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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas 5
  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas 150
  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades 4
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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas  
1 A comment on 'Is the spurious regression problem spurious?'.   Martinez-Rivera B., Ventosa-Santaularia D. Pub article
2 A semiparametric time trend varying coefficients model: With an application to evaluate credit rationing in U.S. credit.   Gao Q., Gu J., Hernandez-Verme P. Pub article
3 Optimal stopping under model uncertainty and the regularity of lower Snell envelopes.   Erick T.-A. Pub article
4 Regional output convergence in Mexico.   Gomez-Zaldivar M., Ventosa-Santaularia D. Pub article
5 Spurious forecasts?   Martinez-Rivera B., Ventosa-Santaularia D., Eduardo Vera-Valdes J. Pub article



  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas  
1 177Lu-labeled monomeric, dimeric and multimeric RGD peptides for the therapy of tumors expressing α(ν)β(3) integrins.   Luna-Gutierrez M.,   Ferro-Flores G., Ocampo-Garcia B., Jimenez-Mancilla N., Morales-Avila E., De   Leon-Rodriguez L., Isaac-Olive K. Pub article
2 2,4-Diphenyl-6-trifluoromethyl-2,3-dihydro-1H,5H-pyrrolo-[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,   3-dione.   Roberts S.A.,   Martinez-Ariza G., Dietrich J., Hulme C. Pub article
3 8-AminoBODIPYs: Cyanines or hemicyanines? the effect of the coplanarity of the amino group on their optical properties.   Osorio-Martinez C.A.,   Urias-Benavides A., Gomez-Duran C.F.A., Banuelos J., Esnal I., Lopez Arbeloa   I., Pena-Cabrera E. Pub article
4 9 Sagittarii: Uncovering an O-type spectroscopic binary with an   8.6 year period.   Rauw G., Sana H.,   Spano M., Gosset E., Mahy L., De Becker M., Eenens P. Pub article
5 A 3D radiative transfer framework: IX. Time dependence.   Jack D., Hauschildt   P.H., Baron E. Pub article
6 A Circumstellar Disk toward the High-mass Star-forming Region IRAS 23033+5951.   Trinidad M.A.,   Rodrilguez T., Migenes V. Pub conference paper
7 A detailed X-ray investigation of ζ Puppis: I. the dataset and some preliminary results.   Naze Y., Flores C.A.,   Rauw G. Pub article
8 A Fractional Calculus Application to Biological Reactive Systems.   Rico-Ramirez V.,   Martinez-Lizardo J., Iglesias-Silva G.A., Hernandez-Castro S., Diwekar U.M. Pub article
9 A motion capture based planner for virtual characters navigating in 3D environments.   Arenas-Mena J.C.,   Hayet J.-B., Esteves C. Pub article
10 A numerical method for rating thermal performance in spiral heat exchangers.   Garcia M.M., Moreles   M.A. Pub article
11 A second generation MRI contrast agent for imaging zinc ions in   vivo.   De Leon-Rodriguez   L.M., Lubag A.J.M., Lopez J.A., Andreu-De-Riquer G., Alvarado-Monzon J.C.,   Sherry A.D. Pub article
12 Alternative excision repair of ultraviolet B- and C-Induced DNA   damage in dormant and developing spores of bacillus subtilis.   Ramirez-Guadiana   F.H., Barraza-Salas M., Ramirez-Ramirez N., Ortiz-Cortes M., Setlow P.,   Pedraza-Reyes M. Pub article
13 Amberlite XAD-7 impregnated with Cyphos IL-101   (tetraalkylphosphonium ionic liquid) for Pd(II) recovery from HCl solutions.   Navarro R., Saucedo   I., Gonzalez C., Guibal E. Pub article
14 An application of the backbone decomposition to supercritical   super-Brownian motion with a barrier.   Kyprianou A.E.,   Murillo-Salas A., Perez J.L. Pub article
15 An engineering approach to the synthesis of integrated   distillation schemes for systems involving difficult separations.   Jantes Jaramillo D.,   Polley G.T. Pub conference paper
16 An engineering approach to the synthesis of integrated distillation schemes where there is a significant number of options.   Jantes Jaramillo D.,   Polley G.T. Pub conference paper
