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publicaciones scopus UG 2010
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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas 5
  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas 123
  Ingenierías 11
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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas  
1 Group prediction in collaborative learning   Messeguer R., Medina E., Royo D., Navarro L., Juarez J.P. Pub conference paper
2 Fall in the Indian population after the arrival of the spaniards. Diseases or exploitation?   Okuno A.T.M., Ventosa-Santaularia D. Pub article
3 A time-series approach to test a change in inflation persistence: The Mexican experience   Chiquiar D., Noriega A.E., Ramos-Francia M. Pub article
4 Testing for an irrelevant regressor in a simple cointegration analysis   Ventosa-santaularia D. Pub article
5 Spurious instrumental variables   Ventosa-Santaularia D. Pub article


  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas  
1 12CO (1-0) and (2-1) observations of isolated early-type galaxies   Chavez M., Wall W., Apponi A., Brinks E., Ramirez-Garduno L. Pub conference paper
2 8-PropargylaminoBODIPY: Unprecedented blue-emitting pyrromethene dye. Synthesis, photophysics and laser properties   Gomez-Duran C.F.A., Garcia-Moreno I., Costela A., Martin V., Sastre R., Banuelos J., Lopez Arbeloa F., Lopez Arbeloa I., Pena-Cabrera E. Pub article
3 A comparative study of particle swarm optimization and its variants for phase stability and equilibrium calculations in multicomponent reactive and non-reactive systems   Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
4 A mean field approach for computing solid-liquid surface tension for nanoscale interfaces   Chiu C.-C., Ranatunga R.J.K.U., Flores D.T., Prez D.V., Moore P.B., Shinoda W., Nielsen S.O. Pub article
5 A motion planner for maintaining landmark visibility with a differential drive robot   Hayet J.-B., Esteves C., Murrieta-Cid R. Pub conference paper
6 A multifunctional mannosyltransferase family in candida albicans determines cell wall mannan structure and host-fungus interactions   Mora-Montes H.M., Bates S., Netea M.G., Castillo L., Brand A., Buurman E.T., Diaz-Jimenez D.F., Kullberg B.J., Brown A.J.P., Odds F.C., Gow N.A.R. Pub article
7 A new investigation of the binary HD48099   Mahy L., Rauw G., Martins F., Naze Y., Gosset E., De Becker M., Sana H., Eenens P. Pub article
8 A new preparation method of sodium aluminum hydroxy carbonate and potassium aluminum hydroxy carbonate from basic aluminum sulfate   Contreras C.A., Macias J.I., Ramos E. Pub conference paper
9 Adsorption of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions using sol-gel anionic clays with Mg/Al=7   Esthela R.R., Norma G.O., Cesar C.S., Javier A.R., Rosalba F.R. Pub conference paper
10 AGN population in hickson compact groups. I. Data and nuclear activity classification   Martinez M.A., Del Olmo A., Coziol R., Perea J. Pub article
11 Alternative design approach for plate and frame heat exchangers using parameter plots   Picon-Nunez M., Polley G.T., Jantes-Jaramillo D. Pub article
12 An algorithm for the automatic generation of human-like motions based on examples   Arenas Mena J.C., Hayet J.-B., Esteves C. Pub conference paper
13 An expanding H I photodissociated region associated with the compact H II region g213.880-11.837 in the GGD 14 complex   Gomez Y., Garay G., Rodriguez-Rico C.A., Neria C., Rodriguez L.F., Escalante V., Lizano S., Lebron M. Pub article
14 Analysis of glycerol dehydrogenase activities present in Mucor circinelloides YR-1   Camacho Morales R.L., Castellanos A.D., Zazueta-Sandoval R. Pub article
15 Automatic multisyringe flow injection system for the spectrophotometric determination of tinidazole in pharmaceutical preparations   Guzman-Mar J.L., Hinojoza-Reyes L., Hernandez-Ramirez A., Peralta-Hernandez J.M., Lopez-Chuken V.J., Lopez-De-alba P.L., Cerda-Martin V. Pub article
