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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas  
1 Characterization of the Value Process in Robust Efficient Hedging.   Hernandez-Hernandez D., Trevino-Aguilar E. Pub article


Has the national agreement for the modernization of basic education contributed to improving levels of basic education and reducing disparities between the states?

  Gómez-Zaldívar, M.  Pub article
 3 Is the real effective exchange rate biased against the PPP hypothesis?
  Wallace, F.H.Ventosa-santaularia, D.Gomez-zaldivar, M.  Pub article



  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas  
1 Platinum complexes containing pyramidalized germanium and tin Dihalide Ligands bound through δ, δ M=E Multiple Bonds   Hupp F., Ma M., Kroll F., Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Dewhurst R.D., Radacki K., Stasch A., Jones C., Braunschweig H. Pub article
2 Changes in the thermal behavior and surface area of transitional alumina induced by the inclusion of metallic ions   Rangel-Porras G., Rangel-Rivera P., Ramos-Ramirez E. Pub article
3 Computational study on the kinetics and mechanism of the carbaryl + OH reaction   Zavala-Oseguera C., Galano A., Merino G. Pub article
4 Effect of different glycation agents on Cu(II) binding to human serum albumin, studied by liquid chromatography, nitrogen microwave-plasma atomic-emission spectrometry, inductively-coupled-plasma mass spectrometry, and high-resolution molecular-mass spectrometry   Corrales Escobosa A.R., Wrobel K., Yanez Barrientos E., Jaramillo Ortiz S., Ramirez Segovia A.S., Wrobel K. Pub article in press
5 Regiospecific synthesis of 1-acetamide-5-methoxy-2-oxindoles in two steps: (Ugi-SN2)/xanthate mediated free radical cyclization   Renteria-Gomez A., Islas-Jacome A., Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
6 Differential Response of Candidaalbicans and Candida glabrata to Oxidative and Nitrosative Stresses   Cuellar-Cruz M., Lopez-Romero E., Ruiz-Baca E., Zazueta-Sandoval R. Pub article in press
7 Stratification of the space of foliations on CP2   Alcantara C.R. Pub article in press
8 Preparation and Characterization of Electrodes Modified with Pyrrole Surfactant, Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and Metallophthalocyanines for the Electrochemical Detection of Thiols   Rangel Argote M., Sanchez Guillen E., Gutierrez Porras A.G., Serrano Torres O., Richard C., Zagal J.H., Bedioui F., Gutierrez Granados S., Griveau S. Pub article
9 Optimization-based computation of locomotion trajectories for crowd patches   Ramirez J.G.R., Lange D., Charalambous P., Esteves C., Pettre J. Pub conference paper
10 Human lung cancer cell line A-549 ATCC is differentially affected by supranutritional organic and inorganic selenium   Flores Villavicencio L.L., Cruz-Jimenez G., Barbosa-Sabanero G., Kornhauser-Araujo C., Mendoza-Garrido M.E., De La Rosa G., Sabanero-Lopez M. Pub article
11 Multiple steady states in thermally coupled distillation sequences: Revisiting the design, energy optimization, and control   Delgado-Delgado R., Barroso-Munoz F.O., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez-Escoto H., Castro-Montoya A.J., Rico-Ramirez V., Hernandez S. Pub article
12 A mid infrared study of low-luminosity AGNs with wise   Coziol R., Torres-Papaqui J.P., Plauchu-Frayn I., Andernach H., Neri-Larios D.M., Ortega-Minakata R.A., Islas-Islas J.M. Pub article
