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  Ciencias de la Vida  
1 Phase-segregated dendrigraft copolymer architectures   Cadena L.-E.S., Gauthier M. Pub review
2 Genetic and phenotypic trends for milk yield and milk composition traits of Saanen goats from Mexico [Tendencias genéticas y fenotípicas para características de producción y composición de la leche en cabras Saanen de México]   Torres-Vazquez J.A., Valencia-Posadas M., Castillo-Juarez H., Montaldo H.H. Pub article
3 Genetic and phenotypic trends for milk yield and milk composition traits of Saanen goats from Mexico [Tendencias genéticas y fenotípicas para caracterí sticas de producción y composición de la leche en cabras Saanen de México]   Torres-Vazqueza J.A., Valencia-Posadasb M., Castillo-Juarezc H., Montaldod H.H. Pub article
4 Generation of chitin-derived oligosaccharides toxic to pathogenic bacteria using ChiA74, an endochitinase native to Bacillus thuringiensis   Ortiz-Rodriguez T., De La Fuente-Salcido N., Bideshi D.K., Salcedo-Hernandez R., Barboza-Corona J.E. Pub article
5 Genetic and environmental parameters for milk production, udder health, and fertility traits in Mexican Holstein cows   Montaldo H.H., Castillo-Juarez H., Valencia-Posadas M., Cienfuegos-Rivas E.G., Ruiz-Lopez F.J. Pub article
6 Goat breeding research in Mexico   Montaldo H.H., Torres-Hernandez G., Valencia-Posadas M. Pub article
7 Short communication: Genetic and environmental relationships between milk yield and kidding interval in dairy goats   Montaldo H.H., Valencia-Posadas M., Wiggans G.R., Shepard L., Torres-Vazquez J.A. Pub article
8 Molecular and biochemical characterization of extracellular tannin acyl hydrolase activity from a mexican isolate of aspergillus niger   Leon-Galvan F., Torres-Pacheco I., Jimenez-Espinoza F., Romero-Gomez S., Guevara-Olvera L., de la Rosa A.P.B., Gonzalez-Chavira M.M., Guevara-Gonzalez R.G. Pub article
9 Virulence of Mexican isolates of entomopathogenic fungi (Hypocreales: Clavicipitaceae) upon Rhipicephalus=Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) larvae and the efficacy of conidia formulations to reduce larval tick density under field conditions   Angel-Sahagun C.A., Lezama-Gutierrez R., Molina-Ochoa J., Pescador-Rubio A., Skoda S.R., Cruz-Vazquez C., Lorenzoni A.G., Galindo-Velasco E., Fragoso-Sanchez H., Foster J.E. Pub article
10 Insect wing deformation measurements using high speed digital holographic interferometry   Aguayo D.D., Santoyo F.M., De La Torre-I M.H., Salas-Araiza M.D., Caloca-Mendez C., Hernandez D.A.G. Pub article

1 3D analysis of a new radial channel for pemfcs and comparison with a traditional channeled system   Perez-Raya I., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Elizalde-Blancas F., Juarez-Robles D., Almanza-Huerta L. Pub conference paper
2 A field programmable gate array-based reconfigurable smart-sensor network for wireless monitoring of new generation computer numerically controlled machines   Moreno-Tapia S.V., Vera-Salas L.A., Osornio-Rios R.A., Dominguez-Gonzalez A., Stiharu I., Romero-Troncoso R.J. Pub article
3 A novel five-degrees-of-freedom decoupled robot   Gallardo-Alvarado J., Orozco-Mendoza H., Rico-Martinez J.M. Pub article
4 A parametric study of a PEMFC flow field using a constructal radial design   Perez-Raya I., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Elizalde-Blancas F., Juarez-Robles D. Pub conference paper
5 A study numerical simulation of post combustion co2 capture process   Chavez R.-H., De Guadarrama J.J., Hernandez-Guerrero A. Pub conference paper
6 Air pollution analysis with a PFCM clustering algorithm applied in a real database of Salamanca (Mexico)   Ojeda-Magana B., Cortina-Januchs M.G., Barron-Adame J.M., Quintanilla-Dominguez J., Hernandez W., Vega-Corona A., Ruelas R., Andina D. Pub conference paper
