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publicaciones scopus UG 2011
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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas  
1 Utility maximization in markets with bid-ask spreads   Castañeda-Leyva, N., Hernández-Hernández, D. Pub article


  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas  
1 2D-immunoblotting analysis of sporothrix schenckii cell wall   Ruiz-Baca, E., Mora-Montes, H.M., López-Romero, E., Toriello, C., Mojica-Marín, V., Urtiz-Estrada, N. Pub article
2 8-Alkenylborondipyrromethene dyes. General synthesis, optical properties, and preliminary study of their reactivity   Arroyo, I.J., Hu, R., Tang, B.Z., López, F.I., Peña-Cabrera, E. Pub article
3 99mTc-labelled gold nanoparticles capped with HYNIC-peptide/mannose for sentinel lymph node detection   Ocampo-García, B.E., Ramírez, F.D.M., Ferro-Flores, G., De León-Rodríguez, L.M., Santos-Cuevas, C.L., Morales-Avila, E., de Murphy, C.A., Pedraza-López, M., Medina, L.A., Camacho-López, M.A. Pub article
4 A Comparative Study of MPC-Based Control Configurations of an Industrial Bioreactor to Produce Ethanol   Romo-Hernández, A., Hernández, S., Sánchez, A., Hernández-Escoto, H. Pub book
5 A comparison of the electrochemical recovery of palladium using a parallel flat plate flow-by reactor and a rotating cylinder electrode reactor   Terrazas-Rodríguez, J.E., Gutiérrez-Granados, S., Alatorre-Ordaz, M.A., Ponce De León, C., Walsh, F.C. Pub article
6 A mathematical programming formulation for the synthesis of property-based batch water networks   Vázquez-Castillo, J.A., Ponce-Ortega, J.M., Segovia-Hernández, J.G., El-Halwagi, M.M. Pub conference paper
7 A Mixed-Integer Programming Model for Pollution Trading   Rico-Ramirez, V., Lopez-Villarreal, F., Hernandez-Castro, S., Diwekar, U.M. Pub book
8 A multisyringe flow injection method for the determination of thorium in water samples using spectrophotometric detection   Guzmán-Mar, J.L., Hernández-Ramírez, A., López-Chuken, U.J., López-De-Alba, P.L., Cerdà, V. Pub article
9 A short method to calculate residue curve maps in multireactive and multicomponent systems   Carrera-Rodríguez, M., Segovia-Hernández, J.G., Bonilla-Petriciolet, A. Pub article
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11 A Spitzer IRS study of infrared variability in transitional and pre-transitional disks around T Tauri stars   Espaillat, C., Furlan, E., D'Alessio, P., Sargent, B., Nagel, E., Calvet, N., Watson, D.M., Muzerolle, J. Pub article
12 Acetaldehyde/alcohol dehydrogenase-2 (EhADH2) and clathrin are involved in internalization of human transferrin by entamoeba histolytica   Reyes-López, M., Bermúdez-Cruz, R.M., Avila, E.E., De La Garza, M. Pub article
13 Adsorption of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution onto sepiolite   Padilla-Ortega, E., Leyva-Ramos, R., Mendoza-Barron, J., Guerrero-Coronado, R.M., Jacobo-Azuara, A., Aragon-Piña, A. Pub article
14 Algebraic and Computational Formulas for the Index of Real Analytic Vector Fields   Castellanos, V., Castorena, A., Cruz-López, M. Pub article
15 Analysis of control properties of intensified distillation sequences: Reactive and extractive cases   Murrieta-Dueñas, R., Gutiérrez-Guerra, R., Segovia-Hernández, J.G., Hernández, S. Pub article
16 Analysis of plant data   Polley, G.T., Tamakloe, E., Ishiyama, E., Pugh, S.J. Pub conference paper
17 Analysis of plant data   Polley, G.T., Tamakloe, E., Ishiyama, E., Pugh, S.J. Pub conference paper
18 Ant colony optimization: A new stochastic solver for modeling vapor-liquid equilibrium data   Fernandez-Vargas, J.A., Bonilla-Petriciolet, A., Segovia-Hernandez, J.G., Hernandez, S. Pub article
19 Aromaticity and hydrogen storage capability of planar N6 4- and N4 2- rings   Duley, S., Giri, S., Sathyamurthy, N., Islas, R., Merino, G., Chattaraj, P.K. Pub article
