela J.M., Chavez-Calvillo R., Garcia-Revilla M., Hernandez-Trujillo J., Christiansen O., Francisco E., MartinPendas A., Rocha-Rinza T. Pub article in press
58 Identification of Candida albicans heat shock proteins and Candida glabrata and Candida krusei enolases involved in the response to oxidative stress.   Cuellar-Cruz M., Gutierrez-Sanchez G., Lopez-Romero E., Ruiz-Baca E., Villagomez-Castro J.C., Rodriguez-Sifuentes L. Pub article
59 Identification of the Transcription Factor Znc1p, which Regulates the Yeast-to-Hypha Transition in the Dimorphic Yeast Yarrowia   lipolytica.   Martinez-Vazquez A., Gonzalez-Hernandez A., Dominguez A., Rachubinski R., Riquelme M., Cuellar-Mata P., Guzman J.C.T. Pub article
60 Identifying heat recovery paths to be used in improving the energy efficiency of pre-heat trains.   Tamakloe E.K., Polley G.T., Picon Nunez M. Pub conference paper
61 Improved performance of an epoxy matrix as a result of combining graphene oxide and reduced graphene.   Ramos-Galicia L., Mendez L.N., Martinez-Hernandez A.L., Espindola-Gonzalez A., Galindo-Esquivel I.R., Fuentes-Ramirez R., Velasco-Santos C. Pub article
62 Improving MSHE design procedure using genetic algorithm and reduced number of sections.   Joda F., Polley G.T., Tahouni T.N., Panjeshahi M.H. Pub article
63 In situ characterization by cyclic voltammetry and conductance of composites based on polypyrrole, multi-walled carbon nanotubes and cobalt phthalocyanine.   Porras-Gutierrez A.G., Frontana-Uribe B.A., Gutierrez-Granados S., Griveau S., Bedioui F. Pub article
64 Incorporation of mass and energy integration in the optimal bioethanol separation process.   Vazquez-Ojeda M., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Ponce-Ortega J.M. Pub article
65 Invasive candidiasis epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment.   Cruz M.C., Quindos G., Romero E.L. Pub book chapter
66 Isolation of Sporothrix schenckii GDA1 and functional characterization of the encoded guanosine diphosphatase activity.   Lopez-Esparza A., Alvarez-Vargas A., Mora-Montes H.M., Hernandez-Cervantes A., Del Carmen Cano-Canchola M., Flores-Carreon A. Pub article
67 Isomerization energy decomposition analysis for highly ionic systems: Case study of starlike E5Li7 + clusters.   Contreras M., Osorio E., Ferraro F., Puga G., Donald K.J., Harrison J.G., Merino G., Tiznado W. Pub article
68 Key parameters for scaling up the synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles in organic media: Stirring rate and growth kinetic.   Ibarra-Sanchez J.J., Fuentes-Ramirez R., Roca A.G., Del Puerto Morales M., Cabrera-Lara L.I. Pub article
69 Management of crude preheat trains subject to fouling.   Ishiyama E.M., Pugh S.J., Paterson B., Polley G.T., Kennedy J., Wilson D.I. Pub conference paper
70 Maximizing coordinative and electronic unsaturation: Three-coordinate dicationic platinum complexes.   Braunschweig H., Brenner P., Dewhurst R.D., Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Kupfer T., Rais D., Uttinger K. Pub article
71 Melatonin attenuates the effects of sub-acute administration of lead on kidneys in rats without altering the lead-induced reduction in nitric oxide.   Martinez-Alfaro M., Ramirez-Garcia G., Gutierrez-Granados S., Alcaraz-Contreras Y.,   Gallegos-Corona M.-A., de Larrea G.Z.L., Carabez-Trejo A. Pub article
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73 Microstructural characterization of sanitaryware, the relationship spinel and mullite.   Reyes Lopez S.Y., Rodriguez J.S., Sueyoshi S.S. Pub article
74 Microwave photochemical reactor for the online oxidative decomposition of p-hydroxymercurybenzoate (p HMB)-tagged proteins and their determination by cold vapor generation-atomic fluorescence detection.   Campanella B., Rivera J.G., Ferrari C., Biagi S., Onor M., D'Ulivo A., Bramanti E. Pub article
75 Minimum remixing effect in distillation secuences   Santos-Mendez J., Amador-Mata L.V., Hernandez S. Pub conference paper
