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publicaciones ISI UG 2011


  León   62
  Ciencias de la Salud 19
  Ciencias e Ingenierías 43



  Ciencias de la Salud  
1 Food security and weight status in children of Mexican immigrant households   Kaiser, Lucia; Vera Becerra, Luz   FASEB JOURNAL 2012   5.704 chrome-ie9-firefox
2 Sleep symptoms among patients with end-stage renal disease by dialysis treatment in central mexico   Reynaga-Ornelas, L.; Baldwin, C. M.; Arcoleo, K.; Quan, S. F.   SLEEP 2012   5.1 chrome-ie9-firefox
3 Organomegaly and tumors in transgenic mice with targeted expression of HpaII methyltransferase in smooth muscle cells   Carpinteyro-Espin, Paulina; Jacinto-Ruiz, Sergio; Caballero-Vazquez, Priscilla; Alvarado-Caudillo, Yolanda; Lund, Gertrud; Rodriguez-Rios, Dalia; Martinez-Garcia, Jorge A.; Wrobel, Katarzyna; Wrobel, Kazimierz; Zaina, Silvio   EPIGENETICS 2012   4.92 Icono BiblioDigital
4 Potential use of exenatide for the treatment of obesity   Folli, Franco; Guardado Mendoza, Rodolfo   EXPERT OPINION ON INVESTIGATIONAL DRUGS 2012   4.744 Icono BiblioDigital
5 Human native lipoprotein-induced de novo DNA methylation is associated with repression of inflammatory genes in THP-1 macrophages   Rangel-Salazar, Ruben; Wickstroem-Lindholm, Marie; Aguilar-Salinas, Carlos A.; Alvarado-Caudillo, Yolanda; Dossing, Kristina Bv; Esteller, Manel; Labourier, Emmanuel; Lund, Gertrud; Nielsen, Finn C.; Rodriguez-Rios, Dalia; Solis-Martinez, Martha O.; Wrobel, Katarzyna; Wrobel, Kazimierz; Zaina, Silvio   BMC GENOMICS 2012   4.397 Icono BiblioDigital
6 Iron overload as cardiovascular risk factor in children and adolescents with renal disease   de la Cruz Ruiz-Jaramillo, Ma; Manuel Guizar-Mendoza, Juan; Amador-Licona, Norma; de Jesus Gutierrez-Navarro, Maria; Alicia Hernandez-Gonzalez, Martha; Antonio Dubey-Ortega, Luis; Eduardo Solorio-Meza, Sergio   NEPHROLOGY DIALYSIS TRANSPLANTATION 2012   3.371 Icono BiblioDigital
7 Atherosclerosis: An Epigenetic Balancing Act that Goes Wrong   Lund, Gertrud; Zaina, Silvio   CURRENT ATHEROS CLEROSIS REPORTS 2012   2.923 Icono BiblioDigital
8 Relationship of aldosterone synthase gene (C-344T) and mineralocorticoid receptor (S810L) polymorphisms with gestational hypertension   Ramirez-Salazar, M.; Romero-Gutierrez, G.; Zaina, S.; Malacara, J. M.; Kornhauser, C.; Perez-Luque, E.   JOURNAL OF HUMAN HYPERTENSION 2012   2.818 Icono BiblioDigital
9 Effects of Neurointermediate Pituitary Lobectomy and Desmopressin on the Cell-Cycle Progression of Cultured Splenocytes from Rats with Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE)   Figueroa-Vega, N.; Layseca, E.; Portales-Cervantes, L.; Gonzalez-Amaro, R.; Quintanar-Stephano, A.   NEURO IMMUNOMODULATION 2012   1.835 chrome-ie9-firefox
10 Epigenetics: A Tool to Understand Diet-Related Cardiovascular Risk?   Zaina, Silvio; Lund, Gertrud   JOURNAL OF NUTRIGENETICS AND NUTRIGENOMICS 2012   1.312 Icono BiblioDigital
11 Coping strategies and adherence to treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus   Eugenia Garay-Sevilla, Ma; Santiago Porras, Jose; Manuel Malacara, Juan   REVISTA DE INVESTIGACION CLINICA 2012   0.31 Icono BiblioDigital
12 Weight gain and metabolic complications in preterm infants with nutritional support   Monroy-Torres, Rebeca; Macias, Alejandro E.; Ponce-de-Leon, Samuel; Barbosa-Sabanero, Gloria   REVISTA DE INVESTIGACION CLINICA 2012   0.31 chrome-ie9-firefox
13 Abnormalities in cervical smears stored in plastic bags: Potential cause of false negatives   Ortega-Gonzalez, Patricia; Gonzalez-Bravo, Margarita S.; Jimenez-Munoz-Ledo, Gustavo; Macias, Alejandro E.   REVISTA DE INVESTIGACION CLINICA 2012   0.31 chrome-ie9-firefox
14 Servqual scale: validation in the mexican population   Gloria Calixto-Olalde, Maria; Sawada, Namie Okino; Hayashida, Miyeko; Costa Mendes, Isabel Amelia; Trevizan, Maria Auxiliadora; de Godoy, Simone   TEXTO & CONTEXTO ENFERMAGEM 2012   0.134 chrome-ie9-firefox
