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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas  
1 Optimal stopping under model uncertainty and the regularity of lower Snell envelopes.   Erick, Trevino-Aguilar   QUANTITATIVE FINANCE 2012   0.824  chrome-ie9-firefox
2 Spurious Forecasts?   Berenice Martínez-Rivera, Daniel Ventosa-Santàularia, and J. Eduardo Vera-Valdés.   JOURNAL OF FORECASTING 2012   0.769  Icono BiblioDigital
3 A comment on ‘Is the spurious regression problem spurious?’.   Berenice Martínez-Rivera and Daniel Ventosa-Santaulària.   ECONOMICS LETTERS 2012   0.509  Icono BiblioDigital
4 A Semiparametric Time Trend Varying Coefficients Model: With An Application to Evaluate Credit Rationing in US Credit Market.   Gao, Q; Gu, JP; and Hernandez-Verme, Paula.   ANNALS OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE 2012   0.278  chrome-ie9-firefox
5 Local Transfers and Party Alternation; A microeconometric study.   Fonseca Hernandez, Felipe de Jesus; Gatica Arreola, Leonardo A; and Chavez Martin del Campo, Juan Carlos.   TRIMESTRE ECONOMICO 2012   0.175  chrome-ie9-firefox
6 Stationarity, Structural Changes and Economic Growth in Mexico.   Noriega, Antonio E. and Rodriguez-Perez, Cid A.   TRIMESTRE ECONOMICO 2012   0.175  chrome-ie9-firefox


  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas  

1 What Is the Maximum Coordination Number in a Planar Structure?   Thomas Heine and Gabriel Merino.   ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2012   13.734  Icono BiblioDigital
2 Densely substituted unnatural L- and D-prolines as catalysts for highly enantioselective stereodivergent (3 + 2) cycloadditions and aldol reactions.   Egoitz Conde, Davide Bello, Abel de Cózar, Mirian Sánchez, Miguel A. Vázquez, and Fernando P. Cossío.   CHEMICAL SCIENCE 2012   8.314  Icono BiblioDigital
3 Mid-Infrared Variability of the Binary System CS Cha.   Erick Nagel1, Catherine Espaillat2,5, Paola D’Alessio3, and Nuria Calvet.   ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012   6.733  Icono BiblioDigital
4 Observational Study of the Continuum and Water Maser Emission in the Iras 19217+1651 Region.   Rodriguez-Esnard, T., Trinidad, M. A., Migenes, V.   ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012   6.733  Icono BiblioDigital
5 Search for Circumstellar Disks and Radio Jets in the Massive Star-Formation Region Iras 23033+5951.   T. Rodríguez, M. A. Trinidad, and V. Migenes.   ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012   6.733  Icono BiblioDigital
6 The Star Formation History and Chemical Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies in the Nearby Universe.   J. P. Torres-Papaqui, R. Coziol, R. A. Ortega-Minakata, and D. M. Neri-Larios.   ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012   6.733  Icono BiblioDigital
7 Synthesis, solvatochromism, aggregation-induced emission and cell imaging of tetraphenylethene-containing BODIPY derivatives with large Stokes shifts.   Rongrong Hu, C. F. Azael Gomez-Duran, Jacky W. Y. Lam, Jose L. Belmonte-Vazquez, Chunmei Deng, Sijie Chen, Ruquan Ye, Eduardo Peña-Cabrera, Yongchun Zhong, Kam Sing Wong, and Ben Zhong Tang.   CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2012   6.378  Icono BiblioDigital
8 Discovery of multiple shells around the planetary nebula IC 418.   Ramos-Larios, G; Vazquez, R; Guerrero, MA; Olguin, L; Marquez-Lugo, RA; and Bravo-Alfaro, H.   MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY 2012   5.521  chrome-ie9-firefox
9 Exposing the hidden white dwarf binary origin by means of a synthetic population model for nearby single stars.   Dawson, SA and Schroder, KP.   MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY 2012   5.521  chrome-ie9-firefox
10 On the formation of cD galaxies and their parent clusters.   Tovmassian, H. M., Andernach, H.   MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY 2012   5.521  chrome-ie9-firefox
11 Two long H I tails in the outskirts of Abell 1367.   Scott, TC; Cortese, L; Brinks, E; Bravo-Alfaro, H; Auld, R; Minchin, R.   MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY 2012   5.521  chrome-ie9-firefox