76 Minimum remixing effect in distillation secuences.   Santos-Mendez J., Amador-Mata L.V., Hernandez S. Pub conference paper
77 Modelling carbon radio recombination line observations towards the ultracompact HII region W48A.   Jeyakumar S., Anish Roshi D. Pub article
78 Monitoring of phosphorus oxide ion for analytical speciation of phosphite and phosphate in transgenic plants by high-performance liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.   Torres Elguera J.C., Yanez Barrientos E., Wrobel K., Wrobel K. Pub article
79 Natural decrease of dissolved arsenic in a small stream receiving drainages of abandoned silver mines in Guanajuato, Mexico.   Arroyo Y.R.R., Munoz A.H.S., Barrientos E.Y., Huerta I.R., Wrebel K., Wrobel K. Pub article
80 New Insights into Somatic Embryogenesis: LEAFY COTYLEDON1, BABY BOOM1 and WUSCHEL-RELATED HOMEOBOX4 Are Epigenetically Regulated in Coffea canephora.   Nic-Can G.I., Lopez-Torres A., Barredo-Pool F., Wrobel K., Loyola-Vargas V.M., Rojas-Herrera R., De-la-Pena C. Pub article
81 Nitrogen-silicon heterodoping of carbon nanotubes.   Audiffred M., Elias A.L., Gutierrez H.R., Lopez-Urias F., Terrones H., Merino G., Terrones. M. Pub article
82 On the multiple solutions of the reactive distillation column for production of fuel ethers.   Jaime-Leal J.E., Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Hernandez-Escoto H. Pub article
83 On the nature of the brightest globular cluster in M81.   Mayya Y.D., Rosa-Gonzalez D., Santiago-Cortes M., Rodriguez-Merino L.H., Vega O., Torres-Papaqui J.P., Bressan A., Carrasco A. Pub article
84 Optimal integration of gaseous emissions from new industrial plants with the surroundings.   Murillo-Alvarado P.E., Ponce-Ortega J.M., El-Halwagi M.M., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
85 Optimization of an ethanol dehydration process using differential evolution algorithm.   Vazquez-Ojeda M., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Hernandez-Aguirre A., Kiss A.A. Pub article
86 Preface   Mora-Montes H.M. Pub editorial
87 Preparation of lithium aluminum layered double hydroxide from ammonium dawsonite and lithium carbonate.   Contreras Soto C.A., Ramos-Ramirez E., Reyes Zamudio V., Macias J.I. Pub conference paper
88 Reaction of amines with 8-methylthioBODIPY: Dramatic optical and   laser response to amine substitution.   Esnal I., Urias-Benavides A., Gomez-Duran C.F.A., Osorio-Martinez C.A., Garcia-Moreno I., Costela A., Banuelos J., Epelde N., Lopez Arbeloa I., Hu R., Tang B.Z., Pena-Cabrera E. Pub article
89 Recycled HDPE-tetrapack composites. Isothermal crystallization, light scattering and mechanical properties.   Parada-Soria A., Yao H.F., Alvarado-Tenorio B., Sanchez-Cadena L., Romo-Uribe A. Pub conference paper
90 Regulatory control for the operation of a simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation reactor for bioethanol production.   Hernandez-Escoto H., Rodriguez-Gomez D., Morales-Rodriguez R. Pub article
91 Secondary Sexual Traits, Immune Response, Parasites, and Pathogens: The Importance of Studying Neotropical Insects   Contreras-Garduno J., Lazcano C.J. Pub book chapter
92 Self-oriented Diffusion Basis Functions for white matter structure estimation.   Aranda R., Rivera M., Ramirez-Manzanares A. Pub conference paper
93 Sexual dimorphism in immune response: Testing the hypothesis in an insect species with two male morphs.   Ruiz-Guzman G., Canales-Lazcano J., Jimenez-Cortes J.G., Contreras-Garduno J. Pub article
94 Simulation and optimization of a biojet fuel production process.   Gutierrez-Antonio C., Israel Gomez-Castro F., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Briones-Ramirez A. Pub article
95 Simulation study on biodiesel production by reactive distillation with methanol at high pressure and temperature: Impact on costs   and pollutant emissions.   Gomez-Castro F.I., Rico-Ramirez V., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez-Castro S., El-Halwagi M.M. Pub article