16 B19 -: An aromatic wankel motor   Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Islas R., Heine T., Merino G. Pub article
17 Biochemical characterization of Candida albicans α-glucosidase i heterologously expressed in Escherichia coli   Frade-Perez M.D., Hernandez-Cervantes A., Flores-Carreon A., Mora-Montes H.M. Pub article
18 Biokinetics of 99mTc-labeled gold nanoparticles conjugated to mannose for specific sentinel node detection   Ocampo-Garcia B.E., Ferro-Flores G., De M. Ramirez F., De Leon-Rodriguez L.M., Santos-Cuevas C.L., Morales-Avila E., Arteaga De Murphy C., Pedraza-Lopez M., Medina L.A., Lopez-Rodriguez V. Pub conference paper
19 Biopolymer synthesis catalyzed by tailored lipases   Sandoval G., Rivera I., Barrera-Rivera K.A., Martinez-Richa A. Pub article
20 Bonding, aromaticity, and structure of trigonal dianion metal clusters   Giri S., Roy D.R., Duley S., Chakraborty A., Parthasarathi R., Elango M., Vijayaraj R., Subramanian V., Islas R., Merino G., Chattaraj P.K. Pub article
21 CAl4Be and CAl3Be2 -: Global minima with a planar pentacoordinate carbon atom   Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Wu Y.-B., Wang Z.-X., Islas R., Heine T., Merino G. Pub article
22 Catalase over expression reduces the germination time and increases the pathogenicity of the fungus metarhizium anisopliae   Hernandez C.E.M., Guerrero I.E.P., Hernandez G.A.G., Solis E.S., Guzman J.C.T. Pub article
23 Catalytic behavior of cobalt(I) salen during the electrochemical reduction of lindane and hexachlorobenzene   Paramo-Garcia U., Gutierrez-Grandos S., Garcia-Jimenez M.G., Ibanez J.G. Pub article
24 Chemo-enzymatic syntheses of polyester-urethanes   Barrera-Rivera K.A., Marcos-Fernandez A., Martinez-Richa A. Pub conference paper
25 Chromates removal using hydrotalcite-like compounds of Mg/Al = 2 and 7: Effect of textural, thermal and structural properties   Ramos E., Gutierrez N.L., Contreras C.A., Olguin M.T. Pub conference paper
26 Clay minerals in historic buildings   Reyes-Zamudio V., Angeles-Chavez C., Cervantes J.  Pub article in press
27 Comparative study of asymmetry origin of galaxies in different environments. II. Near-infrared observations   Plauchu-Frayn I., Coziol R. Pub article
28 Controllability and operability analysis of heat exchanger networks including bypasses   Hernandez S., Balcazar-Lopez L., Sanchez-Marquez J.A., Gonzalez-Garcia G. Pub article
29 Data storage and real time observations at the Mexican Array Radio Telescope   Casillas-Perez G.A., Jeyakumar S., Carrillo-Vargas A., Andrade E., Gonzalez-Esparza A., Aguilar-Rodriguez E. Pub article
30 Design of water and heat recovery networks for the simultaneous minimisation of water and energy consumption   Polley G.T., Picon-Nunez M., Lopez-Maciel J.D.J. Pub article
31 Determination of endocrine disruptors in honey by CZE-MS using restricted access materials for matrix cleanup   Rodriguez-Gonzalo E., Dominguez-Alvarez J., Garcia-Gomez D., Garcia-Jimenez M.-G., Carabias-Martinez R. Pub article
32 DFT study of the fragmentation channels and electronic properties of Cu n ν (ν= ±1,0,2; N=3-13) clusters   Guzman-Ramirez G., Aguilera-Granja F., Robles J. Pub article
33 Direct detection of a magnetic field in the photosphere of the single M giant EK Bootis: How common is magnetic activity among M giants?   Konstantinova-Antova R., Auriere M., Charbonnel C., Drake N.A., Schroder K.-P., Stateva I., Alecian E., Petit P., Cabanac R. Pub article
34 EC treatment for reuse of tissue paper wastewater: Aspects that affect energy consumption   Terrazas E., Vazquez A., Briones R., Lazaro I., Rodriguez I. Pub article
35 Effect of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici on the soil-to-root translocation of heavy metals in tomato plants susceptible and resistant to the fungus   Corrales Escobosa A.R., Wrobel K., Landero Figueroa J.A., Gutierrez Corona J.F., Wrobel K. Pub article