17 Analysis and prediction of input multiplicity for the reactive flash separation using reaction-invariant composition variables.   Jaime-Leal J.E.,   Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S.,   Hernandez-Escoto H. Pub article
18 Analysis of the Production of Methyl Esters by the Two-Step Supercritical Method using Reactive Distillation.   Gomez-Castro F.I.,   Rico-Ramirez V., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez-Castro S. Pub article
19 Analysis of the structure, bonding, aromaticity and existence of possible bond-stretch isomerism in trigonal anionic metal clusters, X3 -(X=Be,Mg,Ca).   Giri S., Chakraborty   A., Duley S., Merino G., Subramanian V., Chattaraj P.K. Pub conference paper
20 Antitumor structure-activity relationship in bis-stannoxane derivatives from pyridine dicarboxylic and benzoic acids.   Valcarcel J.A.,   Razo-Hernandez R.S., Valdez-Velazquez L.L., Garcia M.V., Organillo A.A.R.,   Vazquez-Vuelvas O.F., Garcia Ruiz M.A., Gomez-Sandoval Z. Pub article
21 Arsenic adsorption and desorption on syntetic iron oxyhydroxides as study model to explain one of the mechanisms for its lixiviation from mining tailings.   de la Pena-Torres A.,   Cano-Rodriguez I., Aguilera-Alvarado A.F., Gamino-Arroyo Z., Gomez-Castro   F.I., Gutierrez-Valtierra M.P., Soriano-Perez S. Pub article
22 Basal chromospheric flux and Maunder Minimum-type stars: The quiet-Sun chromosphere as a universal phenomenon.   Schroder K.-P., Mittag M., Martinez M.I.P., Cuntz M., Schmitt J.H.M.M. Pub article
23 Biochemical characterization of recombinant Candida albicans mannosyltransferases Mnt1, Mnt2 and Mnt5 reveals new functions in O- and   N-mannan biosynthesis.   Diaz-Jimenez D.F., Mora-Montes H.M., Hernandez-Cervantes A., Luna-Arias J.P., Gow N.A.R.,   Flores-Carreon A. Pub article
24 Candida species: New insights into biofilm formation.   Cuellar-Cruz M., Lopez-Romero E., Villagomez-Castro J.C., Ruiz-Baca E. Pub review
25 Carbon nanotubes and metalloporphyrins and metallophthalocyanines-based materials for electroanalysis.   Zagal J.H., Griveau   S., Santander-Nelli M., Granados S.G., Bedioui F. Pub review
26 Catalytic activity of electrode materials based on polypyrrole, multi-wall carbon nanotubes and cobalt phthalocyanine for the electrooxidation of glutathione and L-cysteine.   Gutierrez A.P.,   Argote M.R., Griveau S., Zagal J.H., Granados S.G., Ordas A.A., Bedioui F. Pub article
27 CBe 5E - (E = Al, Ga, In, Tl): Planar pentacoordinate carbon in heptaatomic clusters.   Castro A.C.,   Martinez-Guajardo G., Johnson T., Ugalde J.M., Wu Y.-B., Mercero J.M., Heine   T., Donald K.J., Merino G. Pub article
28 Chemical bonding in supermolecular flowers.   Castro A.C.,   Johansson M.P., Merino G., Swart M. Pub article
29 Coagulation-flocculation of colloidal suspensions of kaolinite, bentonite, and alumina by chitosan sulfate.   Rios-Donato N.,   Navarro R., Avila-Rodriguez M., Mendizabal E. Pub article
30 Comparative studies on the dissolution profiles of oral ibuprofen suspension and commercial tablets using biopharmaceutical classification system criteria.   Rivera-Leyva J.C.,   Garcia-Flores M., Valladares-Mendez A., Orozco-Castellanos L.M.,   Martinez-Alfaro M. Pub article
31 Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the incineration of lignocellulosic solid waste in an prototype fluidized bed combustor.   Gallardo-Correa D.I.,   Hernandez-Barajas J.R., Bautista-Margulis R.G., Uribe-Ramirez A.R. Pub article
32 Conventional proportional-integral (PI) control of dividing wall distillation columns: Systematic tuning.   Zavala-Guzman A.M.,   Hernandez-Escoto H., Hernandez S., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