7 An analysis of cross points in the low-degree polynomial gains of p-lag unbiased smoothing FIR filters   Morales-Mendoza L.J., Shmaliy Y.S., Perez-Caceres S. Pub conference paper
8 An object-oriented architecture for sensorless cutting force feedback for CNC milling process monitoring and control   Loenzo R.A.G., Lumbreras P.D.A., Troncoso R.d.J.R., Ruiz G.H. Pub article
9 Analysis and experimental visualization of the flow behavior between parallel separated cross-corrugated plates   Luna J.M., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Romero-Mendez R., Luviano-Ortiz J.L. Pub conference paper
10 Analysis of equivalent antennas in RT duroid 5880 and 5870 for GPS operation frequency   Vera-Dimas J.G., Tecpoyotl-Torres M., Grimalsky V., Koshevaya S.V., Torres-Cisneros M. Pub conference paper
11 Analysis of the conjugate heat transfer in a multi-layer wall including an air layer   Armando G.-M., Armando B.-B.J., Christian V.-C., Rangel-Hernandez V.H., Belman-Flores J.M. Pub article
12 Analysis of the flow in the combustor-transition piece considering the variation in the fuel composition   Arturo A.A.J., Armando G.M., Manuel R.A.J., Polo F.L.M., Alfonso C.A., German M.G.A. Pub conference paper
13 Application for design and simulation of optical WDM demultiplexer   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
14 Application of a lumped model for predicting energy performance of a variable-speed vapour compression system   Navarro-Esbri J., Ginestar D., Belman J.M., Milian V., Verdu G. Pub article
15 Band engineering of complex asymmetric multiple quantum wells for optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers   Shulika O.V., Sukhoivanov I.A., Klymenko M.V., Safonov I.M., Lucio J.A.A., Perez A.G., Rojas-Laguna R. Pub conference paper
16 Band structure computation of 1D photonic crystals   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
17 Band structure computation of 2D and 3D photonic crystals   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
18 Broadband aperiodic multilayer mirrors for supercontinuum reflection   Iakushev S.O., Sukhoivanov I.A., Alvarado-Mendez E., Trejo-Duran M., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Rojas-Laguna R., Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub conference paper
19 CFD analysis of a constructal flow distributor as a bipolar plate for PEMFCs   Ramos-Alvarado B., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Juarez-Robles D., Rubio-Arana C., Vital-Flores F. Pub conference paper
20 CFD analysis of flow and heat transfer in a novel heat sink for electronic devices   Ramos-Alvarado B., Li P., Liu H., Hernandez-Guerrero A. Pub conference paper
21 CFD analysis of the heat dissipation of plates with novel flow fields for the cooling of electronic devices   Bladimir R.-A., Li P., Abel H.-G., Francisco E.-B. Pub conference paper
22 Code reading error probability estimation for SAW tag systems with pulse position coding   Plessky V., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub article
23 Combination of acceleration procedures for solving stochastic shortest-path markov decision processes   Garcia-Hernandez M.G., Ruiz-Pinales J., Ledesma-Orozco S., Avina-Cervantes G., Onaindia E., Reyes-Ballesteros A. Pub conference paper
24 Complex amplitude filters for extended depth of field   Ojeda-Castaneda J., Yepez-Vidal E., Garcia-Almanza E. Pub article
25 Composite curves in direct and indirect heat exchange network for simultaneous heat and mass transfer system: Analysis and applications   Martinez-Patino J., Verda V., Serra L.M., Picon-Nunez M., Hernandez-Figueroa M.A. Pub conference paper
26 Coupling efficiency and transmission through hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers   Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Mangan B.J., Wadsworth W.J., Knight J.C. Pub conference paper
27 Current density and polarization curves for radial flow field patterns applied to PEMFCs (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells)   Cano-Andrade S., Hernandez-Guerrero A., von Spakovsky M.R., Damian-Ascencio C.E., Rubio-Arana J.C. Pub article
