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publicaciones scopus UG 2012


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  Ciencias de la Vida  
1 Additive and dominance effects of the αs1-casein locus on milk yield and composition traits in dairy goats. Vazquez-Flores F.,   Montaldo H.H., Torres-Vazquez J.A., Alonso-Morales R.A., Gayosso-Vazquez A.,   Valencia-Posadas M., Castillo-Juarez H. Pub article
2 Aerial biomass, seed quantity and quality in Melinis repens (Willd.) Zizka in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Romo A.D., Ancira   E.F., De Luna Jimenez A., De Jesus Luna Ruiz J., Hernandez J.T.F., Portugal   V.O. Pub review
3 Antibiotic knowledge and self-care for acute respiratory tract infections in Mexico. Gonzales R.,   Lopez-Caudana A.E., Gonzalez-Flores T., Jayanthan J., Corbett K.K.,   Reyes-Morales H. Pub article
4 Breed and breed x environment interaction effects for growth traits and survival rate from birth to weaning in crossbred lambs. Osorio-Avalos J.,   Montaldo H.H., Valencia-Posadas M., Castillo-Juarez H., Ulloa-Arvizuf R. Pub article
5 Breed differences over time and heritability estimates for production and reproduction traits of dairy goats in the United States. Garcia-Peniche T.B.,   Montaldo H.H., Valencia-Posadas M., Wiggans G.R., Hubbard S.M.,   Torres-Vazquez J.A., Shepard L. Pub article
6 Comparative study (AFLP and morphology) of three species of Prosopis of the Section Algarobia: P. juliflora, P. pallida, and P. limensis. Evidence for resolution of the "P. pallida-P. juliflora complex". Palacios R.A.,   Burghardt A.D., Frias-Hernandez J.T., Olalde-Portugal V., Grados N., Alban   L., Martinez-de la Vega O. Pub article
7 Effect of 2-methyl-2-phenoxy propionic acid on serum lipid profile and ovarian activity in dairy cows. Aparicio-Cecilio A., Bouda J., Salgado-Hernandez E.G., Nunez-Ochoa L., Castillo-Mata D.A., Gutierrez-Chavez A. Pub article
8 Isolation of a New Mexican strain of Bacillus subtilis with antifungal and antibacterial activities. Basurto-Cadena   M.G.L., Vazquez-Arista M., Garcia-Jimenez J., Salcedo-Hernandez R., Bideshi   D.K., Barboza-Corona J.E. Pub article
9 Phoresis between Serratia marcescens and Steinernema carpocapsae (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) during infection of Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larvae. Ortega-Estrada   M.D.J., Del Rincon-Castro M.C., Basurto-Rios R., Toledo J., Ibarra J.E. Pub article
10 Relation between soilless tomato quality and potassium concentration in nutritive solution. Ramirez S.L.F., Diaz   S.F.R., Muro E.J. Pub conference paper
11 Shrinkage, fructan hidrolysis and nonenzymatic browning kinetics during the autoclave thermal processing of Agave inaequidens spp. Rios J.C.V.,   Rodriguez-Mendiola M.A., Flores J.M., Arias-Castro C. Pub article
12 Species of conotrachelus (coleoptera: Curculionidae: Molytinae) associated to the guava and new species description. Salas-Araiza M.D.,   Romero-Napoles J. Pub article
13 The 60-kilodalton protein encoded by orf2 in the cry19a operon of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. jegathesan functions like a C-terminal crystallization domain. Barboza-Corona J.E., Park H.-W., Bideshi D.K., Federici B.A. Pub article
14 Utilization of poultry litter for pesticide bioremediation. Lovanh N., Ruiz-Aguilar G., Rothrock M.J., Cook K.L. Pub book chapter
15 Vision system for 3D reconstruction with telecentric lens. Rico Espino J.G., Gonzalez-Barbosa J.-J., Gomez Loenzo R.A., Cordova Esparza D.M.,
  Gonzalez-Barbosa R.