20 Assessment of the implementation of heat-integrated distillation columns for the separation of ternary mixtures   Cabrera-Ruiz, J., Jiménez-Gutiérrez, A., Segovia-Hernández, J.G. Pub article
21 Biotechnological potential of pectinolytic complexes of fungi   Lara-Márquez, A., Zavala-Páramo, M.G., López-Romero, E., Camacho, H.C. Pub review
22 Black holes and the absorption rate of cosmological scalar fields   Ureña-López, L.A., Fernández, L.M. Pub article
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26 Clay minerals in historic buildings   Reyes-Zamudio, V., Angeles-Chávez, C., Cervantes, J. Pub article
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29 Dual sphere-unfolding method for single pass omni-directional shadow mapping   Contreras M.S., Valadez A.J.R., Martinez A.J. Pub conference paper
30 Perception of otherness in the United States organizations from the Mexican migrant laborer: The Afro-American [Percepción de los afroamericanos por parte del migrante laboral Mexicano en estados unidos]   Contreras-Soto R., Hernandez-Sampieri R. Pub article
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32 Cooling systems: Retrofit and thermo-hydraulic design for flexible operation   Picón-Núñez, M., Canizales-Dávalos, L., Polley, G.T. Pub book chapter
33 Co-production of ethanol, hydrogen and biogas using agro-wastes. Conceptual plant design and NPV analysis for mid-size agricultural sectors   Sanchez, A., Sevilla-Guitron, V., Magaña, G., Melgoza, P., Hernandez, H. Pub book
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43 Differential expression of insect and plant specific adhesin genes, Mad1 and Mad2, in Metarhizium robertsii   Barelli, L., Padilla-Guerrero, I.E., Bidochka, M.J. Pub article
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55 Evaluating the heat exchanger technologies available for use in refinery pre-heat trains   Polley, G.T., Tamikloe, E., Picon Nunez, M. Pub conference paper
56 Evaluating the heat exchanger technologies available for use in refinery pre-heat trains   Polley, G.T., Tamikloe, E., Picon Nunez, M. Pub conference paper
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68 Importance of data reconciliation on improving performances of crude refinery preheat trains   Ishiyama, E.M., Pugh, S.J., Wilson, D.I., Paterson, W.R., Polley, G.T. Pub conference paper
69 Importance of data reconciliation on improving performances of crude refinery preheat trains   Ishiyama, E.M., Pugh, S.J., Wilson, D.I., Paterson, W.R., Polley, G.T. Pub conference paper
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73 Influence of pre-heat train performance and fired heater design on fuel efficiency of Crude Distillation Units   Morales Fuentes, A., Polley, G.T., Nunez, M.P. Pub conference paper
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82 Mitigation of fouling in pre-heat trains   Polley, G.T., Wilson, D.I., Ishiyama, E. Pub conference paper
83 Mitigation of fouling in pre-heat trains   Polley, G.T., Wilson, D.I., Ishiyama, E. Pub conference paper
84 Modeling of the functionalization of single-wall carbon nanotubes towards its solubilization in an aqueous medium   Robles, J., López, M.J., Alonso, J.A. Pub article
85 Models for chemical reaction fouling   Polley, G.T., Tamakloe, E., Nunez, M.P. Pub conference paper
86 Models for chemical reaction fouling   Polley, G.T., Tamakloe, E., Picon Nunez, M. Pub conference paper
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90 Multiobjective synthesis of heat exchanger networks minimizing the total annual cost and the environmental impact   López-Maldonado, L.A., Ponce-Ortega, J.M., Segovia-Hernández, J.G. Pub article
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106 Overview of the mechanisms of fouling in pre-heat trains and conclusions regarding operating practice   Polley, G.T. Pub conference paper
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