36 Effect of the addition of hydroxyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane to TEOS-based stone consolidants   Zarraga R., Cervantes J., Salazar-Hernandez C., Wheeler G. Pub article
37 Effects of forespore-specific overexpression of apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease Nfo on the DNA-damage resistance properties of Bacillus subtilis spores   Barraza-Salas M., Ibarra-Rodriguez J.R., Mellado S.J., Salas-Pacheco J.M., Setlow P., Pedraza-Reyes M. Pub article
38 Effects of fouling on performance of retrofitted heat exchanger networks; a thermo- hydraulic based analysis   Coletti F., Macchietto S., Polley G.T. Pub article
39 Efficient and accurate electron propagator methods and algorithms   Flores-Moreno R., Ortiz J.V. Pub book chapter
40 Efficient synthesis of azaspirodienones by microwave-assisted radical spirocyclization of xanthate-containing ugi adducts   Gamez-Montano R., Ibarra-Rivera T., Kam L.E., Miranda L.D. Pub article
41 Entamoeba histolytica: Identification and partial characterization of α-mannosidase activity   Santacruz-Tinoco C.E., Villagomez-Castro J.C., Lopez-Romero Everardo E. Pub article
42 Entamoeba histolytica: Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel neutral sphingomyelinase   Mendoza-Macias C.L., Barrios-Ceballos M.P., Anaya-Velazquez F., Nakada-Tsukui K., Nozaki T., Padilla-Vaca F. Pub article
43 Environmental effects in galaxy clusters: Infalling groups in Abell 85 and 1367   Bravo-Alfaro H., Scott T.C., Brinks E., Cortese L., Granados P., Navarro-Poupard F., Mayya Y.D., Durret F. Pub conference paper
44 Estimation of alkyd reactors with discrete-delayed measurements   Hernandez-Escoto H., Lopez T., Alvarez J. Pub article
45 Evaluation of stochastic global optimization methods for modeling vapor-liquid equilibrium data   Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Rangaiah G.P., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
46 Evidence of the differential biotransformation and genotoxicity of ZnO and CeO2 nanoparticles on soybean (Glycine max) plants   Lopez-Moreno M.L., De La Rosa G., Hernandez-Viezcas J.A., Castillo-Michel H., Botez C.E., Peralta-Videa J.R., Gardea-Torresdey J.L. Pub article
47 Evolution of the spectrum and VLBI structure of W75N during the huge OH maser flare in 2003-2007   Slysh V.I., Alakoz A.V., Migenes V. Pub article
48 Experimental electron density study of tetrakis-μ-(acetylsalicylate) dicopper(ll): A polymeric structure with Cu ⋯ Cu short contacts   Bouhmaida N., Mendez-Rojas M.A., Perez-Benitez A., Merino G., Fraisse B., Ghermani N.E. Pub article
49 Experimental study on pressure drops in a dividing wall distillation column   Barroso-Munoz F.O., Hernandez S., Hernandez-Escoto H., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Rico-Ramirez V., Chavez R.-H. Pub article
50 Extractive dividing wall column: Design and optimization   Bravo-Bravo C., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Gutierrez-Antonio C., Duran A.L., Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Briones-Ramirez A. Pub article
51 Factors controlling the release of arsenic from mining tailings   Rubio-Campos B.E., Cano-Aguilera I., Aguilera-Alvarado A.F., De La Rosa G., Soriano-Perez S.H. Pub conference paper
52 Feasibility study of a thermally coupled reactive distillation process for biodiesel production   Gomez-Castro F.I., Rico-Ramirez V., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S. Pub article
53 First orbital solution for the non-thermal emitter Cyg OB2 NO. 9   Naze Y., Damerdji Y., Rauw G., Kiminki D.C., Mahy L., Kobulnicky H.A., Morel T., De Becker M., Eenens P., Barbieri C. Pub article
54 Fisher information on the performance of dynamic systems   Rico-Ramirez V., Reyes-Mendoza M.A., Quintana-Hernandez P.A., Ortiz-Cruz J.A., Hernandez-Castro S., Diwekar U.M. Pub article
