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  Ciencias Económico Administrativas  
1 The real exchange rate, regime changes and volatility shifts   Ventosa-Santaularia D., Gomez-Zaldivar M., Wallace F.H.  Pub article in press
2 Credit Chains and Mortgage Crises   Hernandez-Verme P.L. Pub article



  Ciencias Naturales y Exactas  
1 Intensification of a hydrotreating process to produce biojet fuel using thermally coupled distillation   Gutierrez-Antonio C., Gomez-Castro F.I., Hernandez S., Briones-Ramirez A. Pub article
2 Synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridin-chromones by a MW assisted Groebke-Blackburn-Bienaymé process   Kishore K.G., Basavanag U.M.V., Islas-Jacome A., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
3 Electrochemical promotion of strong oxidants to degrade Acid Red 211: Effect of supporting electrolytes   Uranga-Flores A., De La Rosa-Juarez C., Gutierrez-Granados S., De Moura D.C., Martinez-Huitle C.A., Peralta Hernandez J.M. Pub article
4 Unprecedented one-pot sequential thiolate substitutions under mild conditions leading to a red emissive BODIPY dye 3,5,8-tris(PhS)-BODIPY   Roacho R.I., Metta-Magana A., Pena-Cabrera E., Pannell K.  Pub article
5 A combined experimental and theoretical study on the isomers of 2,3,4,5-tetracarba-nido-hexaborane(6) derivatives and their photophysical properties   Braunschweig H., Ghosh S., Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Klein J.H., Lambert C., Radacki K., Steffen A., Vargas A., Wahler J. Pub article
6 Straightforward synthetic protocol for the introduction of stabilized cnucleophiles in the BODIPY core for advanced sensing and photonic applications   Gutierrez-Ramos B.D., Banuelos J., Arbeloa T., Arbeloa I.L., Gonzalez-Navarro P.E., Wrobel K., Cerdan L., Garcia-Moreno I., Costela A., Pena-Cabrera E. Pub article in press
7 Acetyl cyanide as a cyanide source in a tandem catalyst-free modified Groebke-Blackburn-Bienaymé [4+1]-cycloaddition-Strecker cascade   Martinez-Ariza G., Nunez-Rios J., Lee Y.-S., Hulme C. Pub article
8 Design of non-equilibrium stage separation systems by a stochastic optimization approach for a class of mixtures   Gomez-Castro F.I., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Gutierrez-Antonio C., Briones-Ramirez A., Gamino-Arroyo Z. Pub article
9 Dynamical correlation within the Interacting Quantum Atoms method through coupled cluster theory   Chavez-Calvillo R., Garcia-Revilla M., Francisco E., Martin Pendas A., Rocha-Rinza T. Pub article
10 Process alternatives for biobutanol purification: Design and optimization   Sanchez-Ramirez E., Quiroz-Ramirez J.J., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Bonilla-Petriciolet A. Pub article
11 Solid oxide fuel cell numerical study: Modified MOLB-type and simple planar geometries with internal reforming   Ramirez-Minguela J.J., Rodriguez-Munoz J.L., Perez-Garcia V., Mendoza-Miranda J.M., Munoz-Carpio V.D., Alfaro-Ayala J.A. Pub article
12 Synthesis and characterization of Sn doped TiO2 photocatalysts: Effect of Sn concentration on the textural properties and on the photocatalytic degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid   Rangel-Vazquez I., Del Angel G., Bertin V., Gonzalez F., Vazquez-Zavala A., Arrieta A., Padilla J.M., Barrera A., Ramos-Ramirez E. Pub article in press
13 Synthesis of benzo-fused spiropiperidines through a regioselective free radical-mediated cyclization as key step: a suitable alternative towards the lead σ-1 receptor ligand L-687384   Gordillo-Cruz R.E., Islas-Jacome A., Renteria-Gomez A., Mera-Zambrano E., Ibarra-Rivera T., Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Miranda-Gutierrez L.D., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article in press