Pub conference paper
16 Aerial biomass, seed quantity and quality in melinis repens (Willd.) Zizka in Aguascalientes, Mexico Romo A.D., Ancira E.F., de Luna Jimenez A., Ruiz J.J.L., Hernandez J.T.F., Portugal V.O. Pub article
17 EVects of physical culture parameters on bacteriocin production by Mexican strains of Bacillus thuringiensis after cellular induction Martinez-Cardenas J.A., De La Fuente-Salcido N.M., Salcedo-Hernandez R., Bideshi D.K., Barboza-Corona J.E. Pub article



1 A fuzzy inference approach to template-based visual tracking. Ramirez-Paredes   J.-P., Sanchez-Yanez R.E., Ayala-Ramirez V. Pub article
2 A general and systematic framework for the kinematic analysis of complex gear systems. Cervantes-Sanchez   J.J., Rico-Martinez J.M., Panduro-Calvario C. Pub article
3 A linear optimal transversal filter for time-varying receiver channels. Ibarra-Manzano O.,   Shmaliy Y.S. Pub article
4 A new recursive scheme of the unbiased FIR filter to image processing. Morales-Mendoza L.J.,   Vazquez-Bautista R.F., Morales-Mendoza E., Shmaliy Y., Gamboa-Rosales H. Pub conference paper
5 Advanced engineering platform for industrial Development. Gonzalez-Palacios   M.A. Pub article
6 Air pollution data classification by SOM Neural Network. Barron-Adame J.M.,   Ibarra-Manzano O.G., Vega-Corona A., Cortina-Januchs M.G., Andina D. Pub conference paper
7 All-optical flip-flop in wideband PhC-based filter with Kerr saturable nonlinearity. Guryev I.V.,   Sukhoivanov I.A., Andrade Lucio J.A., Vargaz Rodriguez E. Pub conference paper
8 An operative comparison of two DVR topologies based on a matrix converter without energy storage. Lozano J.M.,   Hernandez-Figueroa M.A., Ramirez J.M. Pub conference paper
9 Analysis of effect caused by fitting in the measurements of flow in air conditioning system. Gallegos-Munoz A.,   Uzarraga Rodriguez N.C., Belman Flores J.M., Rangel Hernandez V.H. Pub article
10 ANN and Fuzzy c-Means applied to environmental pollution prediction. Cortina-Januchs M.G.,   Quintanilla-Dominguez J., Andina D., Vega-Corona A. Pub conference paper
11 Application of high-resolution spectral analysis for identifying faults in induction motors by means of sound. Garcia-Perez A.,   Romero-Troncoso R.J., Cabal-Yepez E., Osornio-Rios R.A., Lucio-Martinez J.A. Pub article
12 Application of HTS BSCCO tapes in an ironless axial flux superconductor motor. Gonzalez-Parada A.,   Espinosa-Loza F.J., Castaneda-Miranda A., Bosch-Tous R., Granados-Garcia X. Pub article
13 Chromatic correction applied to outdoor images. Peregrina-Barreto H.,   Gabriel Avina-Cervantes J., Terol-Villalobos I.R., Rangel-Magdaleno J.J.,   Herrera-Navarro A.M. Pub article
14 Combined flow fields (serpentine-interdigitated) for improvement of a PEMFC performance. Perez-Raya I.,   Hernandez-Guerrero A., Elizalde-Blancas F., Ramos-Alvarado B.,   Lorenzini-Gutierrez D. Pub conference paper
15 Combining color constancy and gamma correction for image enhancement. Cepeda-Negrete J.,   Sanchez-Yanez R.E. Pub conference paper
16 Comparative analysis of three configurations using combinations based on a serpentine geometry for the species distribution of a PEMFC. Contreras-Elizarraras   V., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Elizalde-Blancas F., Perez-Raya I., Gamboa-Orozco   G. ConPub conference paper
17 Comparison of asymmetric and symmetric cavity configurations of erbium-doped fiber laser in active Q-switched regime. Kolpakov S.A.,   Barmenkov Y.O., Kir'Yanov A.V., Guzman-Chavez A.D., Cruz J.L., Andres M.V. Pub article
18 Comprehensive analysys of the PhC-based filters for optical micro-devices engineering. Guryev I.V.,   Sukhoivanov I.A., Lucio J.A.A., Manzano O.G.I., Rodriguez E.V. Pub article
19 Computationally efficient FIR filtering of polynomial signals in DFT domain. Castro-Tinttori P.,   Ibarra-Manzano O., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub article
