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1 ON SILICON GROUP ELEMENTS EJECTED BY SUPERNOVAE TYPE IA   De, Soma, Timmes, F. X., Brown, Edward F., Calder, Alan C., Townsley, Dean M., Athanassiadou, Themis, Chamulak, David A., Hawley, Wendy, Jack, Dennis   ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012   7.733 Icono BiblioDigital
2 Heterogeneous catalytic reaction of microcrystalline cellulose in hydrothermal microwave-assisted decomposition: effect of modified zeolite Beta.   Gonzalez-Rivera, Jose; Galindo-Esquivel, Ignacio R.; Onor, Massimo; Bramanti, Emilia; Longo, Iginio; and Ferrari, Carlo.   GREEN CHEMISTRY 2012   6.828 Icono BiblioDigital
3 Surfactant recovery from mesoporous metal-modified materials (Sn-, Y-, Ce-, Si-MCM-41), by ultrasound assisted ion-exchange extraction and its re-use for a microwave in situ cheap and eco-friendly MCM-41 synthesis   Gonzalez-Rivera, J., Tovar-Rodriguez, J. Bramanti, E. Duce, C. Longo, I. Fratini, E. Galindo-Esquivel, I. R.Ferrari, C.   JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 2013   6.626 Icono BiblioDigital
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5 THE BRIGHTEST CLUSTER GALAXY IN A85: THE LARGEST CORE KNOWN SO FAR   Lopez-Cruz, O.; Anorve, C.; Birkinshaw, M.; Worrall, D. M.; Ibarra-Medel, H. J.; Barkhouse, W. A.; Torres-Papaqui, J. P.; Motta, V.   ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS 2013   6.28 Icono BiblioDigital
7 Applications of Flow Cytometry to Characterize Bacterial Physiological Responses   Ambriz-Avina, Veronica; Contreras-Garduno, Jorge A.; Pedraza-Reyes, Mario   BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2013   6.1815 Icono BiblioDigital
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9 Improved Pd electro-catalysis for oxygen reduction reaction in directmethanol fuel cell by reduced graphene oxide.   R. Carrera-Cerritosa, V. Baglio, A.S. Aricò, J. Ledesma-García, M.F. Sgroi, D. Pullini, A.J. Pruna, D.B. Mataix, R. Fuentes-Ramírez, and L.G. Arriaga.   APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL 2012   5.825 Icono BiblioDigital
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11 IMAGING THE INNER AND OUTER GAPS OF THE PRE-TRANSITIONAL DISK OF HD 169142 AT 7 mm   Osorio, Mayra; Anglada, Guillem; Carrasco-Gonzalez, Carlos; Torrelles, Jose M.; Macias, Enrique; Rodriguez, Luis F.; Gomez, Jose F.; D'Alessio, Paola; Calvet, Nuria; Nagel, Erick; Dent, William R. F.; Quanz, Sascha P.; Reggiani, Maddalena; Mayen-Gijon, Juan M.   ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS 2013   5.602 Icono BiblioDigital
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22 Phase resolved X-ray spectroscopy of HDE288766: Probing the wind of an extreme Of(+)/WNLha star   Rauw, G.; Mahy, L.; Naze, Y.; Eenens, P.; Manfroid, J.; Flores, C. A.   ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 2013   4.479 Icono BiblioDigital
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24 Glassy carbon electrodes sequentially modified by cysteamine-capped gold nanoparticles and poly(amidoamine) dendrimers generation 4.5 for detecting uric acid in human serum without ascorbic acid interference.   Ramirez-Segovia, AS; Banda-Aleman, JA; Gutierrez-Granados, S; Rodriguez, A; Rodriguez, FJ; Godinez, LA; Bustos, E; and Manriquez, J.   ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA 2012   4.387 chrome-ie9-firefox
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31 Preparation and Characterization of Electrodes Modified with Pyrrole Surfactant, Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and Metallophthalocyanines for the Electrochemical Detection of Thiols   Rangel Argote, Magdalena; Sanchez Guillen, Elizabeth; Gutierrez Porras, Ana Gabriela; Serrano Torres, Oracio; Richard, Cyrille; Zagal, Jose H.; Bedioui, Fethi; Gutierrez Granados, Silvia; Griveau, Sophie   ELECTROANALYSIS 2013   3.817 Icono BiblioDigital
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42 Optimal design of cryogenic distillation columns with side heat pumps for the propylene/propane separation   Alcantara-Avila, J. Rafael; Gomez-Castro, Fernando I.; Segovia-Hernandez, J. Gabriel; Sotowa, Ken-Ichiro; Horikawa, Toshihide   CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING 2013   2.95 Icono BiblioDigital
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63 Multiple Steady States in Thermally Coupled Distillation Sequences: Revisiting the Design, Energy Optimization, and Control   Delgado-Delgado, Raul; Omar Barroso-Munoz, Fabricio; Gabriel Segovia-Hernandez, Juan; Hernandez-Escoto, Hector; Jaime Castro-Montoya, Agustin; Rico-Ramirez, Vicente; Hernandez, Salvador   INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2013   2.235 Icono BiblioDigital
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68 Subsurface cistern (SSC) proliferation in Purkinje cells of the rat cerebellum in response to acute and chronic exposure to paint thinner: A light and electron microscopy study   Martinez-Alfaro, Minerva; Carabez-Trejo, Alfonso; Sandoval-Zapata, Francisca; Morales-Tlalpan, Veronica; Palma-Tirado, Lourdes   EXPERIMENTAL AND TOXICOLOGIC PATHOLOGY 2013   2.005 Icono BiblioDigital
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