13 Optimization of enzymatic saccharification of wheat straw in a micro-scale system by response surface methodology [Optimización de la sacarificación enzimática de paja de trigo en microescala a través de la metodologiá de superficie de respuesta]   Molina C., Sanchez A., Serafin-Munoz A., Folch-Mallol J. Pub article
14 Sexual size dimorphism, diet, and reproduction in the mexican garter snake, Thamnophis eques   Manjarrez J., Contreras-Garduno J., Janczur M.K. Pub article
15 Immune response of phyllophaga polyphylla larvae is not an effective barrier against metarhizium pingshaense   Enriquez-Vara J.N., Guzman-Franco A.W., Alatorre-Rosas R., Gonzalez-Hernandez H., Cordoba-Aguilar A., Contreras-Garduno J. Pub article
16 The non-active stellar chromosphere: Ca II basal flux   Perez Martinez M.I., Schroder K.-P., Hauschildt P. Pub article
17 Effect of recycle streams on the closed loop dynamics of thermally coupled distillation sequences   Santos-Mendez J., Hernandez S. Pub conference paper
18 A combined method for the design and optimization of intensified distillation systems   Errico M., Pirellas P., Torres-Ortega C.E., Rong B.-G., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
19 A flocking based method for brain tractography.   Aranda R., Rivera M.,   Ramirez-Manzanares A. Pub article
20 A fractional calculus approach to the dynamic optimization of biological reactive systems. Part II: Numerical solution of fractional optimal control problems   Toledo-Hernandez, R., Rico-Ramirez, V., Rico-Martinez, R., Hernandez-Castro, S., Diwekar, U.M. Pub article
21 A green approach to the production of 2-pyridone derivatives promoted by infrared irradiation   Hernández, F., De la Cruz, F., López, J., Peña, E., Delgado, F., Alcaraz, Y., Robles, J., Martínez-Alfaro, M., Vázquez, M.A. Pub article
22 A note on an extended short-cut method for the design of multicomponent reactive distillation columns   Carrera-Rodriguez M., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez-Escoto H., Hernandez S., Bonilla-Petriciolet A. Pub article
23 A very young, compact bipolar H2O maser outflow in the intermediate-mass star-forming LkHα 234 region   Torrelles, J.M. , Curiel, S., Estalella, R., Anglada, G., Gómez, J.F., Cantó, J., Patel, N.A., Trinidad, M.A., Girart, J.M., Carrasco-González, C., Rodríguez, L.F.  Pub article
24 Accretion disks in the IRAS 23151+5912 region   Rodríguez-Esnard, T. , Migenes, V.b, Trinidad, M.A.  Pub article
25 Adsorption and self-assembly of a ferrocene d- and l-nonapeptide disulfide onto gold and mica substrates   Hernandez Ramirez, V.A., Pailleret, A., Joiret, S., D'Orlyé, F., Lazerges, M., Perrot, H., Gutierrez Granados, S., Bedioui, F., De León-Rodríguez, L.M. Pub article
26 Adsorption of boron on calcined AlMg layered double hydroxide from aqueous solutions. Mechanism and effect of operating conditions.   Isaacs-Paez E.D.,   Leyva-Ramos R., Jacobo-Azuara A., Martinez-Rosales J.M., Flores-Cano J.V. Pub article
27 Analysis of a polygalacturonase gene of Ustilago maydis and characterization of the encoded enzyme   Castruita-Domínguez, J.P. González-Hernández, S.E., Polaina, J., Flores-Villavicencio, L.L., Alvarez-Vargas, A., Flores-Martínez, A., Ponce-Noyola, P., Leal-Morales, C.A.   Pub article
28 Analysis of the aromaticity of five-membered heterometallacycles containing Os, Ru, Rh, and Ir.   Islas R., Poater J.,   Sola M. Pub article
29 Analysis of the influence of operating conditions on fouling rates in fired heaters.   Morales-Fuentes A.,   Picon-Nunez M., Polley G.T., Mendez-Diaz S. Pub article