20 Development of a toolkit for the analysis and design of composite pressure vessels. Ledesma E., Aceves   S.M., Espinosa-Loza F., Ravani B. Pub conference paper
21 Development of axial flux HTS induction motors. Gonzalez-Parada A.,   Guia M., Ibarra O., Guzman R. Pub conference paper
22 Domain wall dynamics under nonlocal spin-transfer torque. Claudio-Gonzalez D.,   Thiaville A., Miltat J. Pub article
23 Dynamic of total internal reflection (2+1)D bright beams on photorefractive SBN61:Ce crystal. Alvarado-Mendez E.,   Trejo-Duran M., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Vargas-Rodriguez   E., De G. Garcia-Hernandez M. Pub article
24 Dynamic voltage restorers based on AC-AC topologies. Ramirez J.M.,   Garcia-Vite P., Lozano J.M., Mancilla-David F. Pub conference paper
25 Effects of endodontic treatment on apparent Young's modulus of human teeth: In vitro study using speckle interferometry. Gonzalez-Pena R.J.,   Salvador R., Cibrian R.M., Martinez-Celorio R.A., Lopez F.J., Sala F.,   Paredes V. Pub article
26 Enhancing ultrasound images using the recursive p-step unbiased FIR filter. Morales-Mendoza L.J.,   Vazquez-Bautista R.F., Calderon-Ramon C., Martinez-Castillo J.,   Morales-Mendoza E., Shmaliy Y. Pub conference paper
27 Error probability for RFID SAW tags with pulse position coding and peak-pulse detection. Shmaliy Y.S., Plessky   V., Cerda-Villafana G., Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub article
28 Exergoeconomic diagnosis: A thermocharacterization method by irreversibility analysis. Olivares-Arriaga A.,   Zaleta-Aguilar A., Rangel-Hernandez V.H., Belman-Flores J.M. Pub conference paper
29 Experimental analysis and fea of friction stir welding on aluminium plates. Ledesma E., Aguilera   E., Villalobos G. Pub conference paper
30 Experimental characterization of the water transport properties of PEM fuel cells diffusion media. Ramos-Alvarado B.,   Sole J.D., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Ellis M.W. Pub article
31 Experimental study of the flow distribution uniformity in flow distributors having novel flow channel bifurcation structures. Liu H., Li P., Lew   J.V., Juarez-Robles D. Pub article
32 Extended Exergy Accounting applied to the flaring practice in oil fields. Diaz-Mendez S.E.,   Hernandez-Guerrero A., Sciubba E., Chavez R.H. Pub article
33 Extended UFIR filtering of nonlinear models corrupted by white Gaussian noise. Ibarra-Manzano O.G.,   Ramirez-Echeverria F., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub conference paper
34 Fabrication of Mach-Zehnder interferometers with conventional fiber optics in detection applications of micro-displacement and liquids. Hernandez-Luna M.C.,   Hernandez-Garcia J.C., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Rojas-Laguna R., Pottiez O.,   Mata-Chavez R.I., Alvarado-Mendez E., Estrada-Garcia H.J., Avina-Cervantes   J.G. Pub conference paper
35 Fiber optic vibration sensor based on multimode interference effects. Guzman-Sepulveda   J.R., Hernandez-Romano I., Torres-Cisneros M., May-Arrioja D.A. Pub conference paper
36 Fires and smoke spread in low-income housing in Mexico. Flores-Rodriguez   R.R., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rubio-Arana C., Caldera-Briseno C.A. Pub conference paper
37 FPGA embedded single-cycle 16-bit microprocessor and tools. Morales-Velazquez L.,   Osornio-Rios R.A., Romero-Troncoso R.J. Pub conference paper
38 FPGA-based architecture for real-time data reduction of ultrasound signals. Soto-Cajiga J.A.,   Pedraza-Ortega J.C., Rubio-Gonzalez C., Bandala-Sanchez M., Romero-Troncoso   R.D.J. Pub article
39 FPGA-based entropy neural processor for online detection of multiple combined faults on induction motors. Cabal-Yepez E.,   Valtierra-Rodriguez M., Romero-Troncoso R.J., Garcia-Perez A., Osornio-Rios   R.A., Miranda-Vidales H., Alvarez-Salas R. Pub article