33 Copper electrodeposition on glassy carbon and highly oriented pyrolytic graphite substrates from perchlorate solutions.   Garcia-Rodriguez   D.E., Mendoza-Huizar L.H., Rios-Reyes C.H., Alatorre-Ordaz M.A. Pub article
34 Cyclization of RGD peptide sequences via the macrocyclic chelator DOTA for integrin imaging.   Hao G., Sun X., Do   Q.N., Ocampo-Garcia B., Vilchis-Juarez A., Ferro-Flores G., De Leon-Rodriguez   L.M. Pub article
35 D 3h CN 3Be 3 + and CO 3Li 3 +: Viable planar hexacoordinate  carbon prototypes.   Wu Y.-B., Duan Y., Lu   G., Lu H.-G., Yang P., Schleyer P.V.R., Merino G., Islas R., Wang Z.-X. Pub article
36 Degradation of paracetamol by advance oxidation processes using modified reticulated vitreous carbon electrodes with TiO2 and CuO/TiO2/Al2O3.   Arredondo Valdez   H.C., Garcia Jimenez G., Gutierrez Granados S., Ponce de Leon C. Pub article
37 Dehydration of bioethanol by hybrid process liquid-liquid extraction/extractive distillation.   Aviles Martinez A.,   Saucedo-Luna J., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Gomez-Castro F.I.,   Castro-Montoya A.J. Pub conference paper
38 Densely substituted unnatural l- and d-prolines as catalysts for highly enantioselective stereodivergent (3 + 2) cycloadditions and aldol reactions.   Conde E., Bello D.,   De Cozar A., Sanchez M., Vazquez M.A., Cossio F.P. Pub article
39 Design and Optimization of Pressure Swing Distillation using a Stochastic Algorithm based in the Boltzmann Distribution.   Cortez-Gonzalez J.,   Murrieta-Duenas R., Gutierrez-Guerra R., Segovia-Hernandez J.G.,   Hernandez-Aguirre A. Pub article
40 Design of Compabloc Exchangers to Mitigate Refinery Fouling.   Tamakloe E., Polley   G.T. Pub conference paper
41 Design of coolers for use in an existing cooling water network.   Picon-Nunez M.,   Polley G.T., Canizalez-Davalos L., Tamakloe E.K. Pub article
42 Design space for the sizing and selection of heat exchangers of   the compact type.   Picon-Nunez M.,   Polley G.T., Riesco-Avila J.M. Pub conference paper
43 Designing shell & tube heat exchangers: Avoid vibration from   the start.   Polley G.T., Vidal   Farfan M.A., Pugh S.J. Pub article
44 Designing shell and tube heat exchangers: Consider two-phase   flow.   Polley G.T.,   Vazquez-Ramirez E.E., Avila M.R. Pub article
45 Determination of molecular size of O-(2-hydroxyethyl)cellulose   (HEC) and its relationship to the mechanism of enzymatic hydrolysis by   cellulases.   Martinez-Richa A. Pub review
46 Determination of phase content in multiphase polymers by   solid-state NMR techniques.   Martinez-Richa A.,   Silvestri R. Pub conference paper
47 Discovery of multiple shells around the planetary nebula IC 418.   Ramos-Larios G.,   Vazquez R., Guerrero M.A., Olguin L., Marquez-Lugo R.A., Bravo-Alfaro H. Pub article
48 Effect of macronutrients in the menthol accumulation in   essential oil of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) grown in vitro and   greenhouse.   Jimenez-Alonso A.E.,   Rodriguez-Mendiola M.A., de Alba P.L.L., Martinez L.L., Gutierrez-Miceli   F.A., Arias-Castro C. Pub article
49 Effect of melatonin administration on DNA damage and repair   responses in lymphocytes of rats subchronically exposed to lead.   Martinez-Alfaro M.,   Hernandez-Cortes D., Wrobel K., Cruz-Jimenez G., Rivera-Leyva J.C.,   Pina-Zentella R.M., Carabez Trejo A. Pub article
50 Effect of the thermal treatment on the capacity of removal of Cr   (VI) of sol-gel hydrotalcite-like materials.   Ramos E., Gutierrez   N.L., Contreras C.A., Del Angel G.A. Pub conference paper
51 Electrochemical synthesis of NiFe 2O 4 nanoparticles:   Characterization and their catalytic applications.   Galindo R., Mazario   E., Gutierrez S., Morales M.P., Herrasti P. Pub conference paper