12 9 Sagittarii: uncovering an O-type spectroscopic binary with an 8.6 year period.   G. Rauw1, H. Sana, M. Spano, E. Gosset, L. Mahy, M. De Becker, and P. Eenens.   ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 2012   5.084  Icono BiblioDigital
13 A 3D radiative transfer framework IX. Time dependence.   D. Jack, P. H. Hauschildt, and E. Baron.   ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 2012   5.084  Icono BiblioDigital
14 A detailed X-ray investigation of ζ Puppis I. The dataset and some preliminary results.   Y. Nazé, C. A. Flores, and G. Rauw.   ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 2012   5.084  Icono BiblioDigital
15 Basal chromospheric flux and Maunder Minimum-type stars: the quiet-Sun chromosphere as a universal phenomenon.   K.-P. Schröder, M. Mittag, M. I. Pérez Martínez, M. Cuntz, and J. H. M. M. Schmitt.   ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 2012   5.084  Icono BiblioDigital
16 The star formation histories of Hickson compact group galaxies.   Plauchu-Frayn, I., Del Olmo, A., Coziol, R., Torres-Papaqui, J. P.   ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 2012   5.084  Icono BiblioDigital
17 8-AminoBODIPYs: Cyanines or Hemicyanines? The Effect of the Coplanarity of the Amino Group on Their Optical Properties.   Carlos A. Osorio-Martínez, Arlette Urías-Benavides, C. F. Azael Gómez-Durán, Jorge Bañuelos, Ixone Esnal, Iñigo López Arbeloa, and Eduardo Peña-Cabrera.   JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2012   4.564  Icono BiblioDigital
18 Production of a plasmid-encoded OXA-72 _x0003_-lactamase associated with resistance to carbapenems in a clinical isolate Acinetobacter junii.   Felipe Fernández-Cuenca, José Manuel Rodríguez-Martínez, Ma Carmen Gómez-Sánchez, Paula Díaz de Alba, Vanesa Infante-Martínez, and Álvaro Pascual.   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS 2012   4.415  Icono BiblioDigital
19 KNOX1 is expressed and epigenetically regulated during in vitro conditions in Agave spp.   Clelia De-la-Peña, Geovanny Nic-Can, Gabriel Ojeda, José L Herrera-Herrera, Adolfo López-Torres, Kazimierz Wrobel and Manuel L Robert-Díaz.   BMC PLANT BIOLOGY 2012   4.354  Icono BiblioDigital
20 Genetic expression and enzymatic activity analyses of a beta-1,4 endoxylanase from Colletotrichum lindemuthianum.   Conejo-Saucedo, U., Cano-Camacho, H., Lopez-Romero, E., Villa-Rivera, M. G., Lara-Marquez, A., Zavala-Paramo, M. G.   FEBS JOURNAL 2012   4.25  chrome-ie9-firefox
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22 CBe5E_x0002_ (E = Al, Ga, In, Tl): planar pentacoordinate carbon in heptaatomic clusters.   Abril C. Castro, Gerardo Martinez-Guajardo, Thomas Johnson, Jesus M. Ugalde,d Yan-bo Wu, Jose M. Mercero, Thomas Heine, Kelling J. Donald, and Gabriel Merino.   PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.829  Icono BiblioDigital
23 Chemical bonding in supermolecular flowers.   Abril C. Castro, Mikael P. Johansson, Gabriel Merino, and Marcel Swart.   PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.829  Icono BiblioDigital
24 D3h CN3Be3 and CO3Li3: viable planar hexacoordinate carbon prototypes.   Yan-Bo Wu, Yan Duan, Gang Lu, Hai-Gang Lu, Pin Yang, Paul von Ragué Schleyer, Gabriel Merino, Rafael Islas, and Zhi-Xiang Wang.   PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.829  Icono BiblioDigital
25 Molecular structures of M2N2 2_x0002_ (M and N = B, Al, and Ga) clusters using the gradient embedded genetic algorithm.   Rafael Islas, Jordi Poater, Eduard Matito, and Miquel Solá.   PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.829  Icono BiblioDigital
26 Cyclization of RGD peptide sequences via the macrocyclic chelator DOTA for integrin imaging.   Guiyang Hao, Xiankai Sun, Quyen N. Do, Blanca Ocampo-García, Andrea Vilchis-Juárez, Guillermina Ferro-Flores, and Luis M. De León-Rodríguez.   DALTON TRANSACTIONS 2012   3.806  Icono BiblioDigital