30 Arsenic extraction from mining tailings: A study case   Cano-Rodriguez I., Aguilera-Alvarado A.F., Gamino-Arroyo Z., Rubio-Campos B.E., De La Pena-Torres A., Huerta-Rosas B., Gutierrez-Valtierra M.P., Soriano-Perez S.H. Pub conference paper
31 Asymptotic normality of the optimal solution in response surface methodology.   Diaz-Garcia J.A.,   Rodriguez J.E., Ramos-Quiroga R. Pub article
32 Bismuth(III) recovery from hydrochloric acid solutions using Amberlite XAD-7 impregnated with a tetraalkylphosphonium ionic liquid   Navarro, R., Ruiz, P., Saucedo, I., Guibal, E.  Pub article in press
33 Boryl-functionalized s-alkynyl and vinylidene rhodium complexes: Synthesis and electronic properties   Braunschweig, H. , Brown, C.K.L., Dewhurst, R.D., Jimenez-Halla, J.O.C., Kramer, T., Krummenacher, I., Pfaffinger, B.  Pub article
34 Catalytic properties of nickel ferrites for oxidation of glucose, β-nicotiamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) and methanol.   Galindo R., Gutierrez   S., Menendez N., Herrasti P. Pub article
35 Cell wall proteins of Sporothrix schenckii as immunoprotective agents.   Alba-Fierro C.A.,   Perez-Torres A., Lopez-Romero E., Cuellar-Cruz M., Ruiz-Baca E. Pub short survey
36 Cesium-adsorbent geopolymer foams based on silica from rice husk and metakaolin.   Lopez F.J., Sugita   S., Kobayashi T. Pub article
37 Comparative analysis of protein glycosylation pathways in humans and the fungal pathogen candida albicans   Martinez-Duncker I., Diaz-Jimenez D.F., Mora-Montes H.M. Pub review
38 Comparative study of carbon-supported Pd and PdAg catalysts synthesised by the polyol process and reverse micelles methods   Armenta-Gonzalez A.J., Carrera-Cerritos R., Guerra-Balcazar M., Arriaga L.G., Ledesma-Garcia J.  Pub article in press
39 Concentration depending fluorescence of   8-(di-(2-picolyl))aminoBODIPY in solution.   de Lourdes   Betancourt-Mendiola M., Pena-Cabrera E., Gil S., Chulvi K., Ochando L.E.,   Costero A.M.  Pub article in press
40 Conservation of building materials of historic monuments using a hybrid formulation   Salazar-Hernández, C., Cervantes, J., Puy-Alquiza, M.J., Miranda, R.  Pub article in press
41 Convenient access to carbohydrate--BODIPY hybrids by two complementary methods involving one-pot assembly of "clickable" BODIPY dyes   Martinez-Gonzalez, M.R., Urías-Benavides, A., Alvarado-Martínez, E., Lopez, J.C., Gómez, A.M., del Rio, M., Garcia, I., Costela, A., Bañuelos, J., Arbeloa, T., Lopez Arbeloa, I., Peña-Cabrera, E.  Pub article in press
42 Cost of immune priming within generations: Trade-off between infection and reproduction.   Contreras-Garduno J.,   Rodriguez M.C., Rodriguez M.H., Alvarado-Delgado A., Lanz-Mendoza H. Pub article
43 Cross-cultural variation in men's preference for sexual dimorphism in women's faces    Marcinkowska, U.M., Kozlov, M.V., Cai, H., Contreras-Garduño, J., Dixson, B.J., Oana, G.A., Kaminski, G., Li, N.P., Lyons, M.T., Onyishi, I.E., Prasai, K., Pazhoohi, F., Prokop, P., Rosales Cardozo, S.L., Sydney, N., Yong, J.C., Rantala, M.J.  Pub article
44 Design and optimization of heat-integrated distillation column schemes through a new robust methodology coupled with a Boltzmann-based estimation of distribution algorithm   Gutiérrez-Guerra, R., Cortez-González, J., Murrieta-Dueñas, R., Segovia-Hernández, J.G., Hernández, S., Hernández-Aguirre, A. Pub article