52 Electro-remediation in the presence of ferrous sulfate as an   ex-situ alternative treatment for hydrocarbon polluted soil.   Flores R., Garcia   M.G., Peralta-Hernandez J.M., Hernandez-Ramirez A., Mendez E., Bustos E. Pub article
53 Electroremediation of mercury polluted soil facilitated by   complexing agents.   Robles I., Garcia   M.G., Solis S., Hernandez G., Bandala Y., Juaristi E., Bustos E. Pub article
54 Erratum: Structure and stability of the Si 4Li n (n = 1-7)   binary clusters (Chemical Physics Letters (2012) 67 (522)).   Osorio E., Villalobos   V., Santos J.C., Donald K.J., Merino G., Tiznado W. Pub erratum
55 Erratum: Time-dependent radiative transfer with PHOENIX (A&A   (2009) 50, (1043-1049) DOI:10.1051/0004-6361/200810982).   Jack D., Hauschildt   P.H., Baron E. Pub erratum
56 Evaluation of dispersability of gamma alumina prepared by   homogeneous precipitation.   Zamorategui A.,   Sugita S., Zarraga R., Tanaka S., Uematsu K. Pub article
57 Evidence of supermassive black holes in narrow emission line   galaxies.   Torres-Papaqui J.P.,   Coziol R., Andernachv H., Ortega-Minakata R.A., Neri-Larios D.M.,   Plauchu-Frayn I. Pub article
58 Exposing the hidden white dwarf binary origin by means of a   synthetic population model for nearby single stars.   Dawson S.A., Schroder   K.-P. Pub article
59 Fast and environmentally friendly quantitative analysis of   active agents in anti-diabetic tablets by an alternative laser-induced   breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) method and comparison to a validated   reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) method.   Contreras V.U.,   Meneses-Nava M.A., Ornelas-Soto N., Barbosa-Garcia O., Lopez-De-Alba P.L.,   Maldonado J.L., Ramos-Ortiz G., Acevedo-Aguilar F.J., Lopez-Martinez L. Pub article
60 Fibrillar γ-alumina porous body prepared by slip casting.   Zamorategui A., S.   Sugita, Tanaka S., Uematsu K. Pub article
61 From simulation studies to experimental tests in a reactive   dividing wall distillation column.   Delgado-Delgado R.,   Hernandez S., Barroso-Munoz F.O., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Castro-Montoya A.J. Pub article
62 Genetic Algorithms in the Design of Configurations for   Distillation of Quaternary Mixtures using Less than N-1 columns with   Thermally Coupling.   Cortez-Gonzalez J.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Gutierrez-Antonio C., Briones-Ramirez   A., Rong B.G. Pub article
63 Gold nanoparticles for improving contrast in optical coherence   tomography images.   Ponce De Leon Y.R.,   Lopez Rios J.A., Pichardo Molina J.L., Noe A.-O. Pub conference paper
64 Habitability of super-Earth planets around main-sequence stars   including red giant branch evolution: Models based on the integrated system   approach.   Cuntz M., Von Bloh   W., Schroder K.-P., Bounama C., Franck S. Pub article
65 Heating and Cooling System Analysis Based on Complete Process   Network.   Picon-Nunez M. Pub book chapter
66 Highly regio- and Stereoselective Diels-Alder Cycloadditions Via   Two-Step and Multicomponent Reactions Promoted by Infrared Irradiation Under   Solvent-Free Conditions.   Flores-Conde M.I.,   Reyes L., Herrera R., Rios H., Vazquez M.A., Miranda R., Tamariz J., Delgado   F. Pub article
67 High-mass star formation in the regions IRAS 19217+1651 and   23151+5912.   Migenes V.,   Rodrilguez I.T., Trinidad M.A. Pub conference paper
68 Humanoid locomotion planning for visually guided tasks.   Hayet J.-B., Esteves   C., Arechavaleta G., Stasse O., Yoshida E. Pub article
69 Imaging free zinc levels in vivo - What can be learned?.   De Leon-Rodriguez L.,   Lubag Jr. A.J.M., Dean Sherry A. Pub review
70 Impact of cadmium and selenium exposure on trace elements, fatty   acids and oxidative stress in Lepidium sativum.   Barrientos E.Y.,   Flores C.R., Wrobel K., Wrobel K. Pub article