28 Design and optimization of real-time texture analysis using sum and difference histograms implemented on an FPGA   Ibarra-Manzano M.-A., Almanza-Ojeda D.-L., Lopez-Hernandez J.-M. Pub conference paper
29 Design methodology for fully dynamic-controlled polynomial profiles and reduced tracking error in CNC machines   Rivera-Guillen J.R., Romero-Troncoso R.D.J., Osornio-Rios R.A., Garcia-Perez A., Herrera-Ruiz G. Pub article
30 Design of a simple and economic device for the experimental verifi cation of the theory of multi-degree-of-freedom vibration systems   Vazquez T.G., Ruiz E.A., Nunez C.J.O., Aguilera G.R., Baez M.A.M., Rios H.J., Venegas J.C., Sanchez J.J.C., Martineza J.M.R., Barrera J.M.B. Pub article
31 Determination of system frequencies in mechanical systems during shutdown transient   Amezquita-Sanchez J.P., Cabal-Yepez E., Romero-Troncoso R.J., Osornio-Rios R.A., Garcia-Perez A. Pub article
32 Development of dual volume cryogenic hydrogen storage system   Ledesma-orozco E., Aceves S.M., Espinosa-loza F. Pub conference paper
33 Diagnosis test of power cables using a resonant test system and analysis of partial discharge on site   Jaramillo-Vacio R., Ochoa-Zezzatti C.A., Jons S., Ledesma-Orozco S. Pub conference paper
34 Electro-optic time lens with an extended time aperture   Munioz-Camuniez L.E., Torres-Company V., Lancis J., Ojeda-Castaneda J., Andres P. Pub article
35 Entropy generation analysis for a PEM fuel-cell with a biomimetic flow field   Cesar D.-A., Abel H.-G., Fernando A.-C., Daniel J.-R. Pub conference paper
36 Entropy generation minimization in rectangular microchannels with fully and non-fully developed conditions   Rubio-Jimenez C.A., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rangel-Hernandez V.H., Zuniga-Cerroblanco J.L. Pub conference paper
37 Environmental impact index using exergy destruction within an ecosystem methodology   Diaz-Mendez S.E., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rodriguez-Lelis J.M., Rubio-Arana C. Pub conference paper
38 Environmental impact indicator using exergy destruction within an ecosystem - Example of a specific case   Diaz-Mendez S.E., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rodriguez-Lelis J.M., Botello-Arredondo I. Pub conference paper
39 Environmentally friendly, improved solar thermal collectors   Popescu A., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Donosa D., Panaite E.C. Pub conference paper
40 Estructural cell changes during the antagonist activity of Bacillus subtilis against Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium verticillioides [Cambios en la estructura celular durante la actividad antagonica de Bacillus subtilis contra Rhizoctonia solani y Fusarium verticillioides]   Basurto-Cadena M.G., Font San Ambrosio M.I., Garcia-Jimenez J., Vazquez-Arista M. Pub article
41 Evaluating the energy requirements of small-scale biodiesel production from raw tallow of tanning industry   Rangel-Hernandez V.H., Lara-Barron F., Zaleta-Aguilar A., Riesco-Avila J.M., Gallegos-Munoz A. Pub conference paper
42 Experimental analysis of PEM fuel cells with biomimetical mixed flows as gas distributorse   Damian-Ascencio C.E., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Alatorre-Ordaz A., Cuauhtemoc-Rubio A., Elizalde-Blancas F. Pub conference paper
43 Extended exergy analysis applied to an offshore platform flare stack   Diaz-Mendez S.E., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Sciubba E., Rangel-Hernandez V.H. Pub conference paper
44 Extending tool-life through jerk-limited motion dynamics in machining processes: An experimental study   Rivera-Guillen J.R., Romero-Troncoso R.J., Osornio-Rios R.A., Garcia-Perez A., Torres-Pacheco I. Pub article
45 Extinction zones and scalability in N-beam interference lattices   Jimenez-Ceniceros A., Trejo-Duran M., Alvarado-Mendez E., Castano V.M. Pub article