27 Electro-Remediation in The Presence of Ferrous Sulfate as an Ex-Situ Alternative Treatment for Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil.   Flores, R; Garcia, MG; Peralta-Hernandez, JM; Hernandez-Ramirez, A; Mendez, E; Bustos, E.   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE 2011   3.729  chrome-ie9-firefox
28 Electroremediation of Mercury Polluted Soil Facilitated by Complexing Agents.   Robles, I; Garcia, MG; Solis, S; Hernandez, G; Bandala, Y; Juaristi, E; and Bustos, E.   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE 2011   3.729  chrome-ie9-firefox
29 Microwave-assisted C-3 selective oxidative radical alkylation of flavones.   Marco V. Mijangos, Joaquin González-Marrero, Luis D. Miranda, Paulette Vincent-Ruz, Armando Lujan-Montelongo, Diana Olivera-Díaz, Elhiu Bautista, Alfredo Ortega, María de la Luz Campos-González, and Rocio Gamez-Montaño.   ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY 2012   3.568  Icono BiblioDigital
30 Determination of molecular size of O-(2-hydroxyethyl)cellulose (HEC) and its relationship to the mechanism of enzymatic hydrolysis by cellulases.   Antonio Martínez-Richa.   CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS 2012   3.479  Icono BiblioDigital
31 Amberlite XAD-7 impregnated with Cyphos IL-101 (tetraalkylphosphonium ionic liquid) for Pd(II) recovery from HCl solutions.   Ricardo Navarro, Imelda Saucedo, Carmen Gonzalez, and Eric Guibal.   CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2012   3.473  Icono BiblioDigital
32 Reactive DWC leading the way to FAME and fortune.   Anton Alexandru Kiss, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Costin Sorin Bildea, Erick Yair Miranda-Galindo, and Salvador Hernández.   FUEL 2012   3.357  Icono BiblioDigital
33 Alternative Excision Repair of Ultraviolet B- and C-Induced DNA Damage in Dormant and Developing Spores of Bacillus subtilis.   Fernando H. Ramírez-Guadiana, Marcelo Barraza-Salas, Norma Ramírez-Ramírez, Mayte Ortiz-Cortés, Peter Setlow and Mario Pedraza-Reyes.   JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2012   3.177  Icono BiblioDigital
34 Roles of Endonuclease V Uracil-DNA Glycosylase, and Mismatch Repair in Bacillus subtilis DNA Base-Deamination-Induced Mutagenesis.   Karina López-Olmos, Martha P. Hernández, Jorge A., Contreras-Garduño, Eduardo A. Robleto, Peter Setlow, Ronald E. Yasbin, and Mario Pedraza-Reyes.   JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2012   3.177  Icono BiblioDigital
35 Improved constraint satisfaction in a simple generalized gradient approximation exchange functional.   Alberto Vela, Juan C. Pacheco-Kato, José L. Gázquez, Jorge M. del Campo, and S. B. Trickey.   JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.164  Icono BiblioDigital
36 Degradation of paracetamol by advance oxidation processes using modified reticulated vitreous carbon electrodes with TiO2 and CuO/TiO2/Al2O3.   H. C. Arredondo Valdez, G. García Jiménez, S. Gutiérrez Granados, C. Ponce de León.   CHEMOSPHERE 2012   3.137  Icono BiblioDigital
37 Isolation of Sporothrix schenckii MNT1 and the biochemical and functional characterization of the encoded α1,2-mannosyltransferase activity.   Arturo Hernández-Cervantes, Héctor M. Mora-Montes, Aurelio Álvarez-Vargas, Diana F. Díaz Jiménez, Claudia I. Robledo-Ortiz and Arturo Flores-Carreón.   MICROBIOLOGY-SGM 2012   2.852  Icono BiblioDigital
38 A second generation MRI contrast agent for imaging zinc ions in vivo.   Luis M. De Leon-Rodrıguez, Angelo J. M. Lubag, Jorge A. Lopez, Gabriel Andreu-de-Riquer, Jose C. Alvarado-Monzon, and A. Dean Sherry.   MEDCHEMCOMM 2012   2.722  Icono BiblioDigital
39 Maghemite as a catalyst for glucose oxidation in a microfluidic fuel cell.   R. Galindo, A. Dector, L.G. Arriaga, S. Gutiérrez, and P. Herrasti.   JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2012   2.672  Icono BiblioDigital
40 Synthesis of Nuevamine Aza-Analogues by a Sequence: I-MCR-Aza-Diels-Alder-Pictet-Spengler.   Islas-Jacome, A; Cardenas-Galindo, LE; Jerezano, AV; Tamariz, J; Gonzalez-Zamora, E; and Gamez-Montano, R.   SYNLETT 2012   2.655  chrome-ie9-firefox