14 Synthesis of novel bis-1,5-disubstituted-1H-tetrazoles by an efficient catalyst-free Ugi-azide repetitive process   Cardenas-Galindo L.E., Islas-Jacome A., Colmenero-Martinez K.M., Martinez-Richa A., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
15 Synthesis, stereoisomerism and crystal structures of neutral hexacoordinate silicon(IV) complexes with Salen-O,N,N,O and thiocyanato-N ligands   Gonzalez-Garcia G., Gutierrez J.A., Alvarez E., Lopez J.A., Jimenez-Halla J.O.C. Pub article
16 Bcpmr1 encodes a P-type Ca2+/Mn2+-ATPase mediating cell-wall integrity and virulence in the phytopathogen Botrytis cinerea   Plaza V., Lagues Y., Carvajal M., Perez-Garcia L.A., Mora-Montes H.M., Canessa P., Larrondo L.F., Castillo L. Pub article
17 Effective diffusion on Riemannian fiber bundles   Valdes C.V. Pub article
18 Evaluation of two stereo matchers on long real-world video sequences   Shin B.-S., Caudillo D., Klette R. Pub article
19 Graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide modification with polypeptide chains from chicken feather keratin   Jimenez-Cervantes Amieva E., Fuentes-Ramirez R., Martinez-Hernandez A.L., Millan-Chiu B., Lopez-Marin L.M., Castano V.M., Velasco-Santos C. Pub article in press
20 Spectroscopic variability of two Oe stars   Rauw G., Morel T., Naze Y., Eversberg T., Alves F., Arnold W., Bergmann T., Correia Viegas N.G., Fahed R., Fernando A., Gonzalez-Perez J.N., Gouveia Carreira L.F., Hempelmann A., Hunger T., Knapen J.H., Leadbeater R., Marques Dias F., Mittag M., Moffat A.F.J., Reinecke N., Ribeiro J., Romeo N., Sanchez Gallego J., Dos Santos E.M., Schanne L., Schmitt J.H.M.M., Schroder K.-P., Stahl O., Stober B., Stober B., Vollmann K. Pub article
21 Influence of culture media on biofilm formation by Candida species and response of sessile cells to antifungals and oxidative stress   Serrano-Fujarte I., Lopez-Romero E., Reyna-Lopez G.E., Martinez-Gamez M.A., Vega-Gonzalez A., Cuellar-Cruz M. Pub article
22 Numerical study of a low temperature water-in-glass evacuated tube solar collector   Alfaro-Ayala J.A., Martinez-Rodriguez G., Picon-Nunez M., Uribe-Ramirez A.R., Gallegos-Munoz A. Pub article
23 Changes in the characteristics of acid-treated clay after the inclusion of proteins   Rangel-Porras G., Rangel-Rivera P., Pfeiffer-Perea H., Gonzalez-Munoz P. Pub article
24 The Adh1 gene of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae is expressed during insect colonization and required for full virulence   Callejas-Negrete O.A., Torres-Guzman J.C., Padilla-Guerrero I.E., Esquivel-Naranjo U., Padilla-Ballesteros M.F., Garcia-Tapia A., Schrank A., Salazar-Solis E., Gutierrez-Corona F., Gonzalez-Hernandez G.A. Pub article
25 Association between urine fluoride and dental fluorosis as a toxicity factor in a rural community in the state of San Luis Potosi   Jarquin-Yanez L., Mejia-Saavedra J.D.J., Molina-Frechero N., Gaona E., Rocha-Amador D.O., Lopez-Guzman O.D., Bologna-Molina R. Pub article
26 Isolation of the GFA1 gene encoding glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase of Sporothrix schenckii and its expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae   Sanchez-Lopez J.F., Gonzalez-Ibarra J., Alvarez-Vargas A., Milewski S., Villagomez-Castro J.C., Cano-Canchola C., Lopez-Romero E. Pub article
