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publicaciones scopus UG 2014


  León   120
  Ciencias de la Salud 47
  Ciencias e Ingenierías 72
  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades 1



  Ciencias de la Salud  
1 Opinion toward living liver donation of hospital personnel from units related to organ donation and transplantation: A multicenter study from Spain and Latin-America   Rios A., Navas A.L., Garcia M.A.A., Sebastian J., Cuza A.A., Alarcon L.M., Ramirez E.J., Munoz G., Palacios G., Lopez J.S., Castellanos R., Gonzalez B., Martinez M.A., Diaz E., Ramirez P., Parrilla P. Pub article
2 Whole-body and hepatic insulin resistance in obese children   Ibarra-Reynoso L.D.R., Pisarchyk L., Perez-Luque E.L., Garay-Sevilla M.E., Malacara J.M. Pub article
3 Variability of the human heart rate as a diagnostic instrument obtained by mean of a wireless monitor   Mauricio S.B., Alicia H.G.M., Nicte F.V., Manuel M.H.J., Teodoro C.F. Pub conference paper
4 Metabolic, hormonal characteristics and genetic variants of TCF7L2 associated with development of gestational diabetes mellitus in Mexican women   Reyes-Lopez R., Perez-Luque E., Malacara J.M. Pub article
5 Networked learning: Analysis and design criteria [Aprendizaje en red: Criterios de análisis y diseño]   Garcia J.G. Pub article
6 Circulating profiling reveals the effect of a polyunsaturated fatty acid-enriched diet on common microRNAs   Ortega F.J., Cardona-Alvarado M.I., Mercader J.M., Moreno-Navarrete J.M., Moreno M., Sabater M., Fuentes-Batllevell N., Ramirez-Chavez E., Ricart W., Molina-Torres J., Perez-Luque E.L., Fernandez-Real J.M. Pub article in press
7 Fixed target experiments at the Fermilab Tevatron   Gutierrez G., Reyes M.A. Pub article
8 A multicenter study in Spanish, Mexican, and Cuban hospitals of attitude toward living kidney donation   Ríos, A., López-Navas, A., Ayala-García, M.A., Sebastián, M.J., Abdo-Cuza, A., Martínez-Alarcón, L., Ramírez, E.J., Muñoz, G., González, B., Ramírez, P., Parrilla, P.  Pub article
9 A PPARγ, NF-κB and AMPK-Dependent mechanism may be involved in the beneficial effects of curcumin in the diabetic db/db mice liver   Jimenez-Flores L.M., Lopez-Briones S., Macias-Cervantes M.H., Ramirez-Emiliano J., Perez-Vazquez V. Pub article
10 Adipose Tissue as an Endocrine Organ   Musi, N., Guardado-Mendoza, R.  Pub book chapter
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12 Anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties of Eriobotrya Japonica Lindl: Mini-review   Sofia R.-G.X., Rebeca M.-T., Benigno L.-S. Pub review
13 Atherosclerosis: Cell biology and lipoproteins - Epigenetics and oxidation in atherosclerosis   Zaina, S., Lund, G.  Pub note
14 Design of solar collector networks for industrial applications   Picón-Núñez, M. , Martínez-Rodríguez, G., Fuentes-Silva, A.L.  Pub article in press
15 Differential proteomic analysis of the pancreas of diabetic db/db mice reveals the proteins involved in the development of complications of diabetes mellitus   Pérez-Vázquez, V., Guzmán-Flores, J.M., Mares-Álvarez, D., Hernández-Ortiz, M. Macías-Cervantes, M.H., Ramírez-Emiliano, J., Encarnación-Guevara, S.  Pub article
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17 Knowledge of the brain death concept by personnel in Spanish and Latin-American healthcare centers   Ríos Zambudio, A. , López-Navas, A.I., Ayala-García, M.A., Sebastián, M.J., Abdo-Cuza, A., Alán, J., Martínez-Alarcón,, Ramírez, E.J., Muñoz, G.m, Palacios, G., Suárez-López, J., Castellanos, R., González, B., Martínez, M.A., Díaz, E., Nieto, A., Ramírez, P., Parrilla, P.  Pub article