41 Highly Regio- and Stereoselective Diels-Alder Cycloadditions via Two-Step and Multicomponent Reactions Promoted by Infrared Irradiation under Solvent-Free Conditions.   Maria Ines Flores-Conde, Leonor Reyes, Rafael Herrera, Hulme Rios, Miguel A. Vazquez, Rene Miranda, Joaquin Tamariz, and Francisco Delgado.   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2012   2.464  Icono BiblioDigital
42 Synthesis and in Vitro Antioxidant Activity Evaluation of 3-Carboxycoumarin Derivatives and QSAR Study of Their DPPH• Radical Scavenging Activity.   Francisco J. Martínez-Martínez , Rodrigo Said Razo-Hernández , Ana Lilia Peraza-Campos, Manuel Villanueva-García, Maria Teresa Sumaya-Martínez, Daniel Jaramillo Cano and Zeferino Gómez-Sandoval.   MOLECULES 2012   2.428  Icono BiblioDigital
43 The Neurospora crassa chr-1 gene is up-regulated by chromate and its encoded CHR-1 protein causes chromate sensitivity and chromium accumulation.   Luis J. Flores-Alvarez, Alma R. Corrales-Escobosa, Carlos Corte´s-Penagos, Mauro Martinez-Pacheco, Kazimierz Wrobel-Zasada, Katarzyna Wrobel-Kaczmarczyk, Carlos Cervantes, and Felix Gutierrez-Corona.   CURRENT GENETICS 2012   2.41  Icono BiblioDigital
44 Biochemical characterization of recombinant Candida albicans mannosyltransferases Mnt1, Mnt2 and Mnt5 reveals new functions in O- and N-mannan biosynthesis.   Diana F. Díaz-Jiménez, Héctor M. Mora-Montes, Arturo Hernández-Cervantes, Juan P. Luna-Arias, Neil A.R. Gowc, and Arturo Flores-Carreón.   BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2012   2.406  Icono BiblioDigital
45 Electrochemical synthesis of NiFe2O4 nanoparticles: Characterization and their catalytic applications.   R. Galindo, E. Mazario, S. Gutiérrez, M.P. Morales, and P. Herrasti.   JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 2012   2.39  Icono BiblioDigital
46 Morphological Effect of Pd Catalyst on Ethanol Electro-Oxidation Reaction.   Raúl Carrera Cerritos, Minerva Guerra-Balcázar, Rosalba Fuentes Ramírez, Janet Ledesma-García, and Luis Gerardo Arriaga.   MATERIALS 2012   2.247  Icono BiblioDigital
47 Effect of melatonin administration on DNA damage and repair responses in lymphocytes of rats subchronically exposed to lead.   Minerva Martínez-Alfaro, Daniel Hernández-Cortés, Katarzyna Wrobel, Gustavo Cruz-Jiménez, Julio Cesar Rivera-Leyva, Rosa María Piña-Zentella, and Alfonso Cárabez Trejo.   MUTATION RESEARCH-GENETIC TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MUTAGENESIS 2012   2.22  Icono BiblioDigital
48 Conventional Proportional−Integral (PI) Control of Dividing Wall Distillation Columns: Systematic Tuning.   Alan Martín Zavala-Guzmán, Héctor Hernández-Escoto, Salvador Hernández, and Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández.   INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2012   2.206  Icono BiblioDigital
49 Dehydration of Bioethanol by Hybrid Process Liquid_x0001_Liquid Extraction/Extractive Distillation.   Adriana Avilés Martínez, Jaime Saucedo-Luna, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernandez, Salvador Hernandez, Fernando Israel Gomez-Castro, and Agustin Jaime Castro-Montoya.   INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2012   2.206  Icono BiblioDigital
50 Optimization and Controllability Analysis of Thermally Coupled Reactive Distillation Arrangements with Minimum Use of Reboilers.   María Vázquez-Ojeda, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Salvador Hernández, Arturo Hernández-Aguirre, and Rafael Maya-Yescas.   INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2012   2.206  Icono BiblioDigital
51 Simplified Methodology for the Design and Optimization of Thermally Coupled Reactive Distillation Systems.   Fernando Israel Goomez-Castro, Vicente Rico-Ramirez, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernandez, Salvador Hernandez-Castro, Guillermo Gonzalez-Alatorre, and Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi.   INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2012   2.206  Icono BiblioDigital
52 Structure and stability of the Si4Lin (n = 1-7) binary clusters (vol 522, pg 67, 2012)   Osorio, Edison; Villalobos, Valeria; Carlos Santos, Juan; Donald, Kelling J.; Merino, Gabriel; Tiznado, William   CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2012   2.145  Icono BiblioDigital