27 Electrochemical assessment of possible melatonin effect on nitric oxide production from kidneys of sub-acute lead treated rats   Ramirez-Garcia G., Martinez-Alfaro M., Gutierrez-Granados S., Alatorre-Ordaz A., Griveau S., Bedioui F. Pub article
28 In vitro and in silico evaluation of twelve newly-synthesized 1-acetamide-5-methoxy-2-oxindoles as 5-Ht7 receptor ligands   Diaz-Cervantes E., Islas-Jacome A., Renteria-Gomez A., Robles J., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
29 Kinetics and product analysis of the electrochemical dehalogenation of hexachlorobenzene   Gallardo-Rivas N.V., Guzman J., Gutierrez-Granados S., Garcia-Jimenez M.G., Ibanez J.G., Paramo-Garcia U. Pub article
30 Coumarin-BODIPY hybrids by heteroatom linkage: Versatile, tunable and photostable dye lasers for UV irradiation   Esnal I., Duran-Sampedro G., Agarrabeitia A.R., Banuelos J., Garcia-Moreno I., Macias M.A., Pena-Cabrera E., Lopez-Arbeloa I., De La Moya S., Ortiz M.J. Pub article
31 Analysis of alternative non-catalytic processes for the production of biodiesel fuel   Gomez-Castro F.I., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S., Rico-Ramirez V., Gutierrez-Antonio C., Briones-Ramirez A., Cano-Rodriguez I., Gamino-Arroyo Z. Pub article in press
32 Changes in GDPase/UDPase enzymatic activity in response to oxidative stress in four Candida species   Delgado-Carmona J.D., Ramirez-Quijas M.D., Vega-Gonzalez A., Lopez-Romero E., Cuellar-Cruz M. Pub article in press
33 Determination of Small Phenolic Compounds in Tequila by Liquid Chromatography with Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry Detection   Magana A.A., Wrobel K., Elguera J.C.T., Escobosa A.R.C., Wrobel K. Pub article
34 A PCR procedure for the detection of Giardia intestinalis cysts and Escherichia coli in lettuce   Ramirez-Martinez M.L., Olmos-Ortiz L.M., Barajas-Mendiola M.A., Giono Cerezo S., Avila E.E., Cuellar-Mata P. Pub article in press
35 Effect of oxidative stress on cell wall morphology in four pathogenic Candida species   Ramirez-Quijas M.D., Zazueta-Sandoval R., Obregon-Herrera A., Lopez-Romero E., Cuellar-Cruz M. Pub article
36 Synthesis and characterization of m-terphenyl (1,3-diphenylbenzene) compounds containing trifluoromethyl groups   Corona-Armenta A.T., Ordonez M., Lopez J.A., Cervantes J., Serrano O. Pub article
37 Effect of recombinant prophenin 2 on the integrity and viability of trichomonas vaginalis   Hernandez-Flores J.L., Rodriguez M.C., Gastelum Arellanez A., Alvarez-Morales A., Avila E.E. Pub article

Disperse red 1 and reactive red 2 - Modified nanoparticulate TiO2 films as photoanodes for studying photovoltaic properties of textile azo dyes

   Baltazar-Vera J.C., Fuentes-Ramirez R., Bustos E., Carreno-Aguilera G., Manriquez J. Pub article
39  A theoretical study of the aromaticity in neutral and anionic borole compounds    Jimenez-Halla J.O.C., Matito E., Sola M., Braunschweig H., Horl C., Krummenacher I., Wahler J. Pub article 
40  When Push Comes to Shove: Unravelling the Mechanism and Scope of Nonemissive meso-Unsaturated BODIPY Dyes   Lincoln R., Greene L.E., Bain C., Flores-Rizo J.O., Bohle D.S., Cosa G. Pub article 
41  Selection of reference genes for quantitative real time RT-PCR during dimorphism in the zygomycete Mucor circinelloides   Valle-Maldonado M.I., Jacome-Galarza I.E., Gutierrez-Corona F., Ramirez-Diaz M.I., Campos-Garcia J., Meza-Carmen V. Pub article 
42  Optimal design and plantwide control of novel processes for di-n-pentyl ether production   Bildea C.S., Gyorgy R., Sanchez-Ramirez E., Quiroz-Ramirez J.J., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Kiss A.A. Pub article 