45 Design of heat exchangers in complex arrangements for use in preheat trains   Picon-Nunez M., Rodriguez-Ibarra J.E., Alvarado-Briones B. Pub conference paper
46 Detection of 2 immunoreactive antigens in the cell wall of Sporothrix brasiliensis and Sporothrix globosa   Ruiz Baca E., Hernández Mendoza G., Cuéllar Cruz M., Toriello C., López Romero E., Gutiérrez Sánchez  G.  Pub article in press
47 Determination of Small Phenolic Compounds in Tequila by Liquid Chromatography with Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry Detection   Magana, A.A., Wrobel, K., Elguera, J.C.T., Escobosa, A.R.C., Wrobel, K.  Pub article in press
48 Differential Response of Candidaalbicans and Candida glabrata to Oxidative and Nitrosative Stresses   Cuéllar-Cruz, M., López-Romero, E., Ruiz-Baca, E., Zazueta-Sandoval, R.  Pub article in press
49 Directionally bounded sets in c0 with equivalent norms   Castillo Santos F.E., Fetter H., Gamboa de Buen B., Núñez Medina F.  Pub article in press
50 Dynamical correlation within the Interacting Quantum Atoms method through coupled cluster theory   Chavez-Calvillo R., Garcia-Revilla M., Francisco E., Martin Pendas T., Rocha-Rinza T.  Pub article in press
51 Effect of a stellar companion on the modeling of HD 142527 infrared sed.   Nagel E. Pub article
52 Effect of leachates from municipal solid wastes in the surface characteristics of calcareous soils located in Central Mexico.   Rangel-Porras G.,   Garcia-Magno J.B., Gonzalez-Munoz M.P., Reyes-Aguilera J.A. Pub article
53 Effect of using adjusted parameters, local and global optimums, for phase equilibrium prediction on the synthesis of azeotropic distillation Columns.   Gutierrez-Antonio C.,   Ojeda-Gasca A., Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G.,   Briones-Ramirez A. Pub article
54 Effects of sodium hypochlorite on Agave tequilana Weber bagasse fibers used to elaborate cyto and biocompatible hydrogel films   Tovar-Carrillo, K.L., Nakasone, K., Sugita, S., Tagaya, M., Kobayashi, T. Pub article
55 Emulsion liquid membranes for recovery of ibuprofen from aqueous solutions   Razo-Lazcano, T.A., Stambouli, M., González-Muñoz, M.del.P., Pareau, D., Ávila-Rodríguez, M.  Pub article
56 Energy Minimization in Cryogenic Distillation Columns Through Intermediate Side Heat Exchangers   Alcántara-Avila, J.R. , Gómez-Castro, F.I., Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, J., Sotowa, K.-I., Horikawa, T.  Pub article
57 Enhanced antibacterial activity of melt processed poly(propylene) Ag and Cu nanocomposites by argon plasma treatment.   Espana-Sanchez B.L.,   Avila-Orta C.A., Padilla-Vaca F., Neira-Velazquez M.G., Gonzalez-Morones P.,   Rodriguez-Gonzalez J.A., Hernandez-Hernandez E., Rangel-Serrano A.,   Barriga-C. E.D., Yate L., Ziolo R.F. Pub article
58 Epoch-dependent absorption line profile variability in λCEP.   Uuh-Sonda J.M., Rauw   G., Eenens P., Mahy L., Palate M., Gosset E., Flores C.A. Pub article
59 Error-prone processing of apurinic/apyrimidinic (AP) sites by polX underlies a novel mechanism that promotes adaptive mutagenesis in Bacillus subtilis   del Carmen Barajas-Ornelas, R., Ramírez-Guadiana, F.H., Juárez-Godínez, R., Ayala-García, V.M., Robleto, E.A., Yasbin, R.E., Pedraza-Reyes, M. Pub article
60 Fluoride removal from drinking water by electrocoagulation in a continuous filter press reactor coupled to a flocculator and clarifier   Sandoval, M.A., Fuentes, R., Nava, J.L., Rodríguez, I. Pub article