46 Fabrication and characterization of long period fiber gratings with an alternative electric arc method to be applied as optical fiber sensors   Mata-Chavez R.I., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Rojas-Laguna R., Vargas-Rodriguez E., Trejo-Duran M., Alvarado-Mendez E., Andrade-Lucio J.A. Pub conference paper
47 FDTD method for band structure computation   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
48 Finite-Difference time-domain method for PhC devices modeling   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
49 FIR smoothing of discrete-time polynomial signals in state space   Shmaliy Y.S., Morales-Mendoza L.J. Pub article
50 Flow induced oscillation of a set-in circular cylinder   Oviedo-Tolentino F., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Romero-Mendez R., Luna J.M. Pub conference paper
51 Forced convection analysis in a vertical square cavity with a vortex promoter   Damian-Ascencio E.A., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rubio-Arana C., Kowalski G. Pub conference paper
52 FPGA-based fused smart sensor for dynamic and vibration parameter extraction in industrial robot links   Rodriguez-Donate C., Morales-Velazquez L., Osornio-Rios R.A., Herrera-Ruiz G., Romero-Troncoso R.J. Pub article
53 FPGA-based fused smart sensor for real-time plant-transpiration dynamic estimation   Millan-Almaraz J.R., Romero-Troncoso R.J., Guevara-Gonzalez R.G., Contreras-Medina L.M., Carrillo-Serrano R.V., Osornio-Rios R.A., Duarte-Galvan C., Rios-Alcaraz M.A., Torres-Pacheco I. Pub article
54 FPGA-based multiple-channel vibration analyzer for industrial applications in induction motor failure detection   Contreras-Medina L.M., Romero-Troncoso R.D.J., Cabal-Yepez E., Rangel-Magdaleno J.D.J., Millan-Almaraz J.R. Pub conference paper
55 FPGA-based online detection of multiple-combined faults through information entropy and neural networks   Eduardo C.-Y., Ricardo S.-G., Garcia-Ramirez A.G., Fernandez-Jaramillo A.A., Marcos P.-A., Martin V.-R. Pub conference paper
56 FPGA-based vibration analyzer for continuous CNC machinery monitoring with fused FFT-DWT signal processing   Rangel-Magdaleno J.D.J., Romero-Troncoso R.D.J., Osornio-Rios R.A., Cabal-Yepez E., Dominguez-Gonzalez A. Pub article
57 Fuel impact reconciliation method. part II: Effect of the regulation system   Pacheco Ibarra J.J., Rangel Hernandez V.H., Rubio Maya C., Medina Flores J.M., Zaleta Aguilar A., Belman-Flores J.M. Pub conference paper
58 Fundamentals of computation of photonic crystal characteristics   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
59 Fundamentals of wave optics   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
60 Geometrical effects in optimal performance of energy dissipation of pin fin heat sinks   Zuniga-Cerroblanco J.L., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Kowalski G.J., Rubio-Arana J.C. Pub conference paper
61 Getting the wrapped phase map by strips projection [Obtención del mapa de fase envuelta mediante la proyección de franjas]   Hernandez Fusilier D., De Leon Rodriguez I., Ayala Hernandez J.E., Ledesma Orozco S.E., Martinez Celorio R.A., Ireta Moreno F., Camahort E. Pub conference paper
62 Hybrid Fuel Impact Reconciliation Method: An integral tool for thermoeconomic diagnosis   Pacheco Ibarra J.J., Rangel Hernandez V.H., Zaleta Aguilar A., Valero A. Pub article
63 Implementation of unbiased fir filters with low-degree polynomial gains   Ibarra-Manzano O., Shmaliy Y.S., Kehtarnavaz N., Panahi I., Castro-Tinttori P. Pub conference paper
64 Improving the performance of a PEMFC by means of achieving uniform flow distribution   Ramos-Alvarado B., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Elizalde-Blancas F., Rubio-Arana C. Pub conference paper
65 Incompresible periodically reversing flow in a conical pipeline of finite length   Luis L.-O.J., Abel H.-G., Eduardo R., Jose-Manuel L. Pub conference paper