18 Level of acceptance of solid organ xenotransplantation among personnel in Spanish, Mexican, and Cuban hospitals.   Rios A.,   Martinez-Alarcon L., Lopez-Navas A., Ayala-Garcia M., Sebastian M.J.,   Abdo-Cuza A., Ramirez E.J., Munoz G., Palacios G., Suarez-Lopez J.,   Castellanos R., Gonzalez B., Martinez M.A., Diaz E., Nieto A., Ramis G.,   Ramirez P., Parrilla P. Pub article
19 Metabolic and nutritional profile differences among Mexican, Mexican-American and non-hispanic white children   Díaz-Ríos, L.K.a,Chapman-Novakofski, K.a,Malacara, J.M.c,Bollero, G.b,Aradillas-García, C.d,Garay-Sevilla, E.c Pub article
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22 Pre-anesthetic medication with intranasal dexmedetomidine andoral midazolam as an anxiolytic. A clinical trial.   Linares Segovia B., Garcia Cuevas M.A., Ramirez Casillas I.L., Guerrero Romero J.F., Botello Buenrostro I., Monroy Torres R., Ramirez Gomez X.S.  Pub article in press
23 Psychological restoration and urban nature: Some mental health implications   Martínez-Soto, J., Lena, M.M.-L., Vázquez, A.C. Pub article
24 Relationship of sleep alterations with perimenopausal and postmenopausal symptoms   Moreno-Frias C., Figueroa-Vega N., Malacara J.M. Pub article
25 Star-shaped poly(ε-caprolactone)-co-poly(ethylene glycol) synthesized with oxalyl chloride as linker molecule   Tinajero Díaz E., Guerrero Ramírez L.G., Manríquez González, R., Martínez-Richa A., Nuño Donlucas S.M.  Pub article
26 Stethoscopes as potential intrahospital carriers of pathogenic microorganisms.   Campos Murguia A.,   Leon Lara X., Munoz J.M., Macias A.E., Alvarez J.A. Pub article
27 Subsurface cistern (SSC) proliferation in Purkinje cells of the rat cerebellum in response to acute and chronic exposure to paint thinner: A light and electron microscopy study   Martínez Alfaro M., Cárabez Trejo A., Sandoval Zapata F., Morales Tlalpan V., Palma-Tirado L.  Pub article in press
28 Surfactant recovery from mesoporous metal-modified materials (Sn-, Y-, Ce-, Si-MCM-41), by ultrasound assisted ion-exchange extraction and its re-use for a microwave in situ cheap and eco-friendly MCM-41 synthesis   González Rivera J., Tovar Rodríguez J., Bramanti E., Duce C., Longo I., Fratini E., Galindo Esquivel I.R., Ferrari C.   Pub article
29 Surgical removal of catheter fragment in the epidural space. Case report and literature review   Mireles-Cano, J.N. , Andrade-Aguilar, C.I., García-González, O.G., Orozco-Ramírez, S.M., Arévalo-Rivas, B.I.  Pub article
30 The attitude toward living kidney donation among personnel from units related to donation and transplantation in Spain, Mexico and Cuba.   Rios A., Lopez-Navas   A., Ayala-Garcia M.A., Sebastian M.J., Abdo-Cuza A., Martinez-Alarcon L.,   Ramirez E.J., Munoz G., Palacios G., Suarez-Lopez J., Castellanos R.,   Gonzalez B., Martinez M.A., Diaz E., Ramirez P., Parrilla P. Pub article
31 The effect of socio-cultural factors on the self-care capacity of hospitalized patients with type 2 diabetes  (article)   Galindo-Martínez, M.G. , Rico-Herrera L. , Padilla-Raygoza, N.  Pub article