43  Vision-guided motion primitives for humanoid reactive walking: Decoupled versus coupled approaches   Garcia M., Stasse O., Hayet J.-B., Dune C., Esteves C., Laumond J.-P. Pub article 
44  Molybdenum and Copper in Four Varieties of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris): New Data of Potential Utility in Designing Healthy Diet for Diabetic Patients    Ojeda A.G., Wrobel K., Escobosa A.R.C., Elguera J.C.T., Garay-Sevilla M.E., Wrobel K. Pub article 
45 A spectroscopic investigation of the O-type star population in four Cygnus OB associations: II. Determination of the fundamental parameters   Mahy L., Rauw G., De Becker M., Eenens P., Flores C.A. Pub article
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48 Constraint on the magnetic dipole moment of neutrinos by the tip-RGB luminosity in ω-Centauri   Arceo-Diaz S., Schroder K.-P., Zuber K., Jack D. Pub article
49 Optimization of a reactive distillation process with intermediate condensers for silane production   Alcantara-Avila J.R., Sillas-Delgado H.A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Gomez-Castro F.I., Cervantes-Jauregui J.A. Pub article
50 Characterization and Study of Properties in a Polar Solvent of a Functionalized and Quaternized Poly(dimethylsiloxane-co-methyl-hydridosiloxane)   Guerra-Contreras A., Villegas A., Ramirez-Oliva E., Cervantes J. Pub article in press
51 Scope and limitations of the liebeskind-srogl cross-coupling reactions involving the biellmann BODIPY   Betancourt-Mendiola L., Valois-Escamilla I., Arbeloa T., Banuelos J., Lopez Arbeloa I., Flores-Rizo J.O., Hu R., Lager E., Gomez-Duran C.F.A., Belmonte-Vazquez J.L., Martinez-Gonzalez M.R., Arroyo I.J., Osorio-Martinez C.A., Alvarado-Martinez E., Urias-Benavides A., Gutierrez-Ramos B.D., Tang B.Z., Pena-Cabrera E. Pub article
52 Characterization and comparison of perezone with some analogues. Experimental and theoretical study   Escobedo-Gonzalez R.G., Bahena L., Arias Tellez J.L., Hinojosa Torres J., Ruvalcaba R.M., Aceves-Hernandez J.M. Pub article
53 Asymptotics of the Minimal Clade Size and Related Functionals of Certain Beta-Coalescents   Siri-Jegousse A., Yuan L. Pub article in press
54 Cell damage detection using Escherichia coli reporter plasmids: fluorescent and colorimetric assays   Padilla-Martinez F., Carrizosa-Villegas L.A., Rangel-Serrano A., Paramo-Perez I., Mondragon-Jaimes V., Anaya-Velazquez F., Padilla-Vaca F., Franco B. Pub article in press
55 Alternative Petlyuk distillation configurations for the separation of four-component mixtures   Errico M., Pirellas P., Rong B.-G., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
56 Synergism between tramadol and parecoxib in the orofacial formalin test   Isiordia-Espinoza M.A., Zapata-Morales J.R., Castaneda-Santana D.I., De La Rosa-Coronado M., Aragon-Martinez O.H. Pub article
57 Role of Bacillus subtilis DNA glycosylase MutM in counteracting oxidatively induced DNA damage and in stationary-phase-associated mutagenesis   Gomez-Marroquin M., Vidales L.E., Debora B.N., Santos-Escobar F., Obregon-Herrera A., Robleto E.A., Pedraza-Reyes M. Pub article
58 Identification of the feature that causes the I-band secondary maximum of a Type Ia supernova   Jack D., Baron E., Hauschildt P.H. Pub article
59 Cr(VI) reduction by gluconolactone and hydrogen peroxide, the reaction products of fungal glucose oxidase: Cooperative interaction with organic acids in the biotransformation of Cr(VI)   Romo-Rodriguez P., Acevedo-Aguilar F.J., Lopez-Torres A., Wrobel K., Wrobel K., Gutierrez-Corona J.F. Pub article