15 Microbiology of the diabetic foot: is the swab culture useful?   Macias Hernandez, Alejandro Ernesto; Antonio Alvarez, Jose; Cabeza de Vaca, Francisco; Cuevas, Aurora; Jazmin Ramirez, America; Ramirez, Araceli; Sifuentes-Osornio, Jose   GACETA MEDICA DE MEXICO 2012   0.128 chrome-ie9-firefox
17 Effect Of Training On Sirt3 Expression In Skeletal Muscle Of Overweight Adolescents   Vargas-Ortiz, Katya; Diaz, Francisco J.; Macias, Maciste H.; Perez-Vazquez, Victoriano; Rivera-Cisneros, Antonio E.; Garciduenas, Luis; Cenis, Promise; Tovar, Antonio   MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE 2013   4.459 Icono BiblioDigital
18 Donation and Transplantation Among Personnel in the Hospital Emergency Department: A Multicenter Study Conducted in Spain and Mexico   Rios, A.; Lopez-Navas, A.; Ayala-Garcia, M. A.; Sebastian, M. J.; Martinez-Alarcon, L.; Ramirez, E. J.; Munoz, G.; Camacho, A.; Rodriguez, J. S.; Martinez, M. A.; Nieto, A.; Febrero, B.; Ramis, G.; Ramirez, P.; Parrilla, P.   TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS       Icono BiblioDigital
19 Immunization and equity in the Regional Initiative of the Mesoamerican Health Initiative   Franco-Paredes, Carlos; Hernandez-Ramos, Isabel; Ignacio Santos-Preciado, Jose   SALUD PUBLICA DE MEXICO       Icono BiblioDigital




  Ciencias e Ingenierías  
1 Device Calibration Impacts Security of Quantum Key Distribution   Jain, Nitin; Wittmann, Christoffer; Lydersen, Lars; Wiechers, Carlos; Elser, Dominique; Marquardt, Christoph; Makarov, Vadim; Leuchs, Gerd   PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2012   7.943 Icono BiblioDigital
2 Dynamical Arrest Transition in Nanoparticle Dispersions with Short-Range Interactions   Eberle, Aaron P. R.; Wagner, Norman J.; Castaneda-Priego, Ramon   PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2012   7.943 Icono BiblioDigital
3 Curcumin Decreases the Oxidative Damage Indexes and Increases the Adiponectin Levels in Serum of Obese Subjects   Campos-Cervantes, Alejandra; Murillo-Ortiz, Blanca Olivia; Alvarado-Caudillo, Yolanda; Perez-Vazquez, Victoriano; Ramirez-Emiliano, Joel   FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2012   5.271 Icono BiblioDigital
4 Z ' -> ggg decay in left-right symmetric models with three and four fermion families   Montano, J.; Napsuciale, M.; Vaquera-Araujo, C. A.   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
5 Lepton number violation in top quark and neutral B meson decays   Delepine, David; Lopez Castro, G.; Quintero, N.   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
6 Near-horizon geometry from flux compactification   Loaiza-Brito, Oscar; Vazquez-Mercado, Liliana   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
7 Black holes and the absorption rate of cosmological scalar fields   Arturo Urena-Lopez, L.; Fernandez, Lizbeth M.   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
8 Dynamical symmetry breaking with a fourth generation   Delepine, D.; Napsuciale, M.; Vaquera-Araujo, C. A.   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
9 Can noncommutative effects account for the present speed up of the cosmic expansion?   Obregon, Octavio; Quiros, Israel   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
10 Cosmological dark fluid from five-dimensional vacuum   Reyes, Luz M.; Edgar Madriz-Aguilar, Jose; Arturo Urena-Lopez, L.   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
11 Towards a supersymmetric generalization of the Schwarzschild-(anti)de Sitter space-times   Lopez-Dominguez, J. C.; Obregon, O.; Zacarias, S.   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
12 Second order formalism for spin 1/2 fermions and Compton scattering   Delgado-Acosta, E. G.; Napsuciale, Mauro; Rodriguez, Simon   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2012   4.691 Icono BiblioDigital