55 Gold(III) recovery from HCl solutions using amberlite XAD-7 impregnated with an ionic liquid (cyphos IL-101)   Navarro R., Saucedo I., Lira M.A., Guibal E. Pub article
56 Hexavalent chromium reduction by bacterial consortia and pure strains from an alkaline industrial effluent   Pinon-Castillo H.A., Brito E.M.S., Goni-Urriza M., Guyoneaud R., Duran R., Nevarez-Moorillon G.V., Gutierrez-Corona J.F., Caretta C.A., Reyna-Lopez G.E. Pub article
57 Highly Sensitive and selective glucose biosensing at carbon paste electrodes modified with electrogenerated magnetite nanoparticles and glucose oxidase   Comba F.N., Rubianes M.D., Cabrera L., Gutierrez S., Herrasti P., Rivas G.A. Pub article
58 High-resolution study of the massive star-forming region IRAS 06061+2151   Trinidad M.A., Rodriguez T. Pub article
59 Hybrid materials from electropolymerized thin polymer layer-based electrodes for the elaboration of a new generation of electrochemical sensors of NO in solution   Quinton D., Porras-Gutierrez A.G., Gutierrez-Granados S., Griveau S., Bedioui F. Pub conference paper
60 Identifcation and quantifcation of furanic compounds in tequila and mezca using spectroscopy and chemometric methods   Munoz-Munoz A.C., Pichardo-Molina J.L., Ramos-Ortiz G., Barbosa-Garcia O., Maldonado J.L., Meneses-Nava M.A., Ornelas-Soto N.E., Escobedo A., Lopez-De-alba P.L. Pub article
61 IMF, SFR and stellar depletion in the local Galactic plane, based on improved Hipparcos samples of single stars   Dawson S.A., Schroder K.-P. Pub article
62 Improved energy efficiency in CDUs through fouling control   Kumana J.D., Polley G.T., Pugh S.J., Ishiyama E.M. Pub conference paper
63 Improved energy efficiency in CDUs through fouling control   Kumana J.D., Polley G.T., Pugh S.J., Ishiyama E.M. Pub conference paper
64 Improved synthesis of DOTA tetraamide ligands for lanthanide(III) ions: A tool for increasing the repertoire of potential PARACEST contrast agents for MRI and/or fluorescent sensors   De Leon-Rodriguez L.M., Viswanathan S., Sherry A.D. Pub article
65 Improved wear resistance of an aluminum - zirconia composite   Fuentes-Ramirez R., Perez-Gonzalez A., Castano Meneses V.M. Pub article in press
66 Improved wear resistance of an aluminum - Zirconia composite   Fuentes-Ramirez R., Perez-Gonzalez A., Castano Meneses V.M. Pub article
67 Induced refraction rings from cumarine materials   Alvarado-Mendez E., Trejo-Duran M., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., De La L. Sanchez-Estrada M., Vazquez-Guevara M.A., Alcaraz-Contreras Y., Sukhoivanov I. Pub conference paper
68 Influence of dispersing agent on the electroanalytical quantification of 8-hydroxy 2′-deoxyguanosine or uric acid on a glassy carbon electrode modified with carbon nanotubes   Gutierrez A., Gutierrez S., Garcia G., Galicia L., Rivas G.A. Pub conference paper
69 Insights into entamoeba histolytica virulence modulation   Padilla-Vaca F., Anaya-Velazquez F. Pub article
70 Isolated Shakhbazian compact groups   Tovmassian H.M., Torres-Papaqui J.P., Tiersch H. Pub article
71 Juvenile hormone favors sexually-selected traits but impairs fat reserves and abdomen mass in males and females   Contreras-Garduno J., Cordoba-Aguilar A., Azpilicueta-Amorin M., Cordero-Rivera A. Pub article
72 Lead and cadmium immobilization on calcitic limestone materials   Rangel-Porras G., Garcia-Magno J.B., Gonzalez-Munoz M.P. Pub article
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74 Massive particles for brain tractography   Aranda R., Rivera M., Ramirez-Manzanares A., Ashtari M., Gee J.C. Pub conference paper
75 Melanin externalization in candida albicans depends on cell wall chitin structures   Walker C.A., Gomez B.L., Mora-Montes H.M., Mackenzie K.S., Munro C.A., Brown A.J.P., Gow N.A.R., Kibbler C.C., Odds F.C. Pub article