60 Somatic embryogenesis: Identified factors that lead to embryogenic repression. A case of species of the same genus   Nic-Can G.I., Galaz-Avalos R.M., De-la-Pena C., Alcazar-Magana A., Wrobel K., Loyola-Vargas V.M. Pub article
61 Melatonin reduces lead levels in blood, brain and bone and increases lead excretion in rats subjected to subacute lead treatment   Hernandez-Plata E., Quiroz-Compean F., Ramirez-Garcia G., Barrientos E.Y., Rodriguez-Morales N.M., Flores A., Wrobel K., Wrobel K., Mendez I., Diaz-Munoz M., Robles J., Martinez-Alfaro M. Pub article
62 Mechanistic insight into chromium(VI) reduction by oxalic acid in the presence of manganese(II)   Wrobel K., Corrales Escobosa A.R., Gonzalez Ibarra A.A., Mendez Garcia M., Yanez Barrientos E., Wrobel K. Pub article
63 Photovoltaic properties of multilayered quantum dot/quantum rod-sensitized TiO<inf>2</inf> solar cells fabricated by SILAR and electrophoresis   Cerdan-Pasaran A., Lopez-Luke T., Esparza D., Zarazua I., De La Rosa E., Fuentes-Ramirez R., Alatorre-Ordaz A., Sanchez-Solis A., Torres-Castro A., Zhang J.Z. Pub article
64 Calcium pimelate supported on TiO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticles as isotactic polypropylene prodegradant   Gonzalez A., Perez E., Almendarez A., Villegas A., Vallejo-Montesinos J. Pub article in press
65 Quinoid systems in chemistry and pharmacology   Lopez J., de la Cruz F., Alcaraz Y., Delgado F., Vazquez M.A. Pub article in press
66 Comparison of ferrite nanoparticles obtained electrochemically for catalytical reduction of hydrogen peroxide   Jaime-Gonzalez J., Mazario E., Menendez N., Sanchez-Marcos J., Munoz-Bonilla A., Herrasti P. Pub article in press
67 Effect of different sensitization technique on the photoconversion efficiency of CdS quantum dot and cdse quantum rod sensitized TiO<inf>2</inf> solar cells   Esparza D., Zarazua I., Lopez-Luke T., Cerdan-Pasaran A., Sanchez-Solis A., Torres-Castro A., Mora-Sero I., De La Rosa E. Pub article
68 Effects of kramecyne on LPS induced chronic inflammation and gastric ulcers   Alonso-Castro A.J., Perez-Ramos J., Sanchez-Mendoza E., Perez-Gonzalez C., Perez-Gutierrez S. Pub article
70 Polymer solar cells based on P3HT:PC<inf>71</inf>BM doped at different concentrations of isocyanate-treated graphene   Romero-Borja D., Maldonado J.-L., Barbosa-Garcia O., Rodriguez M., Perez-Gutierrez E., Fuentes-Ramirez R., De La Rosa G. Pub article
71 Separation of Co(II) and Ni(II) from aqueous solutions by bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)phosphinic acid (Cyanex 272) using trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium chloride (Cyphos IL 101) as solvent   Cholico-Gonzalez D., Chagnes A., Cote G., Avila-Rodriguez M. Pub article
72 Toxicity and antinociceptive effects of hamelia patens   Alonso-Castro A.J., Balleza-Ramos S., Hernandez-Morales A., Zapata-Morales J.R., Gonzalez-Chavez M.M., Carranza-Alvarez C. Pub article
73 Proteomic analysis of cell wall in four pathogenic species of Candida exposed to oxidative stress   Ramirez-Quijas M.D., Lopez-Romero E., Cuellar-Cruz M. Pub article
74 Hubble Space Telescope and HI imaging of strong ram pressure stripping in the coma spiral NGC 4921: Dense cloud decoupling and evidence for magnetic binding in the ISM   Kenney J.D.P., Abramson A., Bravo-Alfaro H. Pub article
75 Simultaneous X-ray and optical spectroscopy of the Oef supergiant λ Cephei   Rauw G., Herve A., Naze Y., Gonzalez-Perez J.N., Hempelmann A., Mittag M., Schmitt J.H.M.M., Schroder K.-P., Gosset E., Eenens P., Uuh-Sonda J.M. Pub article