32 The inflammatory status score including IL-6, TNF-α, osteopontin, fractalkine, MCP-1 and adiponectin underlies whole-body insulin   resistance and hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus.   Daniele G., Guardado   Mendoza R., Winnier D., Fiorentino T.V., Pengou Z., Cornell J., Andreozzi F.,   Jenkinson C., Cersosimo E., Federici M., Tripathy D., Folli F. Pub article
33 The role of NO-cGMP signaling pathway in pancreatic beta-cell function   Lazo-de-la-Vega-Monroy M.-L., Vilches-Flores A. Pub article
34 The role of the healthy dietary intake in women with human papilloma virus   Monroy-Torres R., Naves-Sanchez J., Guerrero A. Pub article
35 Unraveling the DNA methylome of atherosclerosis.   Zaina S. Pub article
36 Zn2+ induces hyperpolarization by activation of a K+ channel and increases intracellular Ca2+ and pH in sea urchin spermatozoa   Beltrán, C., Rodríguez-Miranda, E., Granados-González, G., García de De la Torre, L., Nishigaki, T., Darszon, A. Pub article in press
37 Intake of vitamin C, probiotics, flavonoids and nutritional status in pregnant women with urinary tract infection   Posadas P., Monroy-Torres R., Naves-Sanchez J. Pub article
38 Tissue-specific DNA methylation profiles regulate liver-specific expression of the APOA1/C3/A4/A5 cluster and can be manipulated with demethylating agents on intestinal cells   Guardiola M., Oliva I., Guillaumet A., Martin-Trujillo T., Rosales R., Vallve J.C., Sabench F., Castillo D.D., Zaina S., Monk D., Ribalta J. Pub article
39 Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: Report of 3 familial cases suggestive of X-linked inheritance [Displasia ectodérmica anhidrótica: informe de 3 casos familiares sugestivos de herencia ligada al cromosoma X]   Correa M.C., Salinas P.A., Rico Gonzalez G.A., Arenas R. Pub article
40 Hospital-based multicenter study in Spain, Mexico and Cuba on attitudes to living liver donation   Rios A., Lopez-Navas A.I., Ayala-Garcia M.A., Sebastian M.J., Abdo-Cuza A., Martinez-Alarcon L., Ramirez E.J., Munoz G., Palacios G., Suarez-Lopez J., Castellanos R., Gonzalez B., Martinez M.A., Diaz E., Ramirez P., Parrilla P. Pub article in press
41 Human papillomavirus genotypes among females in Mexico: A study from the Mexican Institute for Social Security   Salcedo M., Pina-Sanchez P., Vallejo-Ruiz V., Monroy-Garcia A., Aguilar-Lemarroy A., Cortes-Gutierrez E.I., Santos-Lopez G., Montoya-Fuentes H., Grijalva R., Madrid-Marina V., Apresa-Garcia T., Hernandez D.M., Jave-Suarez L.F., Romero P., Poot A., Salgado E., Ramos-Gonzalez P., Gonzalez-Hernandez R., Canton J.C., Jimenez-Aranda L., Parra-Melquiadez M., Paniagua L., Mendoza M., Arreola H., Villegas V., Torres-Poveda K., Bahena-Roman M., Gonzalez-Yebra B., Taniguchi K., Rodea C., Mantilla-Morales A., Mora-Garcia M.L., Velazquez-Velazquez C.K., Cordova-Uscanga C., Peralta R., Lopez-Romero R., Marrero D., Bandala C., Reyes-Leyva J., Furuya M.E., Almeida E., Galvan M.E., Grijalva I. Pub article
42 Interest mobilization in public health and social insurance: Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico in comparative perspective   Brachet-Marquez V., Alonso G.V., Uribe Gomez M. Pub article
43 Markers of the progression of complications in patients with type 2 diabetes: a one-year longitudinal study   Preciado-Puga M.C., Malacara J.M., Fajardo-Araujo M.E., Wrobel K., Kornhauser-Araujo C., Garay-Sevilla M.E. Pub article
44 Upconversion emision of nanophosphors for cervical cancer detection   Lopez-Luke T., de la Rosa E., Ceja-Fernandez A., Vivero-Escoto J., Gonzalez-Yebra A.L., Rodriguez-Rojas R. Pub conference paper