66 Infinitesimal kinematics methods in the mobility determination of kinematic chains   Rico J.M., Cervantes J.J., Tadeo A., Gallardo J., Aguilera L.D., Diez C.R. Pub conference paper
67 Influence of the constraint equations in the thermo - mechanics stress analysis in blades of gas turbine   Garcia V.P., Munoz A.G., Cruz R.A.R., Belman-Flores J.M., Mazur Z. Pub conference paper
68 Instrumentación y diseño de una fuente de alto voltaje para fabricar rejillas de fibra óptica mediante la técnica de arco eléctrico   Hernandez-Garcia J.C., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Rojas-Laguna R., Mata Chavez R.I., Martinez-Rios A., Gutierrez J.G., Trejo-Duran M., Vargas-Rodriguez E., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Alvarado-Mendez E. Pub article
69 Introduction to photonic crystals   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub editorial
70 Kinematics of a hyper-redundant manipulator by means of screw theory   Gallardo-Alvarado J., Rico-Martinez J.M. Pub article
71 Linear optimal fir estimation of discrete time-invariant state-space models   Shmaliy Y.S. Pub article
72 Magnetoresistance in a lithography defined single constrained domain wall spin-valve   Wang Y., De Groot C.H., Claudio-Gonzalez D., Fangohr H. Pub article
73 Microcalcification detection applying artificial neural networks and mathematical morphology in digital mammograms   Quintanilla-Dominguez J., Cortina-Januchs M.G., Ojeda-MaganA B., Jevtic A., Vega-Corona A., Andina D. Pub conference paper
74 Modeling of the intrinsic stress effect on the resonant frequency of NEMS resonators integrated by beams with variable cross-section   Herrera-May A.L., Aguilera-Cortes L.A., Garcia-Ramirez P.J., Plascencia-Mora H., Torres-Cisneros M. Pub article
75 Moving average hybrid filter to the enhancing ultrasound image processing   Morales Mendoza L.J., Shmaliy Y. Pub article
76 Multiwavelength ytterbium-doped fiber laser   Anzueto-Sanchez G., Martinez-Rios A., Torres-Gomez I., Ceballos-Herrera D., Mata-Chavez R.I., Castrellon-Uribe J. Pub conference paper
77 Nanoelectromechanical systems: Origin, applications and challenges [Sistemas nanoelectromecǎnicos: Origem aplicações e desafios]   Herrera-May A., Aguilera-Cortes L.A., Manjarrez E., Gonzalez-Palacios M. Pub article
78 Natural convection in an air-filled cubical enclosure with a protruding heat sink: Application to a thermoelectric refrigerator   Botello-Arredondo I., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Pena-Taveras M., Miranda-Razo V., Rubio-Arana C. Pub conference paper
79 Natural patterns applied to the design of microchannel heat sinks   Rubio-Jimenez C.A., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Rubio-Arana J.C., Kandlikar S. Pub conference paper
80 New radial-based flow configurations for pEMFCs   Perez-Raya I., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Juarez-Robles D., Ernesto Gutierrez-Rivera M., Rubio-Arana J.C. Pub conference paper
81 Noncoherent imagery: A novel approach   Ojeda-Castaneda J., Gomez-Sarabia C.M. Pub article
82 Nonlinear photonic crystal for optical power limiting   Guryev I.V., Sukhoivanov I.A., Alvarado Mendez E., Trejo-Duran M., Andrade Lucio J.A., Rojas-Laguna R., Ibarra-Manzano O., Estudillo Ayala J. Pub conference paper
83 Novel hardware processing unit for dynamic on-line entropy estimation of discrete time information   Cabal-Yepez E., Romero-Troncoso R.d.J., Garcia-Perez A., Rodriguez-Donate C. Pub article
84 Novel Multimode Interference liquid level sensors   Antonio-Lopez J.E., Torres-Cisneros M., Arredondo-Lucio J.A., Sanchez-Mondragon J.J., LiKamWa P., May-Arrioja D.A. Pub conference paper
85 Numerical simulation in an air filled cubical enclosure with protruding heat sinks   Botello-Arredondo I., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Pena-Taveras M., Miranda-Razo V., Rubio-Arana C. Pub conference paper