76 Mercury recovery from aqueous solutions by polymer-enhanced ultrafiltration using a sulfate derivative of chitosan   Carreon J., Saucedo I., Navarro R., Maldonado M., Guerra R., Guibal E. Pub article
77 Mesoporous characteristics of crystalline indium-titania synthesized by the sol-gel route   Rangel-Porras G., Ramos-Ramirez E., Torres-Guerra L.M. Pub article
78 Mineralogical characterization of the fine fraction (<2μm) of degraded volcanic soils and tepetates in Mexico   Hidalgo C., Etchevers J.D., Martinez-Richa A., Yee-Madeira H., Calderon H.A., Vera-Graziano R., Matus F. Pub article
79 Modelling the power production of single and multiple extraction steam turbines   Medina-Flores J.M., Picon-Nunez M. Pub article
80 More notes on Alfredo Dugés' names for Mexican reptilian taxa   Flores-Villela O., Reynoso V.H., Magana-Cota G. Pub article
81 Multiobjective synthesis of heat exchanger networks minimizing the cost and the environmental impact   Lopez-Maldonado L.A., Ponce-Ortega J.M., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub conference paper
82 Not all that has a negative NICS is aromatic: The case of the H-bonded cyclic Trimer of HF   Islas R., Martinez-Guajardo G., Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Sola M., Merino G. Pub article
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85 Optofluidic compound microlenses made by emulsion techniques   Calixto S., Rosete-Aguilar M., Sanchez-Marin F.J., Maranon V., Arauz-Lara J.-L., Olivares D.M., Calixto-Solano M., Martinez-Prado E.M. Pub article
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87 Planet formation in a disk around a star: The two dense-ring model   Nagel-Vega E. Pub article
88 Planning whole-body humanoid locomotion, reaching, and manipulation   Yoshida E., Esteves C., Kanoun O., Poirier M., Mallet A., Laumond J.-P., Yokoi K. Pub book chapter
89 Probing evolutionary mechanisms in galaxy clusters: Neutral atomic hydrogen in Abell 1367   Scott T.C., Bravo-Alfaro H., Brinks E., Caretta C.A., Cortese L., Boselli A., Hardcastle M.J., Croston J.H., Plauchu I. Pub article
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91 Rapid screening for quality control and adulteration in anti-diabetic drugs: Quantitative and qualitative analysis by LIBS   Contreras U., Ornelas-Soto N., Meneses-Nava M.A., Barbosa-Garcia O., Lopez-de-Alba P.L., Lopez-Martinez L. Pub conference paper
92 Reducing costs and CO2 emissions on the production of biodiesel by the supercritical methanol method   Gomez-Castro F.I., Rico-Ramirez V., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez-Castro S. Pub conference paper
93 Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in extractive distillation: Part II. Dynamic behavior   Ibarra-Sanchez J.d.J., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
94 Replicative and integrative plasmids for production of human interferon gamma in Bacillus subtilis   Rojas Contreras J.A., Pedraza-Reyes M., Ordonez L.G., Estrada N.U., Barba de la Rosa A.P., De Leon-Rodriguez A. Pub article
95 Ribonucleoside labeling with Os(vi): A methodological approach to evaluation of RNA methylation by HPLC-ICP-MS   Wrobel K., Rodriguez Flores C., Chan Q., Wrobel K. Pub conference paper
96 Ring opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone initiated by decamolybdate anion: Determination of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters by DSC and 1H-NMR   Ramirez-Hernandez A., Martinez-Richa A. Pub article
97 Robust spatial regularization and velocity layer separation for optical flow computation on transparent sequences   Ramirez-Manzanares A., Palafox-Gonzalez A., Rivera M. Pub conference paper
98 Role of the y-family DNA polymerases YqjH and YqjW in protecting sporulating bacillus subtilis cells from DNA damage   Rivas-Castillo A.M., Yasbin R.E., Robleto E., Nicholson W.L., Pedraza-Reyes M. Pub article