71 Improved constraint satisfaction in a simple generalized   gradient approximation exchange functional.   Vela A., Pacheco-Kato   J.C., Gazquez J.L., Del Campo J.M., Trickey S.B. Pub article
72 Industrial experience in handling cleaning of crude refinery   preheat trains.   Ishiyama E.M., Pugh   S.J., Polley G.T., Wilson D.I. Pub conference paper
73 Infrared irradiation-assisted multicomponent synthesis of   2-amino-3-cyano-4h-pyran derivatives.   Sanchez A., Hernandez   F., Cruz P.C., Alcaraz Y., Tamariz J., Delgado F., Vazquez M.A. Pub article
74 Innovative biodiesel production in a reactive dividing-wall   column.   Kiss A.A.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Bildea C.S., Miranda-Galindo E.Y., Hernandez S. Pub article
75 Interactions between macrophages and cell wall oligosaccharides   of Candida albicans.   Mora-Montes H.M.,   McKenzie C., Bain J.M., Lewis L.E., Erwig L.P., Gow N.A.R. Pub article
76 Isolation and functional characterization of Sporothrix   schenckii ROT2, the encoding gene for the endoplasmic reticulum glucosidase   II.   Robledo-Ortiz C.I.,   Flores-Carreon A., Hernandez-Cervantes A., Alvarez-Vargas A., Lee K.K.,   Diaz-Jimenez D.F., Munro C.A., Cano-Canchola C., Mora-Montes H.M. Pub article
77 Isolation of Sporothrix schenckii MNT1 and the biochemical and   functional characterization of the encoded α1,2-mannosyltransferase activity.   Hernandez-Cervantes   A., Mora-Montes H.M., Alvarez-Vargas A., Diaz Jimenez D.F., Robledo-Ortiz   C.I., Flores-Carreon A. Pub article
78 Jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi) in Guanajuato, Mexico.   Charre-Medeliln J.F.,   Sanchez-Cordero V., Magaa-Cota G., Alvarez-Jara M., Botello F. Pub article
79 KNOX1 is expressed and epigenetically regulated during in vitro   conditions in Agave spp.   De-la-Pena C.,   Nic-Can G., Ojeda G., Herrera-Herrera J.L., Lopez-Torres A., Wrobel K.,   Robert-Diaz M.L. Pub article
80 Maghemite as a catalyst for glucose oxidation in a microfluidic   fuel cell.   Galindo R., Dector   A., Arriaga L.G., Gutierrez S., Herrasti P. Pub article
81 Metakaolinite as a catalyst for biodiesel production from waste   cooking oil.   Ramirez-Ortiz J.,   Martinez M., Flores H. Pub article
82 Mfd and transcriptional derepression cause genetic diversity in   Bacillus subtilis.   Robleto E.A., Martin   H.A., Pedraza-Reyes M. Pub article
83 Microwave-assisted C-3 selective oxidative radical alkylation of   flavones.   Mijangos M.V.,   Gonzalez-Marrero J., Miranda L.D., Vincent-Ruz P., Lujan-Montelongo A.,   Olivera-Diaz D., Bautista E., Ortega A., De La Luz Campos-Gonzalez M.,   Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
84 MID-infrared variability of the binary system CS Cha.   Nagel E., Espaillat   C., D'Alessio P., Calvet N. Pub article
85 Modeling the thermo-hydraulic performance of direct fired   heaters for crude processing.   Morales-Fuentes A.,   Polley G.T., Picon-Nunez M., Martinez-Martinez S. Pub article
86 Molecular structures of M 2N 2 2- (M and N = B, Al, and Ga)   clusters using the gradient embedded genetic algorithm.   Islas R., Poater J.,   Matito E., Sola M. Pub article
87 Morphological effect of Pd catalyst on ethanol electro-oxidation   reaction.   Cerritos R.C.,   Guerra-Balcazar M., Ramirez R.F., Ledesma-Garcia J., Arriaga L.G. Pub article
88 Multiobjective Optimization in Distillation with Reactor-Side   for Hydrodesulfurization Process of Diesel.   Miranda-Galindo E.Y.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Castro S.H., Petriciolet A.B., Rangaiah G.P. Pub article
89 Ni(II) and Pd(II) organometallic and coordination complexes with   a new tridentate N,N,O-donor ligand.   Esqueda C.,   Alvarado-Monzon J.C., Andreu-De-Riquer G., Alfredo Gutierrez J., De   Leon-Rodriguez L.M., Serrano O., Alvarado-Rodriguez J.G., Lopez J.A. Pub article