40 Generalized DC-DC multiplier converter topology. Rosas-Caro J.C.,   Garcia-Vite P.M., Lozano-Garcia J.M., Gonzalez-Rodriguez A.,   Castillo-Gutierrez R., Castillo-Ibarra R. Pub letter
41 Geometrical optimization in gas turbines by applying computational fluid dynamics and genetic algorithms. Gallegos-Munoz A.,   Ayala-Ramirez V., Alfaro-Ayala J.A. Pub book chapter
42 High precision semi-spherical meter of two degrees of freedom. Vera-Dimas J.G.,   Tecpoyotl-Torres M., Martinez-Fabian S.E., Escobedo-Alatorre J.,   Cisneros-Villalobos L., Ibarra Manzano O.G., Sanchez-Mondragon J. Pub conference paper
43 Impact of indium surface segregation on optical properties of ultrathin InGaN/GaN quantum wells. Klymenko M.V.,   Sukhoivanov I.A., Shulika O.V. Pub conference paper
44 Implementation of digital unbiased fir filters with polynomial impulse responses. Castro-Tinttori P.,   Ibarra-Manzano O., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub article
45 Implementations of deflectors to improve the performance of heat sinks. Ramirez-Vazquez J.P.,   Hernandez-Guerrero A., Zuniga-Cerroblanco J.L., Rubio-Arana J.C. Pub conference paper
46 Importance of the power-electronic on integration processes using renewable energies. Hernandez-Figueroa   M.A., Martinez-Patino J., Picon-Nunez M., Lozano-Garcia J.M. Pub article
47 Inductive method for the determination of the critical current I c of HTS stators in axial flux configuration. Gonzalez-Parada A.,   Espinosa-Loza F.J., Bosch-Tous R. Pub article
48 Influence of losses induced by macrobends in the supercontinuum generation using standard fiber. Rojas-Laguna R.,   Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Mata-Chavez R.I., Vargas-Rodriguez E., Sierra-Hernandez   M., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Rodriguez-Ramirez C.O. Pub conference paper
49 Integrating Renewable Energy to Power, Heat and Water Systems. Martinez-Patino J.,   Picon-Nunez M., Hernandez-Figueroa M.A., Estrada-Garcia H.J. Pub conference paper
50 Intelligent algorithm for parallel self-parking assist of a mobile robot. Ibarra-Manzano M.-A.,   De-Anda-cuellar J.-H., Perez-Ramirez C.-A., Vera-Almanza O.-I.,   Mendoza-Galindo F.-J., Carbajal-Guillen M.-A., Almanza-Ojeda D.-L. Pub conference paper
51 Irreversibilities reduction of a flow distribution system by means of the EGM methodology. Ramos-Alvarado B.,   Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rangel-Hernandez V.H. Pub article
52 Key concepts for extending the depth of field with high resolution. Ojeda-Castaneda J.,   Gomez-Sarabia C.M. Pub article
53 Measuring empirical discrepancy in image segmentation results. Correa-Tome F.E.,   Sanchez-Yanez R.E., Ayala-Ramirez V. Pub article
54 Multimode interference fiber optic vibration sensor. Guzman-Sepulveda   J.R., Sanchez-Mondragon J.J., Torres-Cisneros M., Arredondo-Lucio J.A.,   May-Arrioja D.A. Pub conference paper
55 MUSIC-ANN Analysis for Locating Structural Damages in a Truss-Type Structure by Means of Vibrations. Osornio-Rios R.A.,   Amezquita-Sanchez J.P., Romero-Troncoso R.J., Garcia-Perez A. Pub article
56 Nano-droplet formation in polymer dispersed liquid crystals. Torres-Cisneros M.,   Likamwa P., May-Arrioja D., Ibarra-Manzano O.G., Plascencia-Mora H.,   Aguilera-Gomez E., Avina-Cervantes J.G., Sanchez-Mondragon J.J., Song Q.,   Andrade-Lucio J.A., Guzman-Cabrera R. Pub article
57 New prioritized value iteration for Markov decision processes. De A Guadalupe   Gareia-Hernandez M., Ruiz-Pinales J., Onaindia E., Gabriel Avina-Cervantes   J., Ledesma-Orozco S., Alvarado-Mendez E., Reyes-Ballesteros A. Pub review
58 NLP model of a LiBr-H 2O absorption refrigeration system for the minimization of the annual operating cost. Rubio-Maya C.,   Pacheco-Ibarra J.J., Belman-Flores J.M., Galvan-Gonzalez S.R.,   Mendoza-Covarrubias C. Pub article