61 Full factorial design applied to the synthesis of Pd-Ag nanobars by the polyol method and the perspective for ethanol oxidation.   Carrera-Cerritos R.,   Ponce De Leon C., Ledesma-Garcia J., Fuentes-Ramirez R., Arriaga L.G. Pub article
62 GH3 tumor pituitary cell cytoskeleton and plasma membrane arrangement are determined by extracellular matrix proteins: Implications on motility, proliferation and hormone secretion   Azorín, E., Romero-Pérez, B., Solano-Agama, C., de la Vega, M.T., Toriz, C.G., Reyes-Márquez, B., González-Pozos, S., Rosales-García, V.H., del Pliego, M.G., Sabanero, M., Mendoza-Garrido, M.E. Pub article
63 Glassy carbon electrodes sequentially modified by cysteamine-capped gold nanoparticles and poly(amidoamine) dendrimers generation 4.5 for detecting uric acid in human serum without ascorbic acid interference.   Ramirez-Segovia A.S.,   Banda-Aleman J.A., Gutierrez-Granados S., Rodriguez A., Rodriguez F.J.,   Godinez L.A., Bustos E., Manriquez J. Pub article
64 Habitability around F-type stars.   Sato S., Cuntz M.,   Guerra Olvera C.M., Jack D., Schroder K.-P.  Pub article in press
65 Heterogeneous catalytic reaction of microcrystalline cellulose in hydrothermal microwave-assisted decomposition: Effect of modified zeolite   Beta.   Gonzalez-Rivera J.,   Galindo-Esquivel I.R., Onor M., Bramanti E., Longo I., Ferrari C. Pub article
66 High-performance liquid chromatography determination of glyoxal, methylglyoxal, and diacetyl in urine using 4-methoxy-o-phenylenediamine as derivatizing reagent.   Ojeda A.G., Wrobel   K., Escobosa A.R.C., Garay-Sevilla M.E., Wrobel K. Pub article
67 Imaging the inner and outer gaps of the pre-transitional disk of HD 169142 at 7 mm   Osorio, M., Anglada, G., Carrasco-González, C., Torrelles, J.M., Macías, E., Rodríguez, L.F., Gómez, J.F., D'Alessio, P., Calvet, N., Nagel, E., Dent, W.R.F., Quanz, S.P., Reggiani, M., Mayen- Pub article
68 Improved Pd electro-catalysis for oxygen reduction reaction in direct methanol fuel cell by reduced graphene oxide   Carrera-Cerritos R., Baglio V., Arico A.S., Ledesma-Garcia J., Sgroi M.F., Pullini D., Pruna A.J., Mataix D.B., Fuentes-Ramirez R., Arriaga L.G. Pub article
69 Interaction of apurinic/apyrimidinic endonucleases Nfo and ExoA with the DNA integrity scanning protein DisA in the processing of oxidative DNA damage during Bacillus subtilis spore outgrowth.   Campos S.S.,   Ibarra-Rodriguez J.R., Barajas-Ornelas R.C., Ramirez-Guadiana F.H.,   Obregon-Herrera A., Setlow P., Pedraza-Reyes M. Pub article
70 Investigation of Three Diasteromeric Chalcone Epoxides Derivatives by NMR Spectroscopy and X-ray Crystallography   Obregon-Mendoza M.A., Escobedo-Martinez C., Lozada M.C., Gnecco D., Soriano-Garcia M., Enriquez R.G.  Pub article in press
71 Magnetic fields in single late-type giants in the Solar vicinity: How common is magnetic activity on the giant branches?   Konstantinova-Antova, R., Aurière, M., Charbonnel, C., Drake, N., Wade, G., Tsvetkova, S., Petit, P., Schröder, K.-P., Lèbre, A. Pub article
72 Mechanical design and hydraulic analysis of sieve trays in dividing wall columns   Rodríguez-Ángeles, M.A., Gómez-Castro, F.I., Segovia-Hernández, J.G., Gutiérrez-Antonio, C., Briones-Ramírez, A.  Pub article
73 Mechanisms of interaction of chromium with aspergillus niger var tubingensis strain Ed8.   Tomasini A.,   Coreno-Alonso A., Sole A., Diestra E., Esteve I., Gutierrez-Corona J.F.,   Reyna Lopez G.E. Pub article