86 Numerical-experimental study of the gas LP atmospheric burner   Ramirez-Barron A., Aguilar-Moreno A., Gallegos-Munoz A., Riesco-Avila J.M., Martinez-Martinez S., Sanchez-Cruz F.A. Pub conference paper
87 Omnidirectional band gaps in a ternary metallo-dielectric stack   Alejo-Molina A., Sanchez-Mondragon J., Zamudio-Lara A., May-Arrioja D.A., Torres-Cisneros M. Pub conference paper
88 Omnidirectional reflector in a ternary metallo-dielectric stack   Alejo-Molina A., Sanchez-Mondragon J., Zamudio-Lara A., May-Arrioja D.A., Torres-Cisneros M. Pub conference paper
89 On the construction of models for electrical conduction in biological tissues   Gomez-Aguilar F., Bernal-Alvarado J., Cordova-Fraga T., Rosales-Garcia J., Guia-Calderon M. Pub conference paper
90 On the integration of power, heat and water in industrial processes   Martinez-Patino J., Picon-Nunez M., Hernandez-Figueroa M.A., Verda V., Serra L.M. Pub conference paper
91 One dimensional photonic crystal with conducting nanoparticles composite   Escobedo-Alatorre J., Sanchez-Mondragon J., Velasquez-Ordonez C., Magana Loaiza O.S., Tecpoyotl-Torres M., Zamudio Lara A. Pub conference paper
92 Open-architecture system based on a reconfigurable hardware-software multi-agent platform for CNC machines   Morales-Velazquez L., Romero-Troncoso R.D.J., Osornio-Rios R.A., Herrera-Ruiz G., Cabal-Yepez E. Pub article
93 Optical fiber temperature sensors: Applications in heat treatments for foods   Sosa-Morales M.E., Rojas-Laguna R., Lopez-Malo A. Pub conference paper
94 Optical wave breaking cancelation and formation of quasi-parabolic ultrashort pulses   Iakushev S.O., Shulika O.V., Garcia J.J.R. Pub conference paper
95 Optical wave breaking cancellation in the far dispersion field of optical fiber   Sukhoivanov I.A., Iakushev S.O., Petrov S.I., Shulika O.V. Pub conference paper
96 Optimal and unbiased FIR estimates of clock state   Ibarra-Manzano O., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub conference paper
97 Optimal and unbiased fir estimates of clock state for space and ground applications   Shmaliy Y.S., Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub conference paper
98 Optimization of dielectric strength test for the selection of insulating compounds for underground power cables   Parada A.G., Cabrera R.G., Miranda A.C., Del Llano Viscaya L. Pub conference paper
99 Parametric analysis of a bayonet tube with a special type of extended surface   Almanza-Huerta L., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Krarti M., Luna J.M. Pub conference paper
100 Parametric study of a symmetric flow distributor   Ramos-Alvarado B., Hernandez-Guerrero A., Juarez-Robles D., Li P., Rubio-Arana J.C. Pub conference paper
101 Performance optimization and mechanical modeling of uniaxial piezoresistive microaccelerometers   Cortes-Perez A.R., Herrera-May A.L., Aguilera-Cortes L.A., Gonzalez-Palacios M.A., Torres-Cisneros M. Pub article
102 pH biosensor with plastic fiber optic doped with carbone nanotubes used sol-gel technique   Alvarado-Mendez E., Flores-Rangel S.D., Hernandez-Cruz D., Trejo-Duran M., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Rojas-Laguna R., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Vargas-Rodriguez E., Chavez R.I.M., Garcia-Hernandez M.G. Pub conference paper
103 Photonic band-gap maps for different two dimensionally periodic photonic crystal structures   Dyogtyev A.V., Sukhoivanov I.A., De La Rue R.M. Pub article
104 Photonic crystal optical fibers   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
105 Photonic crystal waveguides   Sukhoivanov I.A., Guryev I.V. Pub article
106 Polarization study on solid core photonic crystal fibers partially sedimented with polyethylene micro-spheres and carbon nanotubes   Perez-Chimal R.J., Mata-Chavez R.I., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Vargas-Rodriguez E., Alvarado-Mendez E., Rojas-Laguna R. Pub conference paper