76 Effect of AIE Substituents on the Fluorescence of Tetraphenylethene-Containing BODIPY Derivatives   Gomez-Duran C.F.A., Hu R., Feng G., Li T., Bu F., Arseneault M., Liu B., Pena-Cabrera E., Tang B.Z. Pub article
77 Selection and molecular identification of fungal isolates that produce xylanolytic enzymes   Alvarez-Navarrete M., Reyna Lopez G.E., Flores-Garcia A., Lopez Gomez R., Martinez-Pacheco M.M. Pub article
78 Applying electro-Fenton process as an alternative to a slaughterhouse effluent treatment   Paramo-Vargas J., Camargo A.M.E., Gutierrez-Granados S., Godinez L.A., Peralta-Hernandez J.M. Pub article
79 In vitro studies of chromone-tetrazoles against pathogenic protozoa, bacteria, and fungi   Cano P.A., Islas-Jacome A., Rangel-Serrano A., Anaya-Velazquez F., Padilla-Vaca F., Trujillo-Esquivel E., Ponce-Noyola P., Martinez-Richa A., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article
80 Effect of different glycation agents on Cu(II) binding to human serum albumin, studied by liquid chromatography, nitrogen microwave-plasma atomic-emission spectrometry, inductively-coupled-plasma mass spectrometry, and high-resolution molecular-mass spectrometry   Corrales Escobosa A.R., Wrobel K., Yanez Barrientos E., Jaramillo Ortiz S., Ramirez Segovia A.S., Wrobel K. Pub article
81 Optimal location of axial impellers in a stirred tank applying evolutionary programing and CFD   Alfaro-Ayala J.A., Ayala-Ramirez V., Gallegos-Munoz A., Uribe-Ramirez A.R. Pub article
82 Vision-based motion primitives for reactive walking   Garcia M., Stasse O., Hayet J.-B., Esteves C., Laumond J.-P. Pub conference paper
83 High-velocity Wind from IRS 1 in the NGC 2071IR   Trinidad M.A. Pub conference paper
84 Effective method for the synthesis of pimelic acid/TiO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticles with a high capacity to nucleate β-crystals in isotactic polypropylene nanocomposites   Gonzalez-Calderon J.A., Vallejo-Montesinos J., Mata-Padilla J.M., Perez E., Almendarez-Camarillo A. Pub article in press
85 A Comparison of Three Different Biodegradable Aliphatic Oligoesters (PGA, PLLA, and PCL) with Similar Linear Alkyl End Groups by DSC and SAXS   Baez J.E., Marcos-Fernandez A. Pub article in press
86 Comparative Study of Lead Concentration in Feathers of Urban and Rural Passerines in Merida, Mexico   Nava-Diaz R., Hoogesteijn A.L., Erosa M.D., Febles J.L., Mendez-Gonzalez R.M. Pub article in press
87 The Ugi Reaction of Cyanoacetic Acid as a Route to Tetramic Acid Derivatives   Alvarez-Rodriguez N.V., Dos Santos A., El Kaim L., Gamez-Montano R. Pub article in press
88 Direct antiapoptotic effects of growth hormone are mediated by PI3K/Akt pathway in the chicken bursa of Fabricius   Luna-Acosta J.L., Alba-Betancourt C., Martinez-Moreno C.G., Ramirez C., Carranza M., Luna M., Aramburo C. Pub article in press
89 Risk of wound infection and safety profile of amoxicillin in healthy patients which required third molar surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis   Isiordia-Espinoza M.A., Aragon-Martinez O.H., Martinez-Morales J.F., Zapata-Morales J.R. Pub article in press
90 Application of electrochemical/BDD process for the treatment wastewater effluents containing pharmaceutical compounds   Garcia-Montoya M.F., Gutierrez-Granados S., Alatorre-Ordaz A., Galindo R., Ornelas R., Peralta-Hernandez J.M. Pub article