59 Nonlinear optical characterization of ionics liquids of 1-methylpyrrolidine family. Trejo-Duran M.,   Alvarado-Mendez E., Vargas-Rodriguez E., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Mata-Chavez   R.I. Pub conference paper
60 Nonlinear pulse reshaping in passive optical fibers towards quasi-parabolic waveforms. Iakushev S.O.,   Sukhoivanov I.A., Shulika O.V., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Guryev I.V., Perez A.G. Pub conference paper
61 Novel methodology for broken-rotor-bar and bearing faults detection through SVD and information entropy. Hernandez-Vargas M.,   Cabal-Yepez E., Garcia-Perez A., Romero-Troncoso R.J. Pub article
62 Novel methodology for improving performance of sensorless speed observers in induction motors at variable load conditions. Carino-Corrales J.A.,   Osuna-Paez O.J., Villalpando-Osuna J., Romero-Troncoso R.J., Cabal-Yepez E.,   Garcia-Perez A., Osornio-Rios R.A. Pub conference paper
63 Numerical analysis of a broadband spectrum generated in a standard fiber by noise-like pulses from a passively mode-locked fiber laser. Hernandez-Garcia   J.C., Pottiez O., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Rojas-Laguna R. Pub article
64 Numerical analysis of a gas turbine using bio-ethanol. Arturo A.-A.J.,   Armando G.-M., Alejandro Z.-A., Hernandez V.H.R., Alfonso C.-A. Pub conference paper
65 Numerical analysis of novel micro pin fin heat sink with variable fin density. Rubio-Jimenez C.A.,   Kandlikar S.G., Hernandez-Guerrero A. Pub article
66 Numerical investigation of the performance of symmetric flow distributors as flow channels for PEM fuel cells. Ramos-Alvarado B.,   Hernandez-Guerrero A., Juarez-Robles D., Li P. Pub article
67 Object identification by using orthonormal circus functions from the trace transform. Frias-Velazquez A.,   Ortiz C., Pizurica A., Philips W., Cerda G. Pub conference paper
68 Online PD detection on high voltage underground power cables by acoustic emission. Casals-Torrens P.,   Gonzalez-Parada A., Bosch-Tous R. Pub conference paper
69 Optimal and unbiased FIR filtering in discrete time state space with smoothing and predictive properties. Shmaliy Y.S.,   Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub article
70 Optimal estimation of hybrid models in state-space with FIR structures. Shmaliy Y.S.,   Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub conference paper
71 Optimal finite impulse response estimation of linear models in receiver channels with imbedded digital signal processing units. Shmaliy Y.S.,   Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub article
72 Optimization and design of pin-fin heat sinks using minimum entropy generation. Zuniga-Cerroblancoa   J.L., Hernandez-Guerreroa A., Rubio-Jimeneza C.A., Rubio-Aranaa J.C.,   Diaz-Mendezb S. Pub conference paper
73 Optimization of energy efficiency and thermal comfort measures for residential buildings in Salamanca, Mexico. Griego D., Krarti M.,   Hernandez-Guerrero A. Pub article
74 Optimized color LUT transformations by means of analysis of image memorable and subject important colors. Gurieva N., Guryev   I., Puente F.J.M., Lopez R.T. Pub conference paper
75 Optrodes of photonic fiber to pH sensor. Rendon-Romero A.,   Pena-Gomar M., Alvarado-Mendez E. Pub conference paper
76 Parameter estimation in spiking neural networks: A reverse-engineering approach. Rostro-Gonzalez H.,   Cessac B., Vieville T. Pub article
77 Peak-pulse detection error probability for RFID saw-tags with pulse position coding. Cerda-Villafana G.,   Ibarra-Manzano O., Shmaliy Y.S., Plessky V. Pub conference paper
78 Photonic quasi-periodic multilayered structure for the near-infrared region. Fesenko V.I.,   Sukhoivanov I.A. Pub conference paper
79 Polarization conversion in inhomogeneous anisotropic multilayer structures. Fesenko V.I.,   Sukhoivanov I.A. Pub conference paper