45 Do you know the true symbol of medicine and its meaning? [¿Conoce usted el verdadero símbolo de la medicina y su significado?]   Macias P.C. Pub editorial
46 DNA methylation map of human atherosclerosis   Zaina S., Heyn H., Carmona F.J., Varol N., Sayols S., Condom E., Ramirez-Ruz J., Gomez A., Goncalves I., Moran S., Esteller M. Pub article
47 Cardiovascular epigenome-wide association studies: Is epigenetics falling short?   Zaina S., Lund G. Pub note


  Ciencias e Ingenierías  
1 Measurement of coherent production of π± in neutrino and antineutrino beams on carbon from Eν of 1.5 to 20 GeV   Higuera A., Mislivec A., Aliaga L., Altinok O., Bercellie A., Betancourt M., Bodek A., Bravar A., Brooks W.K., Budd H., Butkevich A., Carneiro M.F., Castromonte C.M., Christy M.E., Chvojka J., Da Motta H., Devan J., Dytman S.A., Diaz G.A., Eberly B., Felix J., Fields L., Fine R., Fiorentini G.A., Gallagher H., Gomez A., Gran R., Harris D.A., Hurtado K., Kleykamp J., Kordosky M., Le T., Maher E., Manly S., Mann W.A., Marshall C.M., Martinez Caicedo D.A., McFarland K.S., McGivern C.L., McGowan A.M., Messerly B., Miller J., Morfin J.G., Mousseau J., Muhlbeier T., Naples D., Nelson J.K., Norrick A., Osta J., Palomino J.L., Paolone V., Park J., Patrick C.E., Perdue G.N., Ransome R.D., Ray H., Ren L., Rodrigues P.A., Ruterbories D., Schellman H., Schmitz D.W., Snider F.D., Solano Salinas C.J., Tagg N., Tice B.G., Valencia E., Walton T., Wolcott J., Wospakrik M., Zavala G., Zhang D., Ziemer B.P. Pub article
2 Performance enhancement of polymer-based solar cells by induced phase-separation with silica particles   Shen H., Valadez-Perez N.E., Guralnick B., Liu Y., Mackay M.E. Pub article
3 Scattering processes could distinguish Majorana from Dirac neutrinos   Barranco J., Delepine D., Gonzalez-Macias V., Lujan-Peschard C., Napsuciale M. Pub article
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5 Galileons and strong gravity   Chagoya J., Koyama K., Niz G., Tasinato G. Pub article
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7 Dosimetric study of surface applicators of HDR brachytherapy GammaMed Plus equipment   Reyes-Rivera E., Sosa M., Reyes U., Monzon E., De Jesus Bernal-Alvarado J., Cordova T., Gil-Villegas A. Pub conference paper
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13 Location of foot arteries using infrared images   Villasenor-Mora C., Gonzalez-Vega A., Antonio M.O.F., Ferro J.F.G., Fraga T. Pub conference paper
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19 A comparative study of the speciation in methanol solution and activity in the oxidative coupling of 2,6-di-tert-butylphenol presented by the complexes: Copper(II)-N,N′-di-tert-butylethylenediamine-halogen and some   copper(II)-diamine-halogen complexes.   Segoviano-Garfias   J.J.N., Mendoza-Diaz G., Moreno-Esparza R. Pub article
20 Analysis and modeling of multicomponent sorption of heavy metals on chicken feathers using Taguchi's experimental designs and artificial neural networks   Reynel-Avila, H.E., Bonilla-Petriciolet, A., de la Rosa, G. Pub article in press
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  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades  
1 Tlazolteotl: 'The Filth Deity' and the sexualization of paid domestic workers in Mexico.   Saldana-Tejeda A. Pub article



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