53 Structure and stability of the Si4Lin (n = 1–7) binary clusters.   Edison Osorio, Valeria Villalobos, Juan C. Santos, Kelling J. Donald, Gabriel Merino, and William Tiznado.   CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2012   2.145  Icono BiblioDigital
54 Planar tetracoordinate carbon in CE4 2- (E = Al–Tl) clusters.   Abril Carolina Castro, Martha Audiffred, Jose M. Mercero, Jesus M. Ugalde, Miguel A. Méndez-Rojas, and Gabriel Merino.   CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2012   2.145  Icono BiblioDigital
55 Design of coolers for use in an existing cooling water network.   Martín Picón-Núñez, Graham Thomas Polley, Lázaro Canizalez-Dávalos, Elvis Koku Tamakloe.   APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 2012   2.127  Icono BiblioDigital
56 Modeling the thermo-hydraulic performance of direct fired heaters for crude processing.   A. Morales-Fuentes, G.T. Polley, M. Picón-Núñez, and S. Martínez-Martínez.   APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 2012   2.127  Icono BiblioDigital
57 Isolation and functional characterization of Sporothrix schenckii ROT2, the encoding gene for the endoplasmic reticulum glucosidase II.   Claudia I. ROBLEDO-ORTIZ, Arturo FLORES-CARREÓN, Arturo HERNÁNDEZ CERVANTES, Aurelio ALVAREZ-VARGAS, Keunsook K. LEE, Diana F. DÍAZ-JIMÉNEZ, Carol A. MUNRO, Carmen CANO-CANCHOLA, Héctor M. MORA-MONTES.   FUNGAL BIOLOGY 2012   2.082  Icono BiblioDigital
58 Purification and partial biochemical characterization of a membrane-bound type II-like a-glucosidase from the yeast morphotype of Sporothrix schenckii.   Blanca I. Torres-Rodríguez, Karina Flores-Berrout, Julio C. Villagómez-Castro, and Everardo López-Romero.   ANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL AND MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2012   2.072  Icono BiblioDigital
59 Organotin catalysts in organosilicon chemistry.   Jorge Cervantes, Ramón Zárraga, and Carmen Salazar-Hernández.   APPLIED ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY 2012   2.011  Icono BiblioDigital
60 Synthetic and natural silica-aluminates as inorganic acidic catalysts in ring opening polymerization of cyclosiloxanes.   Javier Vallejo-Montesinos, Antonio Villegas, Araceli Jacobo-Azuara, J. Merced Martínez, Eulalia Ramírez-Oliva, Araceli Romero-Izquierdo, and Jorge Cervantes.   APPLIED ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY 2012   2.011  Icono BiblioDigital
61 Purification of bioethanol using extractive batch distillation: Simulation and experimental studies.   Juan Ángel Pacheco-Basulto, Diego Hernández-McConville, Fabricio Omar Barroso-Muñoz, Salvador Hernández, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Agustín Jaime Castro-Montoya, Adrián Bonilla-Petriciolet.   CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING 2012   1.95  Icono BiblioDigital
62 Thermally coupled distillation sequences: Steady state simulation of the esterification of fatty organic acids.   Enrique Cossio-Vargas, Fabricio Omar Barroso-Muñoz, Salvador Hernandez, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernandez, M. Irene Cano-Rodriguez.   CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING 2012   1.95  Icono BiblioDigital
63 Fast and Environmentally Friendly Quantitative Analysis of Active Agents in Anti-Diabetic Tablets by an Alternative Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Method and Comparison to a Validated Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (RP-HPLC) Method.   Contreras, V. U., Meneses-Nava, M. A., Ornelas-Soto, N., Barbosa-Garcia, O., Lopez-de-Alba, P. L., Maldonado, J. L., Ramos-Ortiz, G., Acevedo-Aguilar, F. J., Lopez-Martinez, L.   APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY 2012   1.942 chrome-ie9-firefox
64 Analysis and prediction of input multiplicity for the reactive flash separation using reaction-invariant composition variables.   José Enrique Jaime-Leal, Adrián Bonilla-Petriciolet, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Salvador Hernández, Héctor Hernández-Escoto.   CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN 2012   1.927  Icono BiblioDigital