80 Pollutant concentrations and Meteorological data classification by Neural Networks. Vega-Corona A.,   Barron-Adame J.M., Ibarra-Manzano O.G., Cortina-Januchs M.G.,   Quintanilla-Dominguez J., Andina D. Pub conference paper
81 Polygonal approximation of digital curves using genetic algorithms. Alvarado-Velazco   P.B., Ayala-Ramirez V. Pub conference paper
82 Probability: Interpretation, Theory and Applications. Shmaliy Y.S. Pub book
83 Procedure to estimate thermophysical and geometrical parameters of embedded cancerous lesions using thermography. Manuel Luna J.,   Romero-Mendez R., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Elizalde-Blancas F. Pub article
84 Protocol for determining Apparent Young's Modulus of human teeth using laser speckle interferometry. Salvador-Palmer R.,   Gonzalez-Pena R.J., Martinez-Celorio R.A., Lopez F.J., Paredes V., Cibrian R. Pub conference paper
85 Real-time emulator of an induction motor: FPGA-based implementation. Esparza M.A.,   Alvarez-Salas R., Miranda H., Cabal-Yepez E., Garcia-Perez A.,   Romero-Troncoso R.J., Osornio-Rios R.A. Pub conference paper
86 Reconfigurable SoC-based smart sensor for wavelet and wavelet packet analysis. Romero-Troncoso R.J.,   Pena-Anaya M., Cabal-Yepez E., Garcia-Perez A., Osornio-Rios R.A. Pub article
87 Reduction of temporal complexity in Markov decision processes. Garcia-Hernandez   M.G., Ruiz-Pinales J., Ledesma-Orozco S., Avina-Cervantes G. Pub conference paper
88 Review. Advantages and disadvantages of control theories applied in greenhouse climate control systems. Duarte-Galvan C.,   Torres-Pacheco I., Guevara-Gonzalez R.G., Romero-Troncoso R.J.,   Contreras-Medina L.M., Rios-Alcaraz M.A., Millan-Almaraz J.R. Pub article
89 Rough set theory-based image segmentation: A comparison of approaches in two color spaces. Patlan-Rosales A.J.,   Sanchez-Yanez R.E. Pub conference paper
90 Simulation and analysis of underground power cables faults. Fonseca-Badillo M.,   Negrete-Navarrete L., Gonzalez-Parada A., Castaneda-Miranda A. Pub conference paper
91 Simulation of emerging faults in electric machines. Negrete-Navarrete   L.E., Fonseca-Badillo M.A., Gonzalez-Parada A., Castaneda-Miranda A. Pub conference paper
92 Single-parameter fault identification through information entropy analysis at the startup-transient current in induction motors. Cabal-Yepez E.,   Romero-Troncoso R.J., Garcia-Perez A., Osornio-Rios R.A. Pub article
93 Smart sensor for electrical machine monitoring through statistical analysis. Cabal-Yepez E.,   Fernandez-Jaramillo A.A., Romero-Troncoso R.J., Garcia-Perez A., Osornio-Rios   R.A. Pub conference paper
94 Smart sensor for online detection of multiple-combined faults in VSD-fed induction motors. Garcia-Ramirez A.G.,   Osornio-Rios R.A., Granados-Lieberman D., Garcia-Perez A., Romero-Troncoso   R.J. Pub article
95 Solving the sailing problem with a new prioritized value iteration. Garcia-Hernandez   M.G., Ruiz-Pinales J., Onaindia E., Reyes-Ballesteros A. Pub article
96 Speckle noise reduction in ultrasound imaging using the key points in low degree unbiased FIR filters. Morales-Mendoza L.J.,   Vazquez-Bautista R.F., Morales-Mendoza E., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub article
97 Static analysis of spatial parallel manipulators by means of the principle of virtual work. Cervantes-Sanchez   J.J., Rico-Martinez J.M., Pacheco-Gutierrez S., Cerda-Villafana G. Pub review
98 Studies of optimal memory for discrete-time fir filters in state-space. Ramirez-Echeverria   F., Sarr A., Ibarra-Manzano O.G., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub conference paper
99 Study of the biological activity of melanoma-cells on a culture medium by means of the Biospeckle technique. Martinez-Celorio   R.A., Gonzalez-Pena R.J., Cibrian R.M., Salvador R., Gil-Benso R., San Miguel   T., Sanchez-Munoz O.L. Pub article
100 Sub-10-fs pulses produced from compression of supercontinuum generated in all-normal dispersion photonic crystal fiber. Iakushev S.O.,   Shulika O.V., Sukhoivanov I.A. Pub conference paper