13 On noncommutative minisuperspace and the Friedmann equations   Guzman, W.; Sabido, M.; Socorro, J.   PHYSICS LETTERS B 2012   4.569 Icono BiblioDigital
14 After-gate attack on a quantum cryptosystem   Wiechers, C.; Lydersen, L.; Wittmann, C.; Elser, D.; Skaar, J.; Marquardt, Ch; Makarov, V.; Leuchs, G.   NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2012   4.063 Icono BiblioDigital
15 Nanomaterials and the environment: A review for the biennium 2008-2010   Peralta-Videa, Jose R.; Zhao, Lijuan; Lopez-Moreno, Martha L.; de la Rosa, Guadalupe; Hong, Jie; Gardea-Torresdey, Jorge L.   JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 2012   3.925 Icono BiblioDigital
16 Quintessence interacting dark energy and a scalar dark fluid from 5D vacuum   Reyes, L. M.; Madriz Aguilar, Jose Edgar   CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY 2012   3.562 Icono BiblioDigital
17 Randall-Sundrum brane cosmology: modification of late-time cosmic dynamics by exotic matter   Garcia-Salcedo, Ricardo; Gonzalez, Tame; Moreno, Claudia; Quiros, Israel   CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY 2012   3.562 Icono BiblioDigital
18 Perturbation theory for multipolar discrete fluids   Benavides, Ana L.; Gamez, Francisco   JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.164 Icono BiblioDigital
19 Statistical thermodynamics of fluids with both dipole and quadrupole moments   Benavides, Ana L.; Garcia Delgado, Francisco J.; Gamez, Francisco; Lago, Santiago; Garzon, Benito   JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.164 Icono BiblioDigital
20 On the importance of thermodynamic self-consistency for calculating clusterlike pair correlations in hard-core double Yukawa fluids   Kim, Jung Min; Castaneda-Priego, Ramon; Liu, Yun; Wagner, Norman J.   JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2012   3.164 Icono BiblioDigital
21 On the Excited State Dynamics of Vibronic Transitions. High-Resolution Electronic Spectra of Acenaphthene and Its Argon van der Waals Complex in the Gas Phase   Alvarez-Valtierra, Leonardo; Plusquellic, David F.; Yi, John T.; Pratt, David W.   JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 2012   2.771 Icono BiblioDigital
22 Predicting thermophysical properties of biodiesel fuel blends using the SAFT-VR approach   Perdomo, Felipe A.; Gil-Villegas, Alejandro   FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA 2012   2.379 Icono BiblioDigital
23 Renormalized jellium mean-field approximation for binary mixtures of charged colloids   Falcon-Gonzalez, Jose Marcos; Castaneda-Priego, Ramon   PHYSICAL REVIEW E 2012   2.313 Icono BiblioDigital
24 Effect of porosity on the absorbed, reemitted and transmitted light by a geopolymer metakaolin base   Ramon, Gasca-Tirado J.; Rubio-Avalos, J. C.; Muniz-Villarreal, M. S.; Manzano-Ramirez, A.; Reyes-Araiza, J. L.; Sampieri-Bulbarela, S. A.; Villasenor-Mora, Carlos; Perez-Bueno, J. J.; Apatiga, L. M.; Borras Vicente, Amigo   MATERIALS LETTERS 2012   2.224 Icono BiblioDigital
25 High resolution fluorescence excitation spectra of both enantiomers of naproxen in the gas phase: Are they equivalent or not?   Alvarez-Valtierra, Leonardo; Young, Justin W.; Pratt, David W.   CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2012   2.145 Icono BiblioDigital
26 Pump Power Dependence of Four-Wave Mixing Parametric Wavelengths in Normal Dispersion Photonic Crystal Fibers   Velazquez-Ibarra, Lorena; Diez, Antonio; Silvestre, Enrique; Andres, Miguel V.; Martinez, Ma A.; Lucio, J. L.   IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS 2012   2.038 Icono BiblioDigital
27 Non-linear niobate nanocrystals for two-photon imaging   Martin Rodriguez, E.; Upendra Kumar, K.; Speghini, A.; Piccinelli, F.; Nodari, L.; Cannas, C.; Bettinelli, M.; Jaque, D.; Sole, J. Garcia   OPTICAL MATERIALS 2012   1.918 Icono BiblioDigital