96 Social determinants of health and seasonal influenza vaccination in adults ≥65 years: A systematic review of qualitative and quantitative data.   Nagata J.M., Hernandez-Ramos I., Kurup A.S., Albrecht D., Vivas-Torrealba C., Franco-Paredes C. Pub review
97 Stability and mechanical evaluation of bovine pericardium cross-linked with polyurethane prepolymer in aqueous medium.   Mendoza-Novelo B., Alvarado-Castro D.I., Mata-Mata J.L., Cauich-Rodriguez J.V., Vega-Gonzalez A., Jorge-Herrero E., Rojo F.J., Guinea G.V. Pub article
98 Strong transformation of spirals and galaxy evolution in clusters with the GTC.   Bravo-Alfaro H., Mayya Y.D., Cortese L. Pub conference paper
99 Structural, textural and thermal characterization of nano-Mg/Al hydrotalcite before and after Cr (VI) removal.   Ramos Ramirez E., Gutierrez Ortega N.L., Contreras Soto C.A., Range Porras G. Pub conference paper
100 Study of extraction of Zn (II) from ammoniacal media with ionic liquids.   Hernandez L., Hernandez L.E., Legorreta F., Avila-Rodriguez M. Pub conference paper
101 Study of the photo-electrochemical activity of cobalt- and nickel-doped TiO2 photo-anodes for the treatment of a dye-contaminated aqueous solution.   Esquivel K., Garcia Ma.G., Rodriguez F.J., Ortiz-Frade L.A., Godinez L.A. Pub article
102 Super-Brownian Motion: Lp-Convergence of Martingales Through the Pathwise Spine Decomposition.   Kyprianou A.E., Murillo-Salas A. Pub conference paper
103 Syntheses and characterization of aliphatic polyesters via yarrowia lipolytica lipase biocatalysis   Barrera-Rivera K.A., Martinez-Richa A. Pub conference paper
104 Synthesis of 3-tetrazolylmethyl-azepino[4,5-b]indol-4-ones in two reaction steps: (Ugi-azide/N-acylation/SN2)/free radical cyclization and docking studies to a 5-Ht6 model.   Gordillo-Cruz R.E., Renteria-Gomez A., Islas-Jacome A., Cortes-Garcia C.J., Diaz-Cervantes E., Robles J., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
105 Synthesis, ex vivo and in silico studies of 3-cyano-2-pyridone derivatives with vasorelaxant activity.   Hernandez F., Sanchez A., Rendon-Vallejo P., Millan-Pacheco C., Alcaraz Y., Delgado F., Vazquez M.A., Estrada-Soto S. Pub article
106 Synthesis, structural characterization, and spectroscopic properties of the ortho, meta, and para isomers of 8-(HOCH2-C6H 4)-BODIPY and 8-(MeOC6H4)-BODIPY.   Roacho R.I., Metta-Magana A.J., Pena-Cabrera E., Pannell K.H. Pub article
107 The effect of sublimation temperature dependencies on disk walls around T Tauri stars.   Nagel E., D'Alessio P., Calvet N., Espaillat C., Trinidad M.A. Pub article
108 The Fungal Cell Wall.   Mora-Montes H.M. Pub book
109 The ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone catalyzed by molybdenum trioxide: A kinetic approach study using NMR and DSC data.   Reyes-Lopez S.Y., Richa A.M. Pub conference paper
110 The role of exterior Weyl fluids on compact stellar structures in Randall-Sundrum gravity.   Ovalle J., Linares F., Pasqua A., Sotomayor A. Pub article
111 Thermal fluids: The key to overall site integration   Tamakloe E.K., Polley G.T., Picon Nunez M. Pub conference paper
112 Thermal fluids: The key to overall site integration.   Tamakloe E.K., Polley G.T., Picon Nunez M. Pub conference paper
113 Thermodynamic and electrochemical study on the mechanism of formation of Ag(OH)4 - in alkaline media.   Zamora-Garcia I.R., Alatorre-Ordaz A., Ibanez J.G., Garcia-Jimenez M.G., Nosaka Y., Kobayashi T., Sugita S. Pub article
114 Thermo-hydraulic design of solar collector networks for industrial applications.   Picon-Nunez M., Martinez-Rodriguez G., Fuentes-Silva A.L. Pub article
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  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades  
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  Derecho, Política y Gobierno  
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