90 No firm evidence of immunological costs of insect oviposition   and copulation: A test with dragonflies (zygoptera).   Cordoba-Aguilar A.,   Ruiz-Silva' D., Gonzalez-Tokman D., Contreras-Garduno J., Peretti A.,   Moreno-Garcia M.A., Rantala M.J., Koskmaki J., Kortet R., Suhonen J. Pub review
91 Nonlinear MIMO control of a continuous cooling crystallizer.   Quintana-Hernandez   P.A., Ocampo-Perez R., Tututi-Avila S., Hernandez-Castro S. Pub article
92 Observational study of the continuum and water maser emission in   the IRAS 19217+1651 region.   Rodriguez-Esnard T.,   Trinidad M.A., Migenes V. Pub article
93 On the formation of cD galaxies and their parent clusters.   Tovmassian H.M.,   Andernach H. Pub article
94 On the nature of cosmological alignment effects of galaxies,   groups and clusters. I. Observations.   Gonzalez-Sanchez A.,   Caretta C.A., Gutierrez-Rodriguez A., Rivera P. Pub book chapter
95 On the nature of cosmological alignment effects of galaxies,   groups and clusters. II. theory.   Gonzalez-Sanchez A.,   Caretta C.A., Gutierrez-Rodriguez A., Rivera P. Pub book chapter
96 Optimal design and control of trains of dividing wall columns   for the separation of petrochemical mixtures.   Gutierrez-Antonio C.,   Hernandez S., Gomez-Castro F.I., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Campos-Vargas J.O.,   Briones-Ramirez A. Pub article
97 Optimal design of distillation systems with less than N-1   columns for a class of four component mixtures.   Cortez-Gonzalez J.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Gutierrez-Antonio C., Briones-Ramirez   A., Rong B.G. Pub article
98 Optimization and controllability analysis of thermally coupled   reactive distillation arrangements with minimum use of reboilers.   Vazquez-Ojeda M.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Hernandez-Aguirre A., Maya-Yescas R. Pub conference paper
99 Optimization of process for extraction and fractionation by   degree of polymerization of fructans, obtained from agave tequilana weber   var. azul, for obtain prebiotics.   Castellanos-Perez N.,   Rodriguez-Mendiola M.A., De Alba P.L.L., Martinez L.L., Gutierrez-Miceli   F.A., Arias-Castro C. Pub article
100 Optimization with genetic algorithms of a hybrid   distillation/melt crystallization process.   Bravo-Bravo C.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Gomez-Castro F.I., Gutierrez-Antonio   C., Briones-Ramirez A. Pub book chapter
101 Organotin catalysts in organosilicon chemistry.   Cervantes J., Zarraga   R., Salazar-Hernandez C. Pub review
102 Pentacoordinate mono(β-diketonato)- and hexacoordinate   bis-(β-diketonato)-silicon(IV) complexes obtained from (thiocyanato-N)   hydridosilanes.   Gonzalez-Garcia G.,   Alvarez E., Gutierrez J.A. Pub article
103 Phenoloxidase production: The importance of time after juvenile   hormone analogue administration in hetaerina americana (fabricius)   (zygoptera: Calopterygidae).   Contreras-Garduno J.,   Villanueva G., Alonso-Salgado A. Pub review
104 Planar tetracoordinate carbon in CE 4 2- (E = Al-Tl) clusters.   Castro A.C.,   Audiffred M., Mercero J.M., Ugalde J.M., Mendez-Rojas M.A., Merino G. Pub article
105 Platinum(IV) Recovery from HCl Solutions using Amberlite XAD-7   Impregnated with a Tetraalkyl Phosphonium Ionic Liquid.   Navarro R., Garcia   E., Saucedo I., Guibal E. Pub article
106 Practical process integration retrofit: Part 4. Dealing with   large projects.   Polley G.T., Kumana   J.D. Pub conference paper
107 Preparation and characterization of aluminum lithium hydroxide   carbonate hydrate obtained from basic aluminum sulfate.   Soto C.A.C., Delgado   A.P., Ramirez E.R., Zamudio V.R. Pub conference paper
108 Production of a plasmid-encoded OXA-72 β-lactamase associated   with resistance to carbapenems in a clinical isolate Acinetobacter junii.   Fernandez-Cuenca F.,   Rodriguez-Martinez J.M., Gomez-Sanchez M.C., De Alba P.D., Infante-Martinez   V., Pascual A. Pub letter