91 Controllability Analysis of Process Alternatives for Biobutanol Purification   Angelina-Martinez A.Y., Sanchez-Ramirez E., Quiroz-Ramirez J.J., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article in press
92 Time series of high-resolution spectra of SN 2014J observed with the TIGRE telescope   Jack D., Mittag M., Schroder K.-P., Schmitt J.H.M.M., Hempelmann A., Gonzalez-Perez J.N., Trinidad M.A., Rauw G., Cabrera Sixto J.M. Pub article
93 Determination of putrescine, cadaverine, spermidine and spermine in different chemical matrices by high performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-ion trap tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-ITMS/MS)   Ibarra A.A.G., Wrobel K., Escobosa A.R.C., Elguera J.C.T., Garay-Sevilla M.E., Wrobel K. Pub article
94 Rigorous Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of a Dividing Wall Batch Reactive Distillation Column: A comparative study   Lopez-Saucedo E.S., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Grossmann I.E., Hernandez-Castro S. Pub article
95 Alternative Hybrid Liquid-Liquid and Distillation Sequences for the Biobutanol Separation   Errico M., Sanchez-Ramirez E., Quiroz-Ramirez J.J., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Rong B.G. Pub article
96 Optimization of a Fusel Oil Separation System Using a Dividing Wall Column   Pedroza J.D.J.M., Hernandez J.G.S., Londono T.O., Hernandez S. Pub article
97 Breaking out of biogeographical modules: Range expansion and taxon cycles in the hyperdiverse ant genus Pheidole   Economo E.P., Sarnat E.M., Janda M., Clouse R., Klimov P.B., Fischer G., Blanchard B.D., Ramirez L.N., Andersen A.N., Berman M., Guenard B., Lucky A., Rabeling C., Wilson E.O., Knowles L.L. Pub article in press
98 Silane Production through Reactive Distillation with Intermediate Condensers   Alcantara-Avila J.R., Sillas-Delgado H.A., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Gomez-Castro F.I., Cervantes-Jauregui J.A. Pub article
99 Enhancing Xylitol Bio-Production by an Optimal Feeding Policy during Fed-Batch Operation   Prado-Rubio O.A., Hernandez-Escoto H., Rodriguez-Gomez D., Sirisansaneeyakul S., Morales-Rodriguez R. Pub article
100 Study of Performance of a Novel Stochastic Algorithm based on Boltzmann Distribution (BUMDA) coupled with self-adaptive handling constraints technique to optimize Chemical Engineering process   Murrieta-Duenas R., Cortez-Gonzalez J., Hernandez-Aguirre A., Gutierrez-Guerra R., Hernandez S., Segovia-Hernandez J.G. Pub article
101 Some operational aspects and applications of dividing wall columns: energy requirements and carbon dioxide emissions   Delgado-Delgado R., Hernandez S., Barroso-Munoz F.O., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Rico-Ramirez V. Pub article
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  Ciencias Sociales y Hunamidades  
1 Reflections on interpreting settings and ethics in view of visual representations of la Malinche   Zimanyi K.

Pub article



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  Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño  
1 Schools of thoughts in heritage and tourism management of the historic city   Barrera-Fernandez, D.

Pub article


  Derecho, Política y Gobierno  
1 Growth and institutionalization of Mexican political science [Crecimiento e institucionalización de la ciencia política en México]   Barrientos del Monte F.

Pub article

2 Either human rights or infallible precedents? [¿Derechos humanos o jurisprudencia infalible?]   Cossio Diaz J.R., Lara Chagoyan R.

Pub article

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