65 From simulation studies to experimental tests in a reactive dividing wall distillation column.   Raúl Delgado-Delgado, Salvador Hernández, Fabricio Omar Barroso-Muñoz, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, and Agustín Jaime Castro-Montoya.   CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN 2012   1.927  Icono BiblioDigital
66 Optimal design of distillation systems with less than N – 1 columns for a class of four component mixtures.   Jazmín Cortez-Gonzalez, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Salvador Hernández, Claudia Gutiérrez-Antonio, Abel Briones-Ramírez, Ben-Guang Rong.   CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN 2012   1.927  Icono BiblioDigital
67 Ni(II) and Pd(II) organometallic and coordination complexes with a new tridentate N,N,O-donor ligand   Esqueda, Cristina; Alvarado-Monzon, Jose C.; Andreu-de-Riquer, Gabriel; Alfredo Gutierrez, J.; De Leon-Rodriguez, Luis M.; Serrano, Oracio; Alvarado-Rodriguez, Jose G.; Lopez, Jorge A.   POLYHEDRON 2012   1.813  Icono BiblioDigital
68 Pentacoordinate mono(b-diketonato)- and hexacoordinate bis-(b-diketonato)-silicon(IV) complexes obtained from (thiocyanato-N)hydridosilanes.   Gerardo González-García, Eleuterio Álvarez, and J. Alfredo Gutiérrez.   POLYHEDRON 2012   1.813  Icono BiblioDigital
69 Unprecedented solid-state laser action from BODIPY dyes under UV-pumping radiation.   M.E. Pérez-Ojeda, V. Martín, A. Costela, I. García-Moreno, I.J. Arroyo Córdoba, and E. Peña-Cabrera.   APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 2012   1.782  Icono BiblioDigital
70 Antitumor structure–activity relationship in bis-stannoxane derivatives from pyridine dicarboxylic and benzoic acids.   José Antonio Valcarcel, Rodrigo Said Razo-Hernández, Laura Leticia Valdez-Velázquez, Manuel Villanueva García, Ángel Andrés Ramos Organillo, Oscar F. Vázquez-Vuelvas, Miguel A. García Ruiz, Zeferino Gómez-Sandoval.   INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA 2012   1.687  Icono BiblioDigital
71 Imaging free zinc levels in vivo – What can be learned?   Luis De Leon-Rodriguez, Angelo Josue M. Lubag Jr., and A. Dean Sherry.   INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA 2012   1.687  Icono BiblioDigital
72 Rheological behaviour of binary mixtures containing hexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium chloride (Cyphos IL 101) and bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)phosphinic acid (Cyanex 272) between 288.15 K and 343.15 K.   Diana Cholico-Gonzalez, Mario Avila-Rodriguez, J. Antonio Reyes-Aguilera, Gérard Cote, and Alexandre Chagnes.   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS 2012   1.684  Icono BiblioDigital
73 Habitability of super-Earth planets around main-sequence stars including red giant branch evolution: models based on the integrated system approach.   M. Cuntz, W. von Bloh, K.-P. Schröder, C. Bounama, and S. Franck.   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ASTROBIOLOGY 2012   1.452  Icono BiblioDigital
74 Carbon nanotubes and metalloporphyrins and metallophthalocyanines-based materials for electroanalysis.   Zagal, JH; Griveau, S; Santander-Nelli, M; Granados, SG; and Bedioui, F.   JOURNAL OF PORPHYRINS AND PHTHALOCYANINES 2012   1.433  chrome-ie9-firefox
75 Coagulation–Flocculation of Colloidal Suspensions of Kaolinite, Bentonite, and Alumina by Chitosan Sulfate.   Nely Rios-Donato, Ricardo Navarro, Mario Avila-Rodriguez, and Eduardo Mendizabal.   JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 2012   1.395  Icono BiblioDigital
76 Is Survival After Pathogen Exposure Explained by Host's Immune Strength? A Test with Two Species of White Grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Exposed to Fungal Infection.   Enriquez-Vara, JN; Cordoba-Aguilar, A; Guzman-Franco, AW; Alatorre-Rosas, R; and Contreras-Garduno, J.   ENVIRONMENTAL ENTOMOLOGY 2012   1.314  chrome-ie9-firefox
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