28 Optical method to differentiate tequilas based on angular modulation surface plasmon resonance   Martinez-Lopez, G.; Luna-Moreno, D.; Monzon-Hernandez, D.; Valdivia-Hernandez, R.   OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING 2012   1.916 Icono BiblioDigital
29 Removal of large muscle artifacts from transcranial magnetic stimulation-evoked EEG by independent component analysis   Korhonen, Reeta J.; Hernandez-Pavon, Julio C.; Metsomaa, Johanna; Maki, Hanna; Ilmoniemi, Risto J.; Sarvas, Jukka   MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING & COMPUTING 2012   1.79 Icono BiblioDigital
30 Supersymmetric contribution to B -> rho K and B -> pi K* decays in SCET   Faisel, Gaber; Delepine, David; Shalaby, M.   PHYSICS LETTERS B 2012   1.766 Icono BiblioDigital
31 Self-adjoint oscillator operator from a modified factorization   Reyes, Marco A.; Rosu, H. C.; Ranferi Gutierrez, M.   PHYSICS LETTERS A 2012   1.766 Icono BiblioDigital
32 Luminescence properties of Eu3+ ions in phosphate-based bioactive glasses   Rao, Ch. Srinivasa; Kumar, K. Upendra; Jayasankar, C. K.   SOLID STATE SCIENCES 2012   1.671 Icono BiblioDigital
33 Computer simulation of charged hard spherocylinders at low temperatures   Jimenez-Serratos, Guadalupe; Avendano, Carlos; Gil-Villegas, Alejandro; Gonzalez-Tovar, Enrique   MOLECULAR PHYSICS 2012   1.67 Icono BiblioDigital
34 Properties of a hard-core Yukawa fluid in a uniform gravitational field obtained by a hybrid DFT-Monte Carlo method   Torres-Arenas, Jose; Avendano, Carlos; Morales-Anda, Libertad; Gil-Villegas, Alejandro   MOLECULAR PHYSICS 2012   1.67 Icono BiblioDigital
35 An induction heater device for studies of magnetic hyperthermia and specific absorption ratio measurements   Cano, M. E.; Barrera, A.; Estrada, J. C.; Hernandez, A.; Cordova, T.   REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 2012   1.602 Icono BiblioDigital
36 Hybrid pupil filter design using Bessel series   Alcala Ochoa, Noe; Garcia-Marquez, J.; Gonzalez-Vega, A.   OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 2012   1.438 Icono BiblioDigital
37 Optical and fluorescence spectroscopy of Eu2O3-doped P2O5-K2O-KF-MO-Al2O3 (M = Mg, Sr and Ba) glasses   Kumar, K. Upendra; Babu, S. Surendra; Rao, Ch. Srinivasa; Jayasankar, C. K.   OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 2012   1.438 Icono BiblioDigital
38 A modified soft-core fluid model for the direct correlation function of the square-shoulder and square-well fluids   Guillen-Escamilla, I.; Schoell-Paschinger, E.; Castaneda-Priego, R.   PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS 2012   1.373 Icono BiblioDigital
39 Stochastic emergence of inflaton fluctuations in a SdS primordial universe with large-scale repulsive gravity from a 5D vacuum   Reyes, L. M.; Madriz Aguilar, J. E.; Bellini, M.   EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 2012   1.302 Icono BiblioDigital
40 Modelling Adsorption Isotherms of Binary Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrogen   Castro, Martin; Martinez, Alejandro; Gil-Villegas, Alejandro   ADSORPTION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2012   0.559 Icono BiblioDigital
41 Characterizing the relative phase gate   Garcia Quijas, P. C.; Arevalo Aguilar, L. M.; Arroyo-Carrasco, M. L.   REVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA 2012   0.352 chrome-ie9-firefox
42 Thermo-transferred thermoluminescence (TTTL) in potassium-yttrium double fluoride doped with terbium   Gallegos, A.; Azorin, J.; Azorin, J. C.; Licona, R.; Rivas, F.; Hernandez-Cocoletzi, G.; Rivera, T.; Khaidukov, N.; Diaz-Gongora, J. A.   REVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA 2012   0.352 chrome-ie9-firefox
43 Determination of the activation energy for densification of porcelain stoneware   Reyes Lopez, Simon Yobanny; Serrato Rodriguez, Juan; Sugita Sueyoshi, Satoshi   JOURNAL OF CERAMIC PROCESSING RESEARCH 2012   0.333 chrome-ie9-firefox



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