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Panel 1 - Curriculum for Global Citizenship post COVID-19

All citizens aspire to live in peace in an increasingly interconnected and complex world. Global Citizenship Education (GCED) is UNESCO’s response to these challenges, it aims to prepare young people for academic success, global marketplace, and Global Citizenship. GCED can be delivered in educational institution in a variety of subjects and activities for students to acquire global skills, competences, and values.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has challenged Universities and institutions of higher education all over the world. Share with us the components of the curriculum in your institution that have had a meaningful impact on Global Citizenship Education and possible adaptations to the post COVID-19 world.

Panel 2 - Engaging Students in International Collaborative Projects

International Collaborative Projects have a significant impact on the academic and professional development of students, improving their intercultural skills and competences. Exchange with us and share good practices on how International collaborative projects have helped students along to the path to personal and professional success. Let us know if you have somewhat modified the outcomes of your projects due to the COVID pandemic.

Panel 3 - How Will COVID-19 Affect the Internationalization of Higher Education?

The recent COVID-19 crisis has challenged Universities and institutions of higher education all around the world, forcing them to explore new learning and teaching options. It has proven challenging to both the professors and students. International Offices have also met their own challenges to develop alternative modalities of Internationalization. This panel will be a platform to discuss the impact, and the potential positive outcomes of the global lockdown on the process of internationalization of higher education.

Panel 4 - Virtual and Blended Mobility in Higher Education

The sanitary crisis has impacted international mobility, obliging universities to cancel all sorts of exchanges and mobility for a few semesters. Share with us how your institution has adapted to this new reality and what kind of virtual or blended mobility your institution has developed. Tell us if your institution considers these alternatives as long-term or temporary internationalization schemes.

Panel 5 - Risk Management and Mobility

The COVID pandemic has changed our view of risk management in mobility, requiring institutions to create more sophisticated processes: emergency communication, students and staff mobility registration, psychological and medical attention, etc. Contribute to this discussion by sharing with us the good practices your institution has implemented in risk management.

Panel 6 - Students Competitiveness through Intercultural Skills

Local and international students will share with us their experience abroad, and how the intercultural skills and competences acquired have helped them along to the path to personal and professional success.