74 Metal ion biosorption on chitosan for the synthesis of advanced materials   Guibal, E., Vincent, T. , Navarro, R.  Pub article in press
75 Methylglyoxal is associated with bacteriostatic activity of high fructose agave syrups   Wrobel K., Corrales Escobosa A.R., Gomez Ojeda A., Wrobel K., Magana A.A. Pub article
76 Molecular Mechanisms of Biocontrol in Trichoderma spp. and Their Applications in Agriculture   Monfil, V.O., Casas-Flores, S.  Pub book chapter
77 Motion planning for maintaining landmarks visibility with a differential drive robot.   Hayet J.-B., Carlos   H., Esteves C., Murrieta-Cid R. Pub article
78 Multi-epoch VLBA H2O maser observations towards the massive YSOs AFGL 2591 VLA 2 and VLA 3.   Torrelles J.M.,   Trinidad M.A., Curiel S., Estalella R., Patel N.A., Gomez J.F., Anglada G.,   Carrasco-Gonzlez C., Canto J., Raga A., Rodriguez L.F. Pub article
79 Multiobjective optimization of a hydrodesulfurization process of diesel using distillation with side reactor   Miranda-Galindo E.Y., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Bonilla-Petriciolet A. Pub article
80 Nano-Mg/Al hydrotalcite: Physicochemical characterization and removal of As(III) from aqueous solutions.   Ramos-Ramirez E.,   Gutierrez-Ortega N.L., Rangel-Porras G., Herrera-Perez G. Pub conference paper
81 New intensified distillation systems for quaternary petlyuk configuration   Rong, B.-G., Errico, M., Segovia-Hernandez, J.G.  Pub article
82 ON silicon group elements ejected by supernovae type ia   De, S., Timmes, F.X., Brown, E.F., Calder, A.C., Townsley, D.M. ,Athanassiadou, T., Chamulak, D.A., Hawley, W., Jack, D.  Pub article
83 Optimal design of cryogenic distillation columns with side heat pumps for the propylene/propane separation   Alcántara-Avila, J.R., Gómez-Castro, F.I., Segovia-Hernández, J.G., Sotowa, K.-I., Horikawa, T. Pub article
84 Optimization of alternative distillation sequences for natural gas sweetening   Torres-Ortega, C.E., Segovia-Hernández, J.G. , Gómez-Castro, F.I., Hernández, S., Bonilla-Petriciolet, A., Rong, B.G.c, Errico, M.  Pub article
85 Pentachlorophenol sorption by Rhizopus oryzae ENHE: pH and temperature effects   León-Santiesteban, H.H.,Wrobel, K.,García, L.A.,Revah, S.,Tomasini, A. Pub article
86 Performance and stability of Pd nanostructures in an alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell   Carrera-Cerritos, R., Fuentes-Ramírez, R., Cuevas-Muñiz, F.M., Ledesma-García, J., Arriaga, L.G. Pub article
87 Phase resolved X-ray spectroscopy of HDE 288766: Probing the wind of an extreme of + /WNLha star   Rauw G., Mahy L., Naze Y., Eenens P., Manfroid J., Flores C.A. Pub article
88 Phase resolved X-ray spectroscopy of HDE 288766: Probing the wind of an extreme of + /WNLha star   Rauw, G. , Mahy, L., Nazé, Y., Eenens, P., Manfroid, J., Flores, C.A.  Pub article
89 Process control analysis for intensified bioethanol separation systems.   Segovia-Hernandez   J.G., Vazquez-Ojeda M., Gomez-Castro F.I., Ramirez-Marquez C., Errico M.,   Tronci S., Rong B.-G. Pub article
90 Process design and control of a xylitol production reactor   Hernandez-Escoto, H., Rodriguez-Gomez, D., Morales-Rodriguez, R.  Pub article
91 Purification and characteristics of an inducible by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons NADP+-dependent naphthalenediol dehydrogenase (NDD) in Mucor circinelloides YR-1.   Camacho-Morales R.L.,   Zazueta-Novoa V., Casillas J.L.G., Ballesteros E.A., Bote J.A.O.,   Zazueta-Sandoval R. Pub article