107 Potential of mathematical modeling in fruit quality   Vazquez-Cruz M.A., Torres-Pacheco I., Miranda-Lopez R., Cornejo-Perez O., Osornio-Rios A.R., Romero-Troncoso R., Guevara-Gonzalez R.G. Pub review
108 Premature deterioration of blades in an axial flow turbocompressor due to the fogging system operation, and its re-design solution   Zaleta-Aguilar A., Olivares-Arriaga A., Ayala A., Rangel-Herndndez V.H., Belman J.M. Pub conference paper
109 P-step unbiased FIR filter to the ultrasound image processing   Morales-Mendoza L.J., Shmaliy Y., Morales-Mendoza E., Ortega-Almanza R. Pub conference paper
110 Quasi-parabolic pulses in the far field of dispersion of nonlinear fiber   Yakushev S.O., Shulika O.V., Sukhoivanov I.A., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Garcia-Perez A. Pub conference paper
111 Reconfigurable node processing unit for a low-power wireless sensor network   Vera-Salas L.A., Moreno-Tapia S.V., Osornio-Rios R.A., De J. Romero-Troncoso R. Pub conference paper
112 Red Alive   Lopez R.T. Pub short survey
113 Screw systems generated from subalgebras: Properties and applications   Rico J.M., Cervantes-Sanchez J.J., Tadeo-Chavez A., Perez-Soto G.I. Pub conference paper
114 Some experiences on the teaching of kinematics and robotics in Mexican universities   Rico J.M., Cervantes-Sanchez J.J., Tadeo-Chavez A., Perez-Soto G.I. Pub conference paper
115 Spectral characteristics of side face excited microstructured fibers for photonic integrated circuits formations   Guryev I.V., Vazquez D.J., Sukhoivanov I.A., Luna C.H., Esdudillo-Ayala J.M., Andrade Lucio J.A., Chavez R.M., Trejo-Duran M., Alvarado Mendez E., Rojas-Laguna R. Pub conference paper
116 Steady-state model of a variable speed vapor compression system using R134a as working fluid   Belman J.M., Navarro-Esbri J., Ginestar D., Milian V. Pub article
117 Studies of discrete-time unbiased fir filters of polynomial state-space models   Shmaliy Y.S., Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub conference paper
118 Studies of optimal FIR estimator of clock state employing measurement of time errors   Shmaliy Y.S., Ibarra-Manzano O. Pub conference paper
119 Study of a spherical photonic crystal with conducting nano shell and a nano particle core   Zamudio-Lara A., Sanchez-Mondragon J., Velazquez-Ordonez C., Alejo-Molina A., Torres-Cisneros M., Escobedo-Alatorre J. Pub conference paper
120 Study of the heat transfer in an annular combustor   Ramirez-Barron A., Gallegos-Munoz A., Riesco-Avila J.M., Simon M.M. Pub conference paper
121 Supersymmetric cosmological FRW model and dark energy   Rosales J.J., Tkach V.I. Pub article
122 Temporal difference method for processing dynamic speckle patterns   Marti-Lopez L., Cabrera H., Martinez-Celorio R.A., Gonzalez-Pena R. Pub article
123 Temporal filtering in phase-space   Gomez-Sarabia C.M., Andres P., Ojeda-Castaneda J. Pub conference paper
124 Temporal similarity for optical short pulses   Ojeda-Castaneda J., Gomez-Sarabia C.M. Pub article
125 Theoretical and experimental optical properties in three ionic liquids of [BMIM] family   Trejo-Duran M., Alvarado-Mendez E., Andrade-Lucio J.A., Barrera-Rivera K.A., Estudillo-Ayala J.M., Sukhoivanov I.A. Pub conference paper
126 Thermoeconomic diagnosis theory based on thermo-characterization   Zaleta-Aguilar A., Dominguez-Vega R.A., Olivares-Arriaga A., Rangel-Hernandez V.H. Pub article
127 Thermoeconomic diagnosis to micro-polygeneration system   Garcia-Castillo L.M., Gutierrez-Gonzalez A.P., Rangel-Herndndez V.H., Zaleta-Aguilar A. Pub conference paper
128 Thresholds for the identification of commercial wireless SAW ID-tags   Cerda-Villafana G., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub conference paper
129 Thresholds for the identification of wireless SAW RFID-tags with ASK   Cerda-Villafana G., Shmaliy Y.S. Pub conference paper
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