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101 Screening method for identification of adulterate and fake tequilas by using UV-VIS spectroscopy and chemometrics   Contreras U., Barbosa-Garcia O., Pichardo-Molina J.L., Ramos-Ortiz G., Maldonado J.L., Meneses-Nava M.A., Ornelas-Soto N.E., Lopez-de-Alba P.L. Pub article
102 Shortcut performance method for assessing the flexibility of cooling systems   Picon-Nunez M., Fuentes-Silva A., Canizalez-Davalos L. Pub conference paper
103 Shorter still: Compressing C-C single bonds   Martinez-Guajardo G., Donald K.J., Wittmaack B.K., Vazquez M.A., Merino G. Pub article
104 Single and multi diffusion-tensor based kernels for anisotropic filtering of brain DW-MR images   Ramirez-Manzanares A., Rafael-Patino J., Ashtari M. Pub conference paper
105 Sonoelectrochemical synthesis of magnetite   Cabrera L., Gutierrez S., Herrasti P., Reyman D. Pub conference paper
106 Spectrophotometric determination of formation constants for the Cu-ethylenediamine-halogen (chloride and bromide) system and their catalytic effect on the oxidative coupling of 2,6-di-tert-butyl-phenol   Segoviano-Garfias J.J.N., Moreno-Esparza R., Mendoza-Diaz G. Pub article
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108 Sporothrix schenckii: Purification and partial biochemical characterization of glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase, a potential antifungal target   Gonzalez-Ibarra J., Milewski S., Villagomez-Castro J.C., Cano-Canchola C., Lopez-Romero E. Pub article
109 Structure and stability of Si6Li6: Aromaticity vs polarizability   Santos J.C., Contreras M., Merino G. Pub article
110 Study of the anticorrosive properties of different bi-Layers of polypyrrole - BTSE on carbon steel immersed in NaCl media   Correa-Borroel A.L., Gutierrez S., Arce Estrada E., Cabrera-Sierra R., Herrasti P. Pub article
111 Substituent effects on 31P NMR chemical shifts and 1J P-Se of triarylselenophosphates   Dominguez Z., Hernandez J., Silva-Gutierrez L., Salas-Reyes M., Sanchez M., Merino G. Pub article
112 Syntheses and characterization of Cu2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ binding capability of histidinehydroxamic acid derivatives   Csapo E., Buglyo P., Nagy N.V., Santos M.A., Corona A., Farkas E. Pub article
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114 TEOS-colloidal silica-PDMS-OH hybrid formulation used for stone consolidation   Salazar-Hernandez C., Alquiza M.J.P., Salgado P., Cervantes J. Pub article
115 Theoretical study of fouling in fired heaters used in crude oil distillation plants   Morales Fuentes A., Polley G.T., Picon Nunez M. Pub conference paper
116 Thermal analysis of industrial cooling systems   Nunez M.P. Pub book chapter
117 Transcription-associated mutation in Bacillus subtilis cells under stress   Pybus C., Pedraza-Reyes M., Ross C.A., Martin H., Ona K., Yasbin R.E., Robleto E. Pub article
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119 Viscoelastic characterization of TEOS sols in three different solvents when DBTL is used as polycondensation catalyst   Salazar-Hernandez C., Cervantes J., Alonso S. Pub article
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122 What is the structure of Si3 H5 -?   Ortega-Moo C., Cervantes J., Mendez-Rojas M.A., Pannell K.H., Merino G. Pub article
123 X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) corroboration of the uptake and storage of ceo2 nanoparticles and assessment of their differential toxicity in four edible plant species   Lopez-Moreno M.L., De La Rosa G., Hernandez-Viezcas J.A., Peralta-Videa J.R., Gardea-Torresdey J.L. Pub article

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2 Aquifer vulnerability and groundwater quality in mega cities: Case of the Mexico Basin   Ramos Leal J.A., Noyola Medrano C., Tapia Silva F.O. Pub article
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  Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades  
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