92 QSAR study of the DPPH• radical scavenging activity of coumarin derivatives and xanthine oxidase inhibition by molecular docking   Razo-Hernández, R.S., Pineda-Urbina, K., Velazco-Medel, M.A., Villanueva-García, M., Sumaya-Martínez, M.T., Martínez-Martínez, F.J., Gómez-Sandoval, Z.  Pub article
93 Quantitative comparison of reconstruction methods for intra-voxel fiber recovery from diffusion MRI.   Daducci A.,   Canales-Rodriguez E.J., Descoteaux M., Garyfallidis E., Gur Y., Lin Y.-C.,   Mani M., Merlet S., Paquette M., Ramirez-Manzanares A., Reisert M., Rodrigues   P.R., Sepehrband F., Caruyer E., Choupan J., Deriche R., Jacob M., Menegaz   G., Prckovska V., Rivera M., Wiaux Y., Thiran J.-P. Pub article
94 Red sequence of abell x-ray underluminous clusters    Trejo-Alonso, J.J., Caretta, C.A., Laganá, T.F., Sodré Jr, L., Cypriano, E.S., Lima Neto, G.B., Mendes de Oliveira, C.  Pub article
95 Role of Bacillus subtilis error prevention oxidized guanine system in counteracting hexavalent chromium-promoted oxidative DNA damage   Santos-Escobar, F., Gutiérrez-Corona, J.F., Pedraza-Reyes, M. Pub article
96 Selective recovery of Zn(II) and fe(III) by liquid - Liquid extraction using cyphos IL 109 as extractant   Perales, L.H., Hernández Cruz, L.E., García, F.L., García, B.M., Rodríguez, M.Á. Pub conference paper
97 SerpinA3g participates in the antiadipogenesis and insulin-resistance induced by tumor necrosis factor-α in 3T3-F442A cells   Salazar-Olivo L.A., Mejia-Elizondo R., Alonso-Castro A.J., Ponce-Noyola P., Maldonado-Lagunas V., Melendez-Zajgla J., Saavedra-Alanis V.M. Pub article
98 Some operational aspects and applications of dividing wall columns: energy requirements and carbon dioxide emissions   Delgado-Delgado R., Hernandez S., Barroso-Munoz F.O., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Rico-Ramirez V.  Pub article in press
99 Synthesis and characterization of [Ir(AcacBiMs)(COD)] and [ cis -Ir(AcacBiMs)2(COE-OH)]    Serrano, O.a , Nicasio-Collazo, J.a, Morales, G.a, Alvarado-Monzón, J.C.a, Torres-Huerta, A.b, Höpfl, H.b, López, J.A.a, Esqueda, A.C.  Pub article
100 Synthesis of   2-tetrazolylmethyl-2,3,4,9-tetrahydro-1H-β-carbolines by a one-pot Ugi-azide/Pictet-spengler process.   Cardenas-Galindo   L.E., Islas-Jacome A., Alvarez-Rodriguez N.V., El Kaim L., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
101 Synthesis of 3-tetrazolylmethyl-4H-chromen-4-ones via Ugi-azide and biological evaluation against Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia lamblia and Trichomona vaginalis.   Cano P.A.,   Islas-Jacome A., Gonzalez-Marrero J., Yepez-Mulia L., Calzada F.,   Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
102 Synthesis of silver submicroparticles and nanoparticles over microfiltration membranes impregnated with surfactants   González, M.P., Rivera-Rangel, R.D., Herrasti, P., Avila-Rodriguez, M. Pub conference paper
103 Synthesis, characterization and hydrolytic degradation of polyester-urethanes obtained by lipase biocatalysis.   Barrera-Rivera K.A.,   Peponi L., Marcos-Fernandez A., Kenny J.M., Martinez-Richa A.  Pub article in press
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  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades  


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  Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño  


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  Derecho, Política y Gobierno  


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