109 Purification and partial biochemical characterization of a   membrane-bound type II-like α-glucosidase from the yeast morphotype of   Sporothrix schenckii.   Torres-Rodriguez   B.I., Flores-Berrout K., Villagomez-Castro J.C., Lopez-Romero E. Pub article
110 Purification of bioethanol using extractive batch distillation:   Simulation and experimental studies.   Pacheco-Basulto J.T.,   Hernandez-McConville D., Barroso-Munoz F.O., Hernandez S., Segovia-Hernandez   J.G., Castro-Montoya A.J., Bonilla-Petriciolet A. Pub article
111 Reactive DWC leading the way to FAME and fortune.   Kiss A.A.,   Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Bildea C.S., Miranda-Galindo E.Y., Hernandez S. Pub article
112 Recent experiences on modelling fouling of crude refinery   preheat trains handling complex and heavy crude slates.   Ishiyama E.M., Polley   G.T., Pugh S.J. Pub conference paper
113 Rheological behaviour of binary mixtures containing   hexyl(tetradecyl) phosphonium chloride (Cyphos IL 101) and   bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)phosphinic acid (Cyanex 272) between 288.15 K and   343.15 K.   Cholico-Gonzalez D.,   Avila-Rodriguez M., Reyes-Aguilera J.A., Cote G., Chagnes A. Pub article
114 Role of the fungal cell wall in pathogenesis and antifungal   resistance.   Diaz-Jimenez D.F.,   Perez-Garcia L.A., Martinez-Alvarez J.A., Mora-Montes H.M. Pub article
115 Roles of endonuclease V, uracil-DNA glycosylase, and mismatch   repair in Bacillus subtilis DNA base-deamination-induced mutagenesis.   Lopez-Olmos K.,   Hernandez M.P., Contreras-Garduno J.A., Robleto E.A., Setlow P., Yasbin R.E.,   Pedraza-Reyes M. Pub article
116 Search for circumstellar disks and radio jets in the massive   star-formation region IRAS 23033+5951.   Rodriguez T.,   Trinidad M.A., Migenes V. Pub article
117 Semi-continuous Heterophase Polymerization of n-Butyl   Methacrylate: Effect of Monomer Feeding Rate.   Perez-Garca M.G.,   Rabelero M., Nuo-Donlucas S.M., Mendizabal E., Martnez-Richa A., Lopez R.G.,   Arellano M., Puig J.E. Pub article
118 Spatial sampling for image segmentation.   Rivera M., Dalmau O.,   Mio W., Ramirez-Manzanares A. Pub article
119 Strömgren uvby -β photoelectric photometry of the variable stars   RU PSC, SS PSC and TU UMA.   Pena J.H., Jaimes   R.F., Chow M., Miller R.P., Alvarez M. Pub article
120 Structure and stability of the Si 4Li n (n = 1-7) binary   clusters.   Osorio E., Villalobos   V., Santos J.C., Donald K.J., Merino G., Tiznado W. Pub article
121 Supercritical super-Brownian motion with a general branching   mechanism and travelling waves.   Kyprianou A.E., Liu   R.-L., Murillo-Salas A., Ren Y.-X. Pub article
122 Synthesis and in vitro antioxidant activity evaluation of   3-carboxycoumarin derivatives and qsar study of their dpph radical scavenging   activity.   Martinez-Martinez   F.J., Razo-Hernandez R.S., Peraza-Campos A.L., Villanueva-Garcia M.,   Sumaya-Martinez M.T., Cano D.J., Gomez-Sandoval Z. Pub article
123 Synthesis and Properties in Solution of Gaussian Homo Asymmetric   Polysiloxanes with a Bulky Side Group.   Vallejo-Montesinos   J., Villegas A., Jacobo-Azuara A., Martinez J.M., Ramirez E., Cervantes J. Pub article
124 Synthesis of biodegradable polymers using biocatalysis with   yarrowia lipolytica lipase.   Barrera-Rivera K.A.,   Flores-Carreon A., Martinez-Richa A. Pub article
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  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades  
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10 The use of a rotating cylinder electrode to recover zinc from   rinse water generated by the electroplating industry.   Matlalcuatzi S., Nava   J.L. Pub article


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