101 Suboptimal FIR filtering of nonlinear models in additive white Gaussian noise. Shmaliy Y.S. Pub article
102 Supercontinuum generation in a standard fiber pumped by noise-like pulses from a figure-eight fiber laser. Hernandez-Garcia   J.C., Pottiez O., Estudillo-Ayala J.M. Pub article
103 Supercontinuum generation in standard telecom fiber using picoseconds pulses. Estudillo-Ayala J.M.,   Rojas-Laguna R., Hernandez-Garcia J.C., Pottiez O., Mata-Chavez R.I.,   Trejo-Duran M., Jauregui-Vazquez D., Sierra-Hernandez J.M., Andrade-Lucio   J.A. Pub conference paper
104 Systematic approach for the synthesis of water and energy networks. Martinez-Patino J.,   Picon-Nunez M., Serra L.M., Verda V. Pub article
105 Temperature dependence of electron transport in GaN/AlGaN quantum cascade detectors. Gryshchenko S.V.,   Klymenko M.V., Shulika O.V., Sukhoivanov I.A., Lysak V.V. Pub article
106 The effect of gas channels-electrode interface area on sofcs performance. Moreno-Blanco J.C.,   Elizalde-Blancas F., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rubio-Arana C. Pub conference paper
107 Time-variant linear optimal finite impulse response estimator for discrete state-space models. Shmaliy Y.S.,   Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub article
108 Tunable axial bursts using annularly distributed phase masks. Ojeda-Castaneda J.,   Ledesma S., Gomez-Sarabia C.M. Pub article
109 Tunable complex amplitude masks for computer imaging. Ojeda-Castaneda J. Pub conference paper
110 Tunable Gaussian mask for extending the depth of field. Ojeda-Castaneda J.,   Yepez-Vidal E., Garcia-Almanza E., Gomez-Sarabia C.M. Pub article
111 Tunable optical filter based on nanocomposite (liquid crystal)/(porous silicon). Tkachenko G.V.,   Sukhoivanov I.A., Shulika O.V., Tkachenko V. Pub conference paper
112 Unsupervised method to classify PM10 pollutant concentrations. Vega-Corona A.,   Barron-Adame J.M., Herrera-Delgado J.A., Quintanilla-Dominguez J.,   Cortina-Januchs M.G., Andina D. Pub conference paper
113 Unsupervised system to classify SO 2 pollutant concentrations in Salamanca, Mexico. Barron-Adame J.M.,   Cortina-Januchs M.G., Vega-Corona A., Andina D. Pub article
114 Versatile FPGA-based locomotion platform for legged robots. Barron-Zambrano J.H.,   Torres-Huitzil C., Rostro-Gonzalez H. Pub conference paper
115 Vibrometer based on a self-mixing effect interferometer. Marti-Lopez L.,   Gonzalez-Pena R., Martinez-Celorio R.A., Ramirez-Miquet E.E. Pub article
116 Voltage source converter based high-voltage DC system modeling for optimal power flow studies. Pizano-Martinez A.,   Fuerte-Esquivel C.R., Angeles-Camacho C. Pub article
117 ζ-potential determination using a ZetaMeter-dynamic speckle assembly. Gonzalez-Pena R.J.,   Sanchez-Munoz O.L., Martinez-Celorio R.A., Cibrian R.M., Salvador-Palmer R.,   Salgado J. Pub conference paper
118 A classification model with corpus enrichment for toponym disambiguation Sanchez B.P., Somodevilla M.J., Cabrera R.G., Pineda I.H., Carrillo M. Pub conference paper
119 Evaluation of hybrid distributed generation systems for four locations in Mexico Huerta L.A., Krarti M., Guerrero A.H. Pub conference paper
120 Flow distribution in flat solar collectors systems interconnected Rios Orozco C.O., Uzarraga-Rodriguez N.C., Gallegos-Munoz A., Riesco Avila J.M. Pub conference paper
121 Numerical analysis of airfoils used for vertical axis wind turbine Uzarraga-Rodriguez N.C., Gallegos-Munoz A., Parra-Santos M.T., Belman-Flores J.M. Pub conference paper
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123 Preface Shmaliy Y.S. Pub editorial
124 Polarization conversion in inhomogeneous anisotropic multilayer structures Fesenko V.I., Sukhoivanov I.